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Interested in Sending Monthly Newsletters, Friendly Reminders, or Product Updates?

If your business needs to connect with current or prospective customers, reaching them by email with MailChimp marketing is your best bet. Regular communication via email allows you to keep these people up to date on everything from new releases to promotions and everything in between. MailChimp lets you send out aesthetically-pleasing email campaigns that are updated with new links and information. It also allows you to connect your online store to each email and collect valuable customer data. Using this information, you can target clients who have expressed interest in certain products, address specific marketing problems, and engage with your client base without major formatting restrictions from other interfaces. No more 280-character limitations or images with 20% text or less—if it works for your brand, it can fit into your MailChimp email marketing!

Our team does more than create attractive email marketing that connects people to your company’s online store. We ensure that your MailChimp marketing performs well and improves your customer relationships for the strongest return on investment possible. We don’t just want to give your brand a voice via email: we want you to connect with your customers in real time. By analyzing email marketing data, we can improve future emails and conversions. The right subject line can lead to more sales, and Online Optimism has the data analysis skills and creativity to perfectly craft your brand’s emails.

Our team writes, designs, and sends emails that match your brand and drive results.

Increase Web Traffic, Sales, and Brand Awareness with MailChimp Marketing Campaigns

Online Optimism knows how to compose the emails you need to capture the attention of your customers. Whether you need to start building your email list or you already have thousands of addresses you just need to reach, Online Optimism crafts emails that will reach and grow your audience. We work with you to determine the frequency of your emails and their general format, which can be updated as your brand develops and has news to share. No matter what your goals are for your email marketing campaign, Online Optimism’s team provides you with all the materials you need to reach them.

80% of retail professionals indicate that email marketing aids in customer retention.

You worked hard to get those clients. Make sure you keep them.

72% of consumers prefer email as their primary form of communication with businesses.

Your customers want to hear from you!

Personalized emails receive transaction rates that are six times higher than others.

Optimize each of your transactions to achieve the greatest results.

What have others said about our work?

We've thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with Online Optimism. Great results and analysis are just the start. The ability to reach out to them at anytime and have our questions answered or content shared has been amazing.
Adrienne L.Director of Sales, Chateau LeMoyne - French Quarter

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Learn more about our different MailChimp marketing strategies below

Grow Your Email Marketing List

Unfortunately, we can’t make emails just appear. MailChimp marketing requires a list of addresses that people have to provide you. There are several ways to grow your email list and send important updates into the inboxes that matter most to your business. Online Optimism helps develop a plan to grow your email marketing list and creates the kind of content your customers want to read, allowing you to reach more clients.

Promote Social Media Through Email

Keep your email audience connected with your brand on your social media accounts! Email marketing can send readers to more than just your main website. Online Optimism promotes and links your brand’s social media as you see fit. We help grow your social following and expose your readers to all your brand-related profiles, encouraging users to follow you there as well.

Link Promotional Videos in MailChimp Emails

Video marketing is stronger than ever, and it’s still growing. Online Optimism can share and promote your video marketing materials in MailChimp emails so that all your email readers can watch. We’re happy to include YouTube videos, a new video on the main page of your website, or other video marketing materials you’re excited to share.

Share Blog Posts in Your Emails

Blogging is fantastic for boosting your website’s SEO and sharing your professional insight. When you put time and effort into researching for your blog post, editing the content, and structuring the post for your website, you should be excited to share it! Blog posts are easily linkable in a MailChimp or other marketing email.

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