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If you have seen an advertisement on the Internet, you have experienced digital advertising. The Internet is arguably home to the most vast expanse of advertising to exist today. As a Washington, DC digital marketing company, we want to help you reach the audience you didn’t even know you had. Whether it be through search engine marketing, website content, or Youtube advertising, the Online Optimism digital ads team can help you reach beyond your existing network and tap into new, highly targeted audiences.

Targeting Your Market

With the use of mobile, online, tablet, and social marketing strategies, Online Optimism is the perfect advertising company to put you in front of the right audience, at the right time, every time. We take a metrics-driven approach, resulting in the most cost-effective campaign for your company. Our digital marketing firm works to create analytically targeted ads to gain immediate visibility and results for your company.

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.

Our Google Certified team will implement effective paid per click Google advertisements for your brand.

Users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.

We will make sure users see your ad however many times it takes for them to absorb your brand.

The top 3 paid ad spots get 46% of the clicks on page.

Our tactics ensure that your paid advertisements gets into the top 3 Google ad spots.

Proven Experience & Satisfied Clients

Our ad firm has completed digital advertising and pay per click campaigns for businesses across all industries, from Fortune 500 companies to hotels, banks, doctors, lawyers, and restaurants. No matter the business sector, we understand how to communicate with your audience.

The digital ads team at Online Optimism works to pair Washington, DC’s top companies with target audiences by building content strategies and paid media to forge new consumer pathways. Our ad agency’s localized approach allows your company to best reach and engage your DC metro area audience. A localized approach to digital marketing is geared toward understanding local consumer preferences and other locale-specific requirements. As a DC based digital advertising company, we understand your targeted market, your local business, and your brand.

For non-DC based companies, our globalized approach offers the opportunity for extended market outreach. A global approach, or “standardization” is a cost effective strategy. We will be able to develop a single unified brand and identity for your company worldwide. No other form of advertising connects you to such an extensive targeted market globally. The Online Optimism strategy of targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing using digital technologies reaches and converts leads into customers and retains them for years to come.

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What have others said about our Ad Firm?

Online Optimism’s team has been crucial in improving our digital presence at Superior Honda. From day 1, their management of our search advertising has helped us stay at the top of Google in an extremely competitive industry. They’ve been more a partner than an agency and we enjoy the trending marketing tactics that they bring to our dealership.

Superior Honda logo
Clay Holcomb
Superior Honda

Launching a Business with a Digital Advertising Campaign

If you are launching a business in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, you understand the importance of connecting with your new audience. At Online Optimism, our goal is to connect your business with as many potential customers as possible. Our highly trained digital ads team collaborates with our content, SEO, and social media departments to integrate all marketing efforts for your growing business. Our campaigns begin with extensive research to get to know your brand, product/service, market, prospects, users, clients and partners. We perform highly analytical tracking on your business and its competitors. Next, we transition into digital advertising strategy development. Your new company needs a Google Ad campaign to create cost effective, flexible, directed results. Following this, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook ads and banner campaigns can be developed to further your reach. Depending on the sector of your business, we offer the possibility of extending your reach through Youtube advertising, e-commerce advertising, and extended search engine marketing.

We provide your growing DMV-area business with the attention it deserves. Our Google Partner marketing agency offers daily campaign tracking, optimization, and diverse marketing strategies to engage and grow your new audience. We strive to offer the most diverse list of digital ads services in Washington, DC, on the Mid-Atlantic Coast, and in specific industries across the country. Online Optimism is here to launch your business with our digital ads services and wants to see you succeed.

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Learn more about our different Digital Ads tactics below

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is an umbrella term used to describe almost any paid digital advertising performed on search engines. Search Engine Marketing allows your company to compete with organic listings and other businesses like yours. Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which works to move websites higher on search engine results organically, SEM uses different forms of digital media to take your business to the top results instantly.

Targeted SEM strategies are the most effective way to promote your products and grow your Washington, DC business. Our ad agency uses strategies including: paid search ads/advertising; pay-per-click and pay-per-call ads; and cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand impressions ads. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Search Ads are the three most popular paid search platforms used today. Whether your organization is a medical clinic or hotel, we create an effective SEM campaign to target local, regional, or national audiences.

Effective Search Ads

If targeted properly, search ads are placed in front of a customer at the same moment they are looking for your business or product. Search ads appear above or below organic (non-paid) listings after you look up a word or phrase in search engine. In implementing text ads, our team primarily utilizes Google Ads. Though there are many different formats your ads can take, the text ad is the most basic and utilized ad in the platform.

Our marketing firm has years of experience advertising online and we spend extensive time on analytical tracking in order to generate the best targeted and formatted search ad. Compelling headlines and descriptions grab potential customers’ attention. The description space is utilized for branded content, further details about product, business, service or for explaining what sets you apart from your competitors. Creating an effective search ad is both an art and a science. Businesses that attempt to improvise and write their own ads usually create ads that underperform similar ads created by a professional. When you aren’t familiar with the functionality options available through Google Ads, you can be wasting money and discouraging customers. Each search ad is a carefully curated call to action, specifically designed to elicit a reaction and click. Our digital ads firm implores research and effective copywriting to create the best search ad for your business.

Dynamic Display Ads

A digital ads team that was crafted from a digital marketing agency comes with its advantages. While traditional advertising agencies have had to relearn how to advertise on the Internet, Online Optimism was created to optimize digital marketing. Display ads are one of the most pervasive and effective forms of advertising on the Internet. A display ad is typically an image ad that is hosted on various websites that is meant to raise awareness or generate a click. The most common and well-know types of display ads are banner ads, text billboards, or videos.

Display ads require a significant amount of cross-departmental efforts inside of a marketing agency. At Online Optimism, our digital ads experts work with both our content team and graphics team to create a well-written, visually appealing ad that is made to engage with readers. The creation of the ad takes a considerable amount of expertise, but what makes our team truly valuable is our knowledge of how, where, and when to place those display ads. By tracking and targeting certain demographics, we’re able to pinpoint specific populations that may be interested in a Washington, DC area client’s product or service and show them an ad when they are most likely to click on it.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day and the platform has already reached over 1.3 billion users. When people think of search engines and digital advertising, YouTube is not always the first thing that comes to mind, but the platform has one of the largest global reaches compared to any company.

With so many users accessing YouTube on a daily basis, every company should at least consider putting paid advertising on the platform. The benefit of working with a full-service marketing firm like Online Optimism is that we can both create content and then promote that content across different search engines. Our content team has experience producing commercial-quality videos of any length. From 6-second clips that go before YouTube videos to full-length commercials for television, we can tackle any project that a client has to offer.


Have you ever looked on amazon.com, picked out a product, and never checked out? Chances are you have seen that same exact product seem to follow you around the web for days if not weeks after that happened. You may wonder what process is making that product stalk you throughout the web. The answer is remarketing.

Remarketing allows businesses to position certain advertisements in front of specific audiences that had previously visited their websites. Remarketing is a crucial part of any long-term sales funnel. Just like traditional marketing efforts which send you follow-up marketing materials in the mail, remarketing allows us to subtly offer our clients’ products or services to potential customers who already showed interest. Remarketing efforts can be highly targeted and very specific. Rather than just directing people back to a homepage or product page, our team can create display ads that specifically refer back to products or even product variations that those website visitors initially viewed. By using professional remarketing tactics, we are able to remind our client’s customers of products that we think they want.

Comprehensive Reporting

As one of the Capital City’s top digital ad agencies, your campaign is managed by a team of award winning Ads Partners who know exactly how to make your company outperform your competition. Our Ads management works in conjunction with the SEO team to complement existing or in-process SEO strategies. Every morning we begin the day by running a search term report on your Ad campaign to get important data like what query triggered your ad, what keyword matched the query, or how many impressions were triggered that day. These reports are essential for understanding the language of your customers and the way your campaigns are operating and helping you make necessary, beneficial changes to your account.

Other than search term reports, search impression share and bounce rates are two of the best Ads tracking methods. By learning your Search Impression Share, we track number of impressions you received versus the number of impressions you were eligible to receive. In a well optimized and managed campaign, your business’ advertisements would be appearing as many time as possible for relevant searches. This allows our team to adapt either your ranking or your budget in order to optimize your Google Ad. Bounce rates can tell you if your keywords and ads match your landing pages. The digital ads team optimizes bounce rates to increase click conversion and to ensure Google continues ranking your ads highly.

Bing & Yahoo Management

Everyone knows that Google is the main player in terms of search engine traffic. However, Bing and Yahoo can not be discounted when it comes to paid digital advertising. Though Google accounts for nearly 80% of all search traffic, Bing and Yahoo make up almost 13% of all global search traffic. Even more importantly, Bing and Yahoo attract an older audience who usually has more purchasing power than their younger counterparts.

While most digital advertising agencies solely work with Google, Online Optimism works with all the major players in the industry, and we consider ourselves a Yahoo and Bing PPC agency as much as a Google ads one. Our ad firm offers the same or similar services on Bing and Yahoo that we do on Google and anything else to promote your business.

E-commerce Advertising

E-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year, but shockingly, 46% of American small businesses do not even have a website. With a growing number of people opting to shop online, companies that refuse to join the digital revolution are destined to be left behind by their tech-savvy competitors.

At our marketing firm, our digital ads department and search engine marketing experts specialize in selling your products online. By working closely with our SEO and social media departments, we create a holistic approach to paid, organic, and social content that drives customers to your online store. Though some companies are purely e-commerce, most businesses use e-commerce to augment their brick and mortar locations. Unless you have a well established brand, a newly created online store will not garner any search traffic unless you do significant behind the scenes work in e-commerce advertising. Our e-commerce team has sold everything from clothes to food items and would be eager to move your business forward.

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