Instagram Quiz

Understanding the numbers and metrics behind social media platforms is key when it comes to marketing your small business on Instagram. Businesses with beloved Instagram accounts do so much more to reach high numbers of likes, followers, and comments than we might believe.

This social media platform expects a lot more than just quality photo sharing.

Getting the hang of Instagram will help your business marketing strategy shine above the rest. This short but smart Instagram Quiz will evaluate the quality of your account and help you learn what you could do to make it even better. The quiz will help you form an account that looks, communicates, and more importantly, performs at its best. It has every secret you’ll ever need in order to accomplish all three of those things.

In this Quiz…

    1. LEARN:  Learn how you could be taking the best quality photos. You’d be surprised with how many cool tricks your phone’s camera has up its sleeve. It’s also amazing how many editing apps there are at your disposal. This quiz will teach you how to create quality images that measure up to what a standard DSLR camera can do.
    2. UNDERSTAND:  Understand how to communicate best with those accounts that already follow you and build relationships with those accounts that do not.
    3. DISCOVER: Find out just how much content (photos and videos) you should be posting and when you should be posting it.
    4. DEVELOP: Find out how to capture the true essence of your business.

Our Instagram quiz is perfect for small businesses, brands, figures, and individuals alike. It’s a great tool to evaluate where you stand and how you can improve on social media. We cannot wait to see what your account looks like after you answer these quiz questions! No matter the result you get, you should never get discouraged. Instagram is a big deal and requires effort. Once you get good at it, seeing the followers fly in will always be fun.