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Online Optimism’s mix of traditional and digital tactics will provide you with the best possible results from an Atlanta PR firm’s campaign.

Communicating with Journalists

In Georgia, public relations requires an in-depth knowledge of the local media outlets, as well as experience working with local, regional, and national media contacts. Our team is on the phone, and in the inboxes, every day of the media around town, sharing our client’s stories and expertise with the most relevant journalists. We provide our clients with access to the most beneficial opportunities.

Proven Experience & Satisfied Clients

We have worked with clients ranging from the local hospitality industry to political campaigns to businesses consultants.

Whether you’re looking for the best Atlanta public relations team to handle a business launch, or ongoing assistance with a public relations campaign in the Southeast (or even nationwide), we have the experience and knowledge necessary to present your company with its best face forward. In a world where an angry customer or misrepresented story can ruin an entire brand, your organization needs to have a public relations firm on its side that can tell your story, your way.

88% of journalists say they get some value from press releases.

From idea to writing to pitching, we’re with you every step of the way.

79% of journalists says a good subject line gets your email opened.

Our Atlanta public relations team makes every message open with a pop!

Half of all journalists receive 50+ releases every week.

Our relationships & follow-up ensure they’re looking at yours.

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Want More Customers in Atlanta? PR Firms Will Make it Happen.

If you are planning to launch a new business, are experiencing a decrease in sales and traffic, or just in need of reinvigorating an organization’s public perceptions in Atlanta, public relations services from our social media marketing agency in Atlanta are the perfect remedy.

Do not leave your company to navigate the media outreach and public relations waters on its own. Below is a list of capabilities and services we offer clients.

Our relationships go far beyond TV and print. In modern times, a social media influencer on Instagram can have just as much sway, if not more, as the evening news. This is why we strive to perfect our relationships with the ever-changing set of digital media leaders in Atlanta, around Georgia, and in specific industries.

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Learn more about the different tactics our Atlanta PR Firm utilizes below

Press Release Creation

Press releases are a useful tool that can be used to inform the press and public about upcoming events, important news, business openings, new services, and more.

We’ll manage everything from the first draft, to crafting the perfect quote that demonstrates your expertise, to copy-editing until you love it, and finally distributing and following up with the media.

Press releases are one of the most traditional forms of public relations, with modern times calling for an increased emphasis on brevity, timing, and newsworthiness. We work with our clients to ensure press releases are created with clarity and accuracy. Our public relations team in DeKalb County then distributes the press release to industry leaders, local and national news desks, influencers, and other relevant sources that can promote our clients’ businesses and organizations.

Get help and expert results from our digital marketing agency, Atlanta!

Media List Generation

Media lists are necessary before any media pitches or press releases are sent.

We conduct in-depth research looking at all media “movers and shakers” that contribute to the news and discussions surrounding our client’s industries for the best Fulton County public relations results possible. Whether your organization is a hospital or hotel, we research and locate appropriate contacts and then compile comprehensive lists that can target local, regional, or national media contacts. Once the media lists are created, we then send out press releases and pitches.

Having a highly specific media list consisting of media contacts relevant to your organization’s industry is key to having well-received pitches and press releases.

Customized Pitches

Other than press releases, media pitches are the best way to get your business or organization media coverage on the local, regional, and national levels. A pitch is a concise message, exclusive story, or news angle presented to journalists, influencers, and other members of the media with the goal of gaining their interest and subsequent media coverage.

Media pitches are sent out to appropriate members of newspapers, magazines, news websites, and other media publications with the intention of sharing a potential story topic or exclusive information.

If you are unsure of how you can set your business apart from its competition or how to shed a unique light on your goods or services, don’t worry! Our public relations specialists are experts at brainstorming creative ways to present our clients to the media. Our carefully crafted releases and communications entice reporters, to get them just as excited about your news as you are.

Cultivating Journalist Relationships

Running a business isn’t easy! The last thing you want to worry about is creating and sending press releases and pitches, responding to media emails, coordinating interviews, researching media outlets and journalists, and so on. Our Atlanta, Georgia public relations team takes care of all of this for you so you can spend more time helping customers, refining your products and services, and maintaining your business operations.

Our public relations specialists value their media relationships and use them to help our clients! After all, it’s easier to get a reporter’s attention when you’ve been talking to each other for years.

We understand the importance of these bonds, and are working every day to get our account executives and their clients top of mind for media & influencers.

Digital Optimizations

A public relations team that was crafted from a digital agency comes with its advantages. While traditional public relations is alive and well, digital public relations has created endless opportunities for those who can master it. We happen to think we’re pretty good at it and our clients seem to think so as well.

Our pitches, releases, and stories are optimized with search and social media in mind, meaning your results go far beyond raising awareness. None of the other PR companies in Fulton County come close. Combine that with infographics, Snapchat Geofilters, and more, and you’ve got a power-packed digital + traditional punch.

Event Planning & Promotion

Sometimes, the perfect pitch requires the perfect party. Or gala. Or ribbon-cutting. Or dance-a-thon.

We’ll not only work with your organization to prepare it for any events, but we’ll also provide coordination between your team and television, radio, news media, and influencers for maximum promotion before, after, and during your event.

An organized and well-executed event can create thousands of impressions for your business and help the public remember you the next time they need a particular good or service in Louisiana. Our Atlanta, GA public relations events, such as grand openings, are especially helpful for new businesses entering competitive industries, like hotels or restaurants. Events can show the public an organizations’ unique voice that separates it from its competition.

Community Partnerships

It is important for organizations to engage with the communities that surround them. Engaging with your community through sponsorships and partnerships are great ways to show you care about your neighborhood and the people in it. It’s why our ATL public relations team has established partnerships with a variety of organizations around our city. Not only does this help the communities around your organization, but it can also create additional news stories and compel members of the community to use or recommend your products or services.

Whether it’s an educational event or charitable fundraiser, we work with your organization to plan and promote your event or community outreach efforts.

Crisis Management

While it is rare that a crisis will directly strike your business or organization, if it does happen our team will mobilize quickly to provide expert communication and counseling. We will manage media relations and provide clear, accurate communication that will help dissolve the severeness of the crisis.

As your Atlanta PR firm, we’ll work quickly to help manage the situation, resolve it as rapidly as possible, and prevent any harm from coming to your organization. In most cases, the worst thing your organization can do amid a crisis is nothing – which can happen when you don’t hire a PR agency. Atlanta history has numerous instances of organizations failing to appropriately address crises, more often than not resulting in significant damage to the organization’s public perception.

Influencer Engagement

With the advent of social media and the rise of bloggers, influencer engagement and marketing have become powerful public relations tools. Social media influencers and bloggers have trusted followings that can become consumers of your organization’s products or services if appropriately approached.

Our Atlanta public relations department expertly analyzes and targets influencers that are the best audience for your organization, turning their fans into yours. We reach out to influencers on the behalf of your organization with the goal of having them promote your products or services to their followings. Studies show that individuals trust recommendations from people over brands, meaning influencer engagement can be an even more effective means of advertising your organization than through traditional advertising means. We’re excited to begin work as your Atlanta PR firm!

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