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Choosing a Tampa digital marketing agency with top-quality SEO services is key to expanding your business’ web presence and gaining new customers.

At Online Optimism, our team of SEO experts can give your website the boost it needs to appear on the first page of Google, helping your business expand to new client bases without dedicating your budget to an advertising campaign.

Searching for the Best SEO Services that Tampa, FL Has to Offer?

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SEO stands for search engine optimization, which describes the processes and tools that improve a site’s web presence and increase its visibility on search engines. Top search engines like Google and Bing consider a wide variety of factors when deciding what order web pages will be listed in on a search results page, making it vital to your business’s success to find a Tampa SEO agency that knows how to get your site into the top ranks.

In this internet age, it’s harder than ever to build an audience who will engage with your business. The overwhelming amount of businesses who now rely on a strong web presence makes it difficult to build a business website that stands out from the rest. Despite this, Google searches are still the most effective way for new and existing customers to find your Tampa business. On average, 72% of people who search for local businesses via search engines will visit a location within a five mile radius, while 97% of search engine users rely on these sites to discover local businesses! Your business can thrive both on and offline by incorporating SEO best practices into your website.

By crafting original content, getting valuable links to your website, and developing a business page that consumers will love, Online Optimism knows the offline and online methods that will upgrade your website’s SEO. 

The first step in amping up your web presence is our full website audit, where we examine the current layout of your site, track your page speed, and consider other top SEO problems to determine the best plan for your site. We then have our SEO service team create content forms (verbal and written) with high-authority keywords that your audience and potential customers are searching for on the internet. After this, we perform virtual PR services that add important backlinks to your website, giving your site (and business) authority on search engines. These processes are intensive — SEO requires maintenance and time, and modern businesses are in a consistent struggle to gain a spot on Google’s first results page. Check out our past SEO work to see how Online Optimism can help you achieve your SEO goals.

What Do Tampa Businesses Need to Know about SEO?

Tampa is Florida’s third largest city and has one of the fastest growing urban economies in the United States, as of 2019. These factors put Tampa businesses in a great position to grow a dedicated customer base — but what can your business do to make sure residents new and old can find out about your unique products and services?

Consider the most recent time that you went online shopping. You likely went straight to Google and searched directly for the product or service you had in mind. If this was your process, then you can expect that consumers are following that same pattern — and they want your site to be easy to find and navigate. Many search engine users don’t go to the second page of search results, relying on that first page to get to the website they’re looking for. It’s been shown that 67% of page clicks on a single Google search go to the top five search results on page 1. This makes SEO a vital part of your Tampa business’s web presence and growth.

Since so many people use the internet before any other service to find the information they’re looking for, Tampa businesses need to know what SEO services they have at their disposal. Successful Tampa SEO services are the pathway to bringing organic traffic to your website and business, and bringing new customers into your doors.

Online Optimism's team has been crucial in improving our digital presence at Superior Honda. From day 1, their management of our search advertising has helped us stay at the top of Google in an extremely competitive industry. They’ve been more a partner than an agency and we enjoy the trending marketing tactics that they bring to our dealership.
Clay HolcombPresident of Superior Honda

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Does your Tampa Business Need High-Quality SEO? Count on Us

Drive Website Traffic with Valuable Content

Every SEO campaign is led by high-quality content — by consistently publishing informative and intentional content online, a business can see their website climb the search engine ranks over time. What makes Online Optimism’s approach to content so unique is how well-versed our writing team becomes in our clients’ businesses and industries. We learn the specific language and big questions that potential customers will use to find your business, incorporating these key aspects into every piece of content we create. With SEO-specific web tools and techniques, we can locate the exact keywords that consumers in your field are searching for and can determine how hard it will be to get your content to rank for these keywords. After this process, our writers spend hours drafting detailed content that always goes to our clients for approval before it appears on the internet.   

We always aim to combine our ability to craft high-quality content with your brand’s goals and image. From the moment you become our client, we ask your team the questions that will get us acquainted with your business’s history, key players, and goals. We do this to ensure that the content we bring to the table can accurately represent your brand now and propel it into the future. Our diverse client base has been proud of the work we’ve been able to do for their web presence, and we believe that we can be your Tampa SEO services expert, too.

Metrics Clearer Than Tampa Bay Waters

Online Optimism’s content experts are here to track the results of your SEO campaign. From the client onboarding process, we ensure that your website analytics and tracking are up-to-date and aligned so that we can accurately track the progress of your SEO campaign. Metrics that you can expect us to measure include session duration, page visits, leads, and page clicks, to name a few. We have a Google Analytics certified staff that utilizes data daily to make the best choices for our clients.

Along with our general metric tracking, we also pay close attention to the exact metrics that you’re interested in. Since every organization has unique goals, we discuss your brand’s goals with you and your team to know which metrics are most important to you.

Top SEO Practices for a Big Guava Blog

Blogging is still the most vital form of SEO content writing, though it’s only one of the many content forms that the marketing experts at Online Optimism take on in order to get our clients to the top ranks on Google. Our professional SEO team does extensive keyword research to find what searches are most relevant to your business, as well as the keywords that you want to see your business rank for in blog posts. Based on the size and scope of your business, we take keyword difficulty and search volume into account when deciding which keywords to frame your content around, changing this list as your campaign progresses and generates positive results. With our Tampa SEO services team, you can depend on us to do all the research for you. 

Once we’ve gathered our research, our writers are able to craft interesting and valuable blogs that educate both new and old customers while also boosting your site’s SEO rankings. Once search engines see that your blog posts utilize relevant keywords, your website will gain credibility with them and bring more consistent traffic and high search rankings for your website over time.

Gain Loyal Customers through SEO

By crafting content that people trust, Online Optimism will be able to help you gain customers who trust your services and expertise. People take many factors into account when deciding whether or not to support a business, and one of those key factors is credibility. 

Consider this: when you’re shopping in a retail outlet, a knowledgeable, attentive sales assistant can likely have a strong influence on your decision to make one purchase over another. Online, this process works very similarly — consumers want to turn to a business they can trust, and great blogging can build this trust. For example, you’re a local fishing retailer: consumers interested in fishing likely want to know about the best fishing gear on a budget, and other relevant topics to your business. Our content writers spend the majority of their time writing and researching for blog posts that can inform our clients’ customers and bring new customers to your business. From cybersecurity to the commercial trucking industry, our team is prepared to write for your industry!

Video Content for a Stand-out Site

You may recognize Google as the world’s #1 search engine, but did you know that YouTube comes in second place? Believe it or not, video content is a vital part of modern content marketing. What impact could video marketing have on your business? In some industries, ranking for YouTube search results can be just as key to your business’ success as ranking on a traditional search engine like Google.


YouTube has successfully overtaken network television among viewers ages 18 to 49. Clean, brief, and factual videos can completely change the online presence of your brand. Videos are such a versatile tool to get both your branding and useful information to new markets and are also highly engaging.  If you hadn’t previously thought about including video content as a part of your SEO campaign, it might be time to consider it. 

Since Google owns YouTube, specific Google searches bring YouTube videos to the very top of the first page of search results. Opening your Tampa SEO campaign to both video and written content can create a dynamic effect that achieves great results across a variety of top search engines.

On-Site Optimization for a Striking Campaign

With any SEO campaign, we make sure to start with on-site optimization. We audit your site as-is to determine its user accessibility and speed. We also consider meta description, load speed, structured data, and links, which are all important factors that can impact your site’s ability to appear in Google searches. If your business has a physical store or office, it’s also important for us to focus on ranking your site for local searches, alongside more general searches.

Detailed thinking, problem-solving, and skill are all requirements of proper on-site optimization. Our teams can develop your website from the backend to strengthen your site’s visibility and user experience, helping Google know the intentions of your site and determine its credibility.

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