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Finding the right healthcare digital marketing agency can help you keep your attention on what matters most, your patients. Let us take on the work of promoting your business with custom digital marketing solutions that bring results. Online Optimism is a leader in the industry and has a proven track record with clients including private clinics, community health centers, healthcare nonprofits, and wellness coaches.

Whether you’re looking to create an active social media presence for your organization or you’re building a brand from the ground up, our team of Optimists will come up with innovative solutions to increase awareness and drive business to your location.

Case Study: A Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Builds a Clinic’s Brand from Scratch

Increase traffic to your site

In 2018, Mid City TMS came to us looking to draw patients to their clinic and establish itself as a leader in the field. Medical Director Dr. Bryan Bruno was starting his second clinic specializing in transcranial magnetic stimulation, a noninvasive technique used to treat major depressive disorder. At that time, Mid City TMS did not have a website or online presence at all, and our challenge as a healthcare digital marketing agency was to give credibility and visibility to a brand new medical facility in a competitive market.

Our team designed a new website for Mid City TMS and increased traffic by targeting high-volume keywords, receiving inbound links from a variety authoritative news sites, and creating top-quality, highly technical written content for the clinic’s new blog.

When we first launched Mid City TMS, we partnered with Online Optimism to handle our branding, logo design, design of our website, and an ongoing SEO campaign. The results were excellent and helped propel our company forward. We’ve been very happy with the results throughout the campaign, and would recommend them to anyone needing digital marketing services for their company.

MidCity TMS
Dr. Bryan Bruno
Medical Director
Mid City TMS

Results from the Mid City TMS Campaign

Relevant Terms Rank 1st on Google
Percent of Traffic From Organic Search
Percent Increase in Organic Traffic Compared to Month 1
Monthly Visitors for Organic Search
MidCity TMS featured snippet for "Do I need TMS" search

Other Examples of Our Work

Mockup of St. Thomas brochure
Doctor using St. Thomas' website on a laptop
Mockup of St. Thomas infosheet on PrEP

Our Healthcare Industry Clients Include:

St. Thomas Community Health Center
Access Health
Medcentris logo
Magnolia Physical Therapy
NOELA New Orleans East Louisiana Community Health Center

Learn about the Anatomy of a Social Media Post

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You wouldn’t give a patient a diagnosis before looking at all of the symptoms. Get to know the anatomy of a social media post with our free guide.

Created by our social media team to help you get started, this resource will help you promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn by giving you a run-down of post specifications and best practices.

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Healthy Digital Marketing Solutions from Online Optimism

There are a lot of parts to a great digital marketing plan. Whether you don’t know where to start or just need a helping hand to get your message out, Online Optimism is here for you. Read more below about how some of our healthcare digital marketing agency services can bring attention to your organization.

Robust Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation

Our experienced content writers will dive deep into your field and can produce blog posts, website copy, videos, and more that show off your expertise to potential patients. Online Optimism’s content department does extensive research into the topics they write about, and with no limit on the number of rounds of revisions, you have final say over the end product. And by targeting high-volume search keywords, we drive new traffic to your webpages from search engines like Google and Bing.

Regular blog posts and content additions to your website let your audience know that you’re a leader in your field. Plus, adding new content tells Google and those looking for your business that your website is active and accurate. Our Optimists also work hard to get website mentions and links to your website from reputable news outlets to promote traffic from inbound links and increase your authority on the internet.

Effective Digital Ads

Our digital ads team can also get more traffic to your website through a combination of search engine marketing, display ads, and targeted remarketing efforts. We use data and analytics to ensure that your ads are getting in front of audiences you didn’t even know you had. Whether you’re looking to launch a campaign for your clinic or to promote a specific healthcare-related product, we can prescribe the perfect advertising solution.

Plus, our Optimists can advise you on how to create a successful digital advertising campaign that follows all appropriate regulations for the healthcare industry. Because these laws vary in different locations, we make sure that your campaign meets industry standards no matter where your audience is.

And our comprehensive reporting keeps you in the know and in control of your digital ads. We believe in building on trust and that the more knowledge you have about your campaign, the stronger it will be. When a campaign is succeeding, we want to work with you to make it even better. We use our regular reports to measure results and to find space for further optimization.

Social Media in Good Health

Now more than ever, it’s important to be only a click away from your audience. Our social media Optimists can create an active presence for you online that shares your expertise, attracts new visits, and keeps your community up to date. Our team can develop a strategy for you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, depending on your needs. We create custom photography and design eye-catching graphics for your social media channels, no matter what tone you’d like to use.

Plus, you have complete control over your accounts. Our social media team will send over content calendars for your approval in advance. Since social media is all about responsiveness, we also work with you to create pre-drafted answers to frequently asked questions so that we can quickly reply to all comments.

Tip-Top Shape Website Design

You can’t attract new audiences without a website for them to land on. One of our most popular healthcare digital marketing agency services is web design. We’ve built websites from scratch for clients including Mid City TMS and St. Thomas Community Health Center. With an eye for user experience (UX) design and significant experience with WordPress development, our custom-built websites are made to be easy to use—for you and your visitors.

If you don’t need a brand new website but are looking for a way to make your current site more usable, our design Optimists can also implement technical upgrades to make your pages faster and more user-friendly.

In addition to building a new website, we are able to create logos and implement branding guidelines that you can use on- and offline. Our design department also regularly collaborates with our content team to fill your new site with copy that will drive business and increase leads.

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