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Looking for That Missing Connection Between Advertising and Action?

Geofencing, also known as “mobile marketing” and “geotargeting,” opens up many possibilities in the marketing field as it uses location-based technology to gather data and target potential customers that have an interest in what your brand offers. When your business takes advantage of geofencing, you’ll be using global positioning to define a specific geographic boundary. Once this virtual barrier has been set, the geofencing administrator can set up certain triggers that will send an email alert, text message, web ad, or even an app notification, when a potential customer with a mobile device moves through that area. With geofencing, businesses have the ability to section off a certain area and communicate with devices that enter that space even after they leave.  

At Online Optimism, we work to make sure your business is able to target customers based on their location providing you with an increase in sales, foot-traffic, as well as helping figure out what your customers are thinking. When a customer passes through the geofence set up in your area, they receive an advertisement or promotion from your business that will make them far more likely to be drawn to your company. At the same time, we use geofencing around the competition to notify customers of the benefits of working with your company. This will make them consider looking into different options which they may not have known about otherwise. If done correctly, geofencing is received by your potential customers as a valuable and useful service.

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Using geofencing can ensure that your ads are seen by the right people in the right location. With the help of our ads team, we can help you optimize your ads for the right location.

Reach Local Customers That Are More Likely To Take Action

At Online Optimism, we’re able to take your marketing to the next level with the latest geofencing strategies. We research your location demographics and learn about the behavior of  your local targeted customers. This helps us provide you with the best promotions and advertising that will be the most successful through geofencing. We help you determine the best distance for your geofencing area by considering location and population to give you the highest results. We’re able to define your area to an entire city, or just meters around your location. By using this technology, we set specific times that perform best for your business. 

Our team works to create messages that are delivered to your targeted consumers in a more relevant and timely manner. By accessing people that are geographically nearby, you’re much more likely to engage with customers. With geofencing, we reach out to customers that are within reach and interested in your brand, which means spending less money marketing to customers that aren’t going to bite. By using the right platforms, we’re able to collect important information on traffic patterns around your location and what your potential customers are most excited about. With this information, we’re able to put your advertising into action and deliver results you can see.

77% of Americans own a smartphone

With the majority of consumers owning a smartphone, this gives you the ability to tap into a wide client base.

70% of consumers find location-based notifications to be beneficial.

53% of them are more than likely to engage with location-targeted ads.

51% of smartphone users have discovered new companies and products by searching on their phone.

By targeting users directly on their device, you’re giving them the convenience of bringing your company right to their phone.

What have others said about our Google services?

Online Optimism's team has been crucial in improving our digital presence at Superior Honda. From day 1, their management of our search advertising has helped us stay at the top of Google in an extremely competitive industry. They’ve been more a partner than an agency and we enjoy the trending marketing tactics that they bring to our dealership.
Clay HolcombPresident, Superior Honda

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Improve Customer Profiles and Gain Helpful Insights

Measuring your customers and figuring out why they came into your business can be difficult without asking everyone you come in contact with. At Online Optimism, we can track your customers through geofencing by figuring out their sales, how often they visit your business, and how long they spend at your location. All of this is important information for your analytics that is hard to obtain without geofencing.

Enhance Local Sales

As a business, you’ll know that one of the most important aspects of marketing is to rank high in your local searches. With geofencing, we’re able to highly improve your local brand recognition. Since geofencing is based on location, you’ll have the opportunity to target customers that are local and in a specified geographic area. At Online Optimism, we find the best way to enhance your sales with customers in your area through promotions and advertisements, or by gathering information on your targeted customers.

Provide Personalization for Customers

With geofencing, we collect the data you need to personalize offers to your customers and clients. Geofencing has the ability to give demographics about the local population to help us get them interested in your brand. By using this technology, we’re able to find out what your customers prefer so that you can tailor your promotions and offers accordingly.

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