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Expertly Crafted Social Media Content That Will Make You The Talk of The City of Oaks

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Ready to Level Up Your Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Engagement, and Impressions?

For businesses in the Triangle area, social media has to be a part of your marketing strategy, whether you are for-profit or non-profit, small, medium, or large. Online Optimism learns your brand’s unique voice and pairs that with our expertise in social media strategies to meet your goals and exceed your expectations by driving results.

When your company uses social media in a deliberate, targeted way, you can achieve varying objectives. Do you want to prioritize brand awareness, sales, authority, or growth? Online Optimism can tailor social media campaigns to these goals by strategizing, analyzing, and measuring outcomes to deliver businesses in Raleigh social media marketing results like they’ve never seen.

Content Creation for Social Media

To get noticed on social media, you have to get creative. Online Optimism’s creative services include custom graphics, photography, long and short-form video, and copywriting, all with mobile and desktop accessibility in mind. To get the Likes, Retweets, Comments, or Shares you need, you need content that stops people in their tracks. We have the experience and knowledge to make that happen.

Advertising on Social Media

While you want organic interactions on social media, paid social advertising also has to be a major component of your social strategy, particularly when it comes to brand awareness, reach, and bringing traffic to your website. For example, let’s say you’re a biotech firm in Research Triangle Park. How will you ensure potential clients see your message on social media among the over 80 biotechnology companies in RTP? Online Optimism understands the competitive Raleigh social media marketing landscape and can utilize strategic targeting to make sure your company doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

Timely Monitoring, Engagement, and Response Services

Social media is always on, and your customers expect to use it to engage with you in a two-way conversation without delay. Online Optimism’s social media experts will monitor your accounts for comments and messages and respond according to your guidelines. This includes monitoring your accounts outside of business hours and on weekends. We want you to rest easy and focus on running your business while we take care of the conversation with your customers on social media.

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Raleigh and the Triangle Area Businesses Need Social Media Services to Grow

Court Your Audience with a Social Media Slam Dunk

Photos can make the difference in any exceptional Social Media campaign that a DC agency puts together - Here is an Icon featuring headshots of people.

Having  a social media presence allows you to build a community around your unique value proposition. Your business grows by word of mouth, and nowadays, word of mouth means social media engagement. If your customers love your product or service, they need an easy way to let others know on social media.

Our Optimists know that doing business in Raleigh doesn’t stop at the city limits. We’ll help you build your audience around town or across the country. If your business was born and raised in Wake Forest, Durham, and Chapel Hill, we’ve got social media marketing for your brand, too. Even if you just moved down to Cary, North Carolina, from the North (if you’ve never heard what “Cary” stands for, that’s probably you!), you need your social media to reach beyond your business’s physical location. The good news is that Online Optimism can design social media campaigns to target customers in as wide or narrow of an area as you would like. 

You may get mixed messages from those around you about what matters on social media. Here’s a straightforward explanation: Likes, Comments, and Shares show the algorithms behind social media that your content is valuable, and when the algorithms like you, they show your content to more people, increasing the chance that people will leave Likes, Comments, and Shares. To get technical, engagement drives impressions, which drive engagement, which drives impressions. On the flip side, if your content isn’t shown to many people, it won’t get much engagement, so it will be shown to fewer people, and on and on. This means that to get ahead, you need a strategic social media partner who can focus on conquering the algorithm and conversing with your audience, while you focus on operating your business. Whether with red clay soil or yellow pine pollen, getting our hands dirty and getting into the weeds with social media is Online Optimism’s forte.

Creative as Refreshing as Sweet Tea

It goes without saying that visuals make the most impact on social media, as they draw in your audience and get them to stop scrolling. Adding local points of interest from the Raleigh area will keep your viewers interested and show that your business cares about the community. 

While stock photos have their place in digital marketing, including on social media, imagine posting a photo or video of your team with the giant acorn that gets dropped on New Year’s Eve! How about a pic of the iconic Dorton Arena on a post about events in Raleigh? Don’t forget the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Museum of History, and Museum of Art! Raleigh offers a lot of subjects for photos or videos. We can help find the local landmarks that catch the eye of your audience and show that your business proudly contributes to the economy of the Triangle. 

Even at your work location, we can create content that looks great! Online Optimism has an in-house production team that can add interest with props and use equipment that delivers high production value. Even on the small screen, professional-looking video matters! Get the most out of your creative budget with Online Optimism’s team of social media content experts.

Get Attention for Your Brand on Facebook

Our Optimists are stars in the field of social media marketing. Like the 2017 Tar Heels or the 2015 Blue Devils, your company will use clever strategy to triumph over the competition and emerge victorious. Think of Online Optimism as your coach, but also as your teammates as we work together to get you the marketing wins you deserve!

Facebook continues to dominate the social media, with nearly 3 billion monthly users worldwide. Whether you teach cotillion or serve North Carolina-style barbecue, your Raleigh social media marketing strategy should include a significant Facebook presence. Along with Facebook, consider what you could do with the other platforms owned by Facebook’s parent company, Meta. These platforms include Instagram and Whatsapp. Leveraging these three platforms’ demographic and psychographic targeting features, you can reach a large audience with your message.

Online Optimism’s Facebook marketing experts can help you take full advantage of all that Facebook, and its related platforms offer. Facebook makes a lot of adjustments to their services and the algorithm underlying them, so you need a social marketing agency that can keep up. Online Optimism will take on that challenge for you.

Get People Tweeting

As the Top Social Media Agency DC can Offer, We'll Tweet for You until you get All The Likes and Retweets You Can Handle

Twitter represents the conversation about the topics on people’s minds right now, in Raleigh and beyond! Your brand needs to get involved in the right threads and send the right messages at the speed of tweets! Online Optimism knows how to balance the lightning-fast nature of tweeting with the importance of having a consistent voice online (and avoiding controversy!)

We post tweets that get Retweets and Likes and gain you followers. Navigating Twitter as a brand with an image to maintain can feel like a minefield, but Online Optimism’s social media skills will get you through. We’ll get you the right kind of attention and make having a Twitter presence worth your while.

Your Instagram Can Reach New Heights

Everybody has a phone full of photos, but not every photo is Instaworthy. That’s where we come in. We can take and post the Raleigh photos that stand out on Instagram, showing off the city and your business. It can take a long time to build the thousands of followers that accounts like @VisitRaleigh have, but picking the right Raleigh social media marketing experts will put you on the path to success.

Anyone who creates Instagram content must learn to go beyond just posting gorgeous photos. Social media is about community-building, after all. We can help your potential clients find your content with popular Raleigh-area hashtags like:

  • #RaleighNC
  • #RaleighHairStylist
  • #RaleighRealEstate
  • #RaleighNightlife
  • #RaleighFoodPics
  • #RaleighEvents
  • #ResearchTriangle

Although it started with photos, Instagram now features a lot of short-form video, and Online Optimism wants to put your company at the forefront of this development. Our video production team works with our social media experts to create engaging, professional-looking short-form video, including TikToks and the Instagram equivalent, Reels, to show off your brand at its best.

Strategically Targeted Paid Social Media Ads

Paid Advertising Requires the Top DC Social Media Agency Experts

In the crowded and highly competitive social media space, you need a combination of organic posts and paid advertising to succeed, but as a business owner, you can’t afford to throw money away. Thankfully, social media provides the opportunity to collect more data than ever before. This will allow you to show your ads to those who will take action based on them, whether visiting your website or purchasing a product. Better still, in addition to collecting data about your audience, you can collect precise information about the results of your paid ads and adjust your strategy accordingly.

When you try to handle it on your own, the process of advertising on social media can prove complicated and confusing. We can help! For example, Online Optimism will handle Facebook’s accreditation and identification process if you need to run ads in restricted categories like politics or social issues. With your website developers, we’ll ensure your Facebook pixel tracking is set up correctly and working for you. With the LinkedIn Insights tag, we’ll optimize your LinkedIn advertising strategy. We Optimists love to be exceptionally helpful, and we strive to make your life easier when it comes to social media advertising. 

Hiring professional social media management from an expert agency can save you money by ensuring your ad dollars go toward the right campaigns, and those campaigns go to the right audience. Online Optimism’s social media marketing skills will drive the results you want from social media advertising.

Social Media is 24/7/365 and So Are We!

Whether it’s 3 pm or 3 am where you are, someone may be looking at your social media accounts. Social media users expect timely responses to their reviews and questions in your comments section and DMs, but you can’t be at the ready all day, every day. Online Optimism’s social media team maintains a person on-call to respond after-hours. With Online Optimism managing your Raleigh social media marketing campaign, you will see increased activity from your audience, so you can rest easy knowing that our team has got this, even outside of business hours.

Social Media to Establish Your Following and Build Your Future

Social media has evolved from the days when we hoped to be in our friends’ Top 8 on Myspace. Nowadays, social media lets you reach out to your customers no matter where they live, with a professional presence on networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With Online Optimism handling your social media, you can connect on a personal level with your customers. 

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