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To attract customers to your space, you need to understand the benefits of digital marketing in hospitality industry markets. No matter what your business is, it’s crucial that you’re targeting local and traveling audiences.

According to recent reports, the city of New Orleans supports tens of thousands of jobs in the hospitality and tourism industries. With business so big, we’ve worked with an array of clients, including restaurants, hotels, and tourism organizations to help them attract customers from near and far.

Online Optimism’s experienced digital marketers can help you build a new website, share your offerings on social media, and drive traffic through content marketing and search engine advertisements.

Case Study: Building Visibility for a New Orleans Client Through Social Media

Chateau LeMoyne hotel at night
Animated gif scrolling through Chateau LeMoyne's Instagram account @chateaulemoyne

Located in the middle of the historic French Quarter, Chateau LeMoyne provides a unique boutique hotel experience of New Orleans history and culture.

Chateau LeMoyne came to Online Optimism looking for ways to take their social media to the next level and increase visibility and engagement. With a comprehensive strategy including custom content, we were able to get Chateau LeMoyne in front of a larger audience than ever before. Despite difficult changes to Facebook’s algorithm for organic content, our Optimists secured significantly more impressions and engagement.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with Online Optimism. Great results and analysis are just the start. The ability to reach out to them at anytime and have our questions answered or content shared has been amazing.

Chateau LeMoyne French Quarter
Adrienne Breaux
Director of Sales
Chateau LeMoyne

Our Hospitality Industry Clients Include:

Chateau LeMoyne French Quarter
Inn at Patrick Square
Southeast Restaurant Group
Downtown Development District

Free Resource: New Orleans Digital Marketing in Hospitality Industry

When customers come to visit your business, you’re not just selling your services. You’re providing an experience that they’ll go home and share with their friends and family. You want to be the reason they come back to visit your city.

Take advantage of our New Orleans Aesthetic Guide to give your marketing a local touch. Designed for local businesses looking to highlight the architecture, culture, and everyday beauty of our city, this free resource includes complimentary stock photos; tips for how to sell your brand; and a map spotlighting places to get the perfect Instagram shot.

With Online Optimism’s New Orleans Aesthetic Guide, you’ll be able to spruce up your social media feeds and your website with original visual content that lets visitors know that you’ll make our city feel like home And if your business is not in New Orleans, contact us today. Our content marketing Optimists have experience creating custom graphics, videos, and other materials for all of your needs.

In our guide to tipping in New Orleans, we recommend adding a $5-per-person tip to any walking tour.

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Make a Reservation: Custom Digital Marketing Solutions Designed for You

Whether you run a new boutique hotel or a longstanding restaurant group, there are plenty of ways that digital marketing in hospitality industry businesses can help bring new visitors. Before we make a proposal or sign a contract, we listen to what you need most.

With experience launching new brands from scratch and helping others freshen up their marketing, our Optimists will craft a campaign suited just for you and your guests. We’ll help you reach your target audience in no time with customized solutions from our design, content, social media, and digital ads departments. Our teams work collaboratively to make sure your campaign is perfectly in sync.

Welcome to Your New Website

When someone’s picking a restaurant or bar for a night out or searching for a place to stay for an upcoming trip, your website can make a big first impression. Poorly designed and difficult to use websites can scare away customers and prevent them from making a reservation, booking a room, or contacting you for more information.

Our web development team specializes in user experience (UX) design, producing websites that are mobile-friendly and put the most important information right in front. Since the majority of internet users are browsing the web on smartphones, all of our projects are responsive, which means your new site will adapt to any device your customers might be using.

We can also handle all of the back-end logistics to get your website up and running. We’ll help you with web hosting, domain registration, and email set-up so that you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about tech updates and the extra management required to get started.

Check out some of our web design projects here.

Show Off Your Expertise with Content Marketing and SEO

Once you have a website, you have to fill it with content. Online Optimism can produce creative copy to get your message across and keep visitors engaged. Whether you’re looking for pages that explain your offerings or you want to keep your site updated with relevant blog posts each month, our team will make sure your content matches shows off your best side.

Our content Optimists are experts in the latest search engine optimization techniques, helping you rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. With a full on-site SEO audit, we can identify easy-to-fix technical problems that will make your website faster and increase visibility. We use a suite of top-of-the-line tools to diagnose critical SEO issues and measure the success of our campaigns and provide regular reports to help you monitor the health of your web presence.

Plus, we’ll write blog posts and optimized website copy to target the long-tail keywords that users are searching to try to find your business. By editing already existing content and adding new elements to your website, we can drive organic traffic to your website and position your business as a go-to source for information.

Check in with Your Followers on Social Media

With the continued popularity of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s more important than ever to find ways to leverage social media for your business. More and more people are looking to social media to find information like open hours, sales and promotions, and what a business looks like. An active social media presence can help you stand out from the crowd and let potential customers know that making a visit to your location is worth it.

Social media is especially crucial for digital marketing in the hospitality industry because your customers, especially tourists, are always looking for the next place to set up a perfect photograph for their feeds. Our Optimists will help show off your space or your food and drink offerings with posts featuring custom photography and personalized graphics made to fit your campaign.

We are experienced running giveaways, contests, and social media ad campaigns designed to increase impressions, likes, comments, and in-person visits to your business. We devise all of our campaigns to highlight what’s important to you, whether that’s your superb service or mouth-watering menu. Our social media team also monitors accounts regularly to respond to customers with specific questions.

Reach Out to New Customers with Digital Ads

Are you looking to boost engagement with your on-site content and target specific audiences? Our digital ads department develops comprehensive campaigns to reach potential customers through search engine marketing, display advertising, and remarketing efforts. Online Optimism’s digital advertising makes the most of your budget by focusing on those most likely to turn into customers.

With custom ads designed for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, our campaigns put you in front of the right people, wherever they might be. We use a metrics-driven approach that’s proven to produce the most cost-effective campaigns with the best results for your business.

Online Optimism’s suite of digital advertising options allows you to reach audiences you didn’t even know you already have. We listen to what you say about your customers and use geotargeting and localized marketing to get your brand in front of the right people. We’ve completed successful digital ad and pay-per-click campaigns for businesses across the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, and more.

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