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Does Your Business Have a Message to Share?

Our writers are excited to use their love of writing to optimize your company’s content and share its message. Blogging has been a key component of search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing campaigns for years. With blogs, we can tell the story of your business, answer frequently asked questions, and educate customers about your products and services in an engaging way. By creating blog posts that are valuable to readers and optimized for search engines, your site rankings can improve dramatically on Google and other popular search engines. The higher your website ranks on these search engines, the more likely it is that consumers will click on your site.

As many business owners know, it’s easy enough to find someone to blog for you for free. But if you want to achieve results and maintain a consistent, accurate, professional blog, then hiring a team of expert content marketers makes all the difference. Our team implements a range of techniques to help your blog posts resonate with readers and rank on search engines. We love researching new topics, learning about different industries, and writing about your services and products. We go out of our way to make sure the blogs we write represent your brand. In addition, we include valuable long-tail keywords in these blogs to improve your site’s SEO.

When the content on your blog is engaging, your customers are able to connect with your brand in ways they can’t offline. Consumers today are bound to look for information about you or the products and services you offer online. Even if you don’t have information for them online, your competitors and detractors will. With quality, high-ranking content, you can help make sure consumers see what you want to share about your business.

Blogging Agency in New Orleans

Meet our Content Strategist, Lauren Walter, who writes, edits, and optimizes blogs about anything from travel tips to medical procedures.

Share Your Message by Blogging

The blogging process is much more detailed than just filling up a page with words. Blogging involves extensive research, communication and technical skills, and keyword knowledge. Our content marketers implement their expertise in each of these areas when writing blog posts for your business. We also understand that it’s your business and not ours, so your message should sound like it’s coming directly from you, not one of our content creators. Writing each post the right way in the right voice is key to maintaining engagement online.

Blogging also has the potential to improve your social media marketing. Consumers love clicking on articles that show up on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. By giving your business its own archive of blog posts, you’ll give yourself plenty of quality content to share on social media. If consumers see a post from you that’s “click-worthy,” they’ll likely pay the rest of your profile or website a visit. That visit could potentially turn a social media follower into a loyal customer of yours.

Valuable online and offline relationships are some of the biggest returns on investment (ROIs) businesses and brands receive when they hire professional bloggers. Content marketing and blogging won’t be going away anytime soon, so make the most of them with our professional services.

Blogging is the main inbound marketing strategy for 53% of marketers.

Boost brand awareness, lead generation, and SEO with our blogging services today.

In 2017, marketers said they used blogs as social media content about as much as they used videos.

Blogging is still a critical part of a competitive social media strategy.

Articles that contain images receive 94% more views than those that don't.

Quality images are an important element of any blogging campaign.

What have others said about our content and SEO services?

When we first launched Mid City TMS, we partnered with Online Optimism to handle our branding, logo design, design of our website, and an ongoing SEO campaign. The results were excellent and helped propel our company forward. We've been very happy with the results throughout the campaign, and would recommend them to anyone needing digital marketing services for their company.
Dr Bryan BrunoMedical Director, Mid City TMS

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Learn more about our different blogging strategies below

Content Marketing

Blogging is a content marketer’s best tool. It allows us to create content that’s easy for your customers to digest. Some of the best content marketing strategies involve video production, listicles, infographic development, podcast streaming, and so much more. BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and other media outlets have helped popularize these strategies, many of which can be applied to your blog. We train ourselves to create content that’s valuable, engaging, and high-quality, because that’s what consumers respond to best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone who has a website wants it to be found on Google. Without hiring a skilled search engine optimization (SEO) team, however, it’s likely that your website won’t appear very high in search results. Research shows that the first five results to appear on Google receive 67% of all clicks, meaning it’s unlikely that people will go very far through the results pages to find your site. Our experienced SEO team is able to incorporate the right keywords into your site’s content and adjust page titles so that your information ranks higher. Content marketing and blogging are the best tools digital marketers use to improve your SEO.

Since our agency is a local business, and many of our clients are local companies as well, we go the extra mile to localize your SEO. Depending on your industry, people outside your area may be less likely to become customers than those who live in the same place as your business. Local SEO allows us to target the people that are physically closest to your business. Many consumers search for businesses on smartphones, which can track a user’s current location, so make the most of your content marketing strategy by targeting the right place.


Your blog should sound like something you wrote, not like something a digital marketer wrote. We understand that your business has a voice, and we know that you’re the expert on your business. Through skillful copywriting, our content marketing team has the ability to capture the essence of how your brand communicates and enhance it. Copywriting is useful for a wide array of businesses, ranging from automotive dealers to healthcare providers, fitness trainers, fashion boutiques, and much more. The goal is always to get your message across to consumers online, no matter what the message is. Online Optimism does this by creating tactful messaging that keeps them engaged and willing to consume.

Social Media

A major benefit of blogging is that it doubles as social media content. Have you ever resorted to blurry Instagram photos or hurried Tweets due to a lack of content? Some followers might respond to this social media strategy, but most will not. Your social media should keep followers engaged, connected, and up to date on your business. When your followers see a “click-worthy” blog from your company in their Facebook or Twitter feeds, they’ll likely end up on your website. If they want to know more about you after they skim through your engaging blog, they’ll be more likely to follow through because they’re already on your website. You never know if your next customer is somewhere to be found on social media.

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