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Social media is where hundreds of millions of people choose to spend their time online each and every day. Marketing your business on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allows you to target and reach specific audiences with content specially curated for their interests. Achieve your business goals more easily with Online Optimism, the social media agency Atlanta businesses contact to grow their brands.

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Online Optimism has been an exceptional partner for building our presence on social media as well as helping us to promote specific product campaigns through social media advertising. We were very pleased with the outcome of these campaigns and over a period of four months, we realized approximately $80 million in new or expanded relationship deposits. Online Optimism helps to keep our brand top of mind while always recommending the most up to date, recommended strategies for how we can best optimize our efforts on Facebook and Instagram. We have continued our partnership with Online Optimism with additional campaigns and continue to look to them as experts in social media and digital marketing.

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What Does Our Atlanta Social Media Agency Do For Brands?

Social Media Strategy

Jumping into social media management without a strategy is like taking a road trip without a map—you’ll end up feeling very lost. Our team is here to help guide you with expert industry research, content recommendations, and years of experience to help your business stay focused and consistent in its online messaging and appearance.

As a leading Atlanta digital marketing agency, Online Optimism specializes in generating both long-term and short-term campaigns to ensure your brand establishes a strong digital foothold that’s not easily upended. Social media planning extends far beyond paid advertisements; it requires innovation, persistence, engagement, and visionary dedication to showcasing whatever it is that makes your brand exceptional. We’ve worked hard to build a social media agency Atlanta entrepreneurs can rely on no matter what.

Thinking Outside the Box for Insights

Community Management

Social media is meant to be social. Never leave your customers in a one-way conversation with your business again. From review management to timely responses to incoming messages, our social media agency team is here to make sure your social media is as responsive as you are. 

Just last year, estimates suggested that over 70 percent of Americans owned and used at least one social media account, which means practically endless opportunities for amplifying your digital presence and engaging with an ever-widening virtual community! But because we’re always optimizing, our goal is to help make the most of your resources; Online Optimism can help connect you with the right demographics using the most suitable platforms.

Community Management for Social Media around the World

Content & Creative

Whether we’re producing videos, graphics, animations, blogs, or photography, our team makes sure any resource is shared with a social-first mindset. We tailor messages for each individual platform and its unique audience so they can have the biggest impact on your bottom line. Our creative team works with you to tell your story in the best way possible and shares that story with your followers in a way that reflects your brand values and standards.

Our social media agency in Atlanta is backed by Online Optimism’s design and content departments to make sure you’re telling your story in the best way possible.

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Promoted & Paid Social Management

Reach your customers where they spend the most time. Our team is certified and trained to run paid social campaigns across every platform, managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend. A paid social media campaign comes with advanced targeting techniques that allow you to reach new audiences as well as re-engage existing customers. Whether you’re looking to grow brand awareness, drive leads, launch a product, or increase sales, we can help you reach your goals.

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Social Listening

There are more conversations happening surrounding your brand than just the ones you see in your notifications. Our team is equipped to set up advanced searches with a variety of keywords so you can glean important insights on brand sentiment, market trends, and content performance to refine and optimize your strategy in real time. Advanced social listening is one of the many ways we’ve become the social media agency Atlanta can trust.

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Reporting & Analytics

Our team is always optimizing, and we bring constant attention, measurement, and evaluation to each and every one of your social media accounts. We don’t just present numbers every month, we bring actionable insights and expert recommendations to pivot your social media presence in the constantly changing social media landscape.

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Online Optimism is the Social Media Agency Atlanta Businesses Need to Get the Word Out on These Social Networks:


As one of the first and largest social network, Facebook has a dominant presence for a reason: nearly three-quarters of Americans (according to Pew Research) either spend a vast amount of time on their platform or have their data so ingrained in Facebook’s audience network that they can be targeted extremely well via their advertising capabilities.

In Short: Your Business Must Be on Facebook. There are a variety of ways that Online Optimism, as the social media marketing company Atlanta trusts, can support your business when it joins the platform. Like all digital marketing campaigns, we begin by looking at the foundation that the company has already built, then deep-diving into your customers and audience. We identify insights that allow us to promote your messaging across Facebook. Once we know your business forwards and back, we craft communications that will help us connect with your audience on your page, and in their news feeds. Lastly, we create sophisticated advertising strategies, focusing on the careful use of Facebook’s Pixel tracking code to ensure that your audience is seeing your advertisements at the perfect time in their decision-making process, whether that be awareness, consideration, or at the tipping point of conversion.

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Instagram may have started as the image-sharing social network, but its addition of features over the years, alongside its acquisition by Facebook, led to its eventual status as one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world, essential for nearly every business. People love Instagram: 63% of Instagram users login to the network at least daily. As a highly visual platform, Instagram’s feed is the perfect place for your brand’s visual side to truly shine.

We can handle all aspects of Instagram management, including content creation, community engagement, follower growth, and sophisticated paid advertising strategies, typically focusing on e-commerce and remarketing. Our Optimists are experts at creating a brand aesthetic that feels like a vision board, ensuring each piece of the Instagram post puzzle adds up to a complete picture. We’ve helped launch Instagram accounts from the ground up, as well as audited, optimized, and renewed previously managed accounts, from in-house staff. We’re also happy to assist brands with newer features, like Reels. When you’re looking for experts to consult with about which of Instagram’s features your Georgia business needs to be utilizing, our experts are here for you. It’s one of the many reasons that Online Optimism is the place that organizations turn to when they’re looking for the best social media marketing services Atlanta has.

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As the professional social network, LinkedIn is a great social network for anyone trying to reach high-level stakeholders or those working at B2B organizations. While other social networks are filled with memes, LinkedIn does its best to hold itself up to a higher level. If your organization isn’t getting the results that you’re looking for from LinkedIn, it’s worth considering getting an agency to optimize your results.

LinkedIn is particularly effective for companies that work in white-collar, professional environments. It also tends to have a higher income level for its audience than other networks. 49% of people making more than $75k per year use LinkedIn — this audience with significant disposable income makes for the perfect targeting for certain companies. Our Optimists are great for social media marketing services Atlanta-based businesses need when they’re looking for LinkedIn assistance. We cover all suburbs too. As an agency in Atlanta and New Orleans, we can essentially cover the Southeast and get your organization the awareness it needs.

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TikTik’s popularity has exploded in growth, and for good reason. It’s become the main force behind Internet culture, as ideas, dances, memes, and more spread quickly across the platform, and then onto other social networks. If your organization is looking for increased followers, likes, and more on the platform, our Optimists are here to help you out.

Increased views aren’t simply the goal of many brands on TikTok. Luckily for businesses, TikTok has the highest social media engagement rate per post. If your content is good, your audience is likely to interact with it. On top of the organic potential on the platform, TikTok has a paid advertising network as well. These paid advertising options can also be added to influencer engagement, further increasing the amount of eyes that are seeing your brand’s content.

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Though it started with 140 characters, Twitter has evolved into one of the most impactful social media platforms in the world. Brands can utilize Twitter to truly connect with their audience and show more personality online, beyond the corporate facade that often exists. However, with more than 500 million tweets sent out each day, the biggest question is, “How can your brand stand out?”

That’s where our experts come into play. Whether you’re in Midtown, Buckhead, Downtown, or the O4W, your audience is likely getting their news, their passions, and more from Twitter. How do you get into the feed? By working with an agency that has helped their clients grow Twitter engagement for years, you have insider information and key insights into what works best, when to post, and how to promote your content. When you’re looking for the top social media consultant Atlanta, Georgia has, look no further than Online Optimism.

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The original ephemeral social network is a major player for brands looking to be involved in the cultural zeitgeist. The short-form nature of most of the posts, alongside the forced visual aspect (whether images or videos) means your content needs to be on point to do well on the platform.

On top of an organic follower, there’s a variety of different paid advertising strategies that brands can utilize on Snapchat. Organizations can place a geofilter, which allows other users to essentially use their brand’s frame as an overlay on top of an image, something that most of the social media managers Atlanta has are familiar with. For brands looking to be truly innovative, there’s also the potential for AR/VR on the platform as well.

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Pinterest is a great place for highly visual brands, particularly those with an audience that sways mostly female: 42% of women in the US use Pinterest. This is a major target for your brand to reach. Pinterest is a key platform for many fashion brands, or other retailers, and our agency is excited to help you improve the results that your brand is getting on the platform.

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While videos live on all social media platforms at this point, there’s still one place where most of the Internet searches for their videos: YouTube. As the original major video hosting platform, Youtube is essential to a content strategy that features video. As one of the leading social media marketing agency Atlanta has, we’ll utilize YouTube to its fullest, customizing your videos, captions, video descriptions, titles, branding, and more. YouTube is also one of the world’s largest search engines, making it the ideal place for product videos, testimonials, and other content that helps your business stand out in a crowded field.

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Facebook Messenger is one more way that organizations can directly interact with customers. If you’re looking for a social media platform that can also serve as a customer service role, look no further than Messenger.

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Reddit considers itself the front page of the Internet, for good reason. With over 430,000,000 users on the site, it’s often where news breaks. Organizations can utilize both organic engagement (through things like AMAs, or Ask Me Anythings) or paid advertising strategies on the platform to reach their audience.


BeReal allows users to post once a day, which gives your brand a one-for-done way to connect with consumers.


This Twitter alternative is growing quickly, and gaining an audience. You can be one of the first brands on the platform by joining today.

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