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Finding a Scottsdale SEO company that you can rely on is the first step to building a successful and long-lasting business.

When you’re creating the foundation for your business’s online presence, there’s no better place to start than with a variety of search engine optimization techniques. The SEO professionals at Online Optimism work with you to get your team ranked on the first page of Google, enabling you to reach the customers you’ve been missing out on without spending more money than necessary.

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the ongoing effort to improve a business’s online presence and increase its search visibility for potential customers. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo take hundreds of elements into account when they rank websites, so finding a Scottsdale SEO agency that understands all these ranking factors is critical.

Getting your audience to find and engage with your business has never been more difficult. With so many businesses out there vying for your potential customers’ attention, it can be challenging to cut through the noise and reach your target audience.

The best way for most customers to find you is with a simple Google search. In fact, 97% of search engine users searched online first to find local businesses, and 72% of search users who search for local businesses will visit a store within 5 miles! That’s huge potential for your business if you’re able to tap into that market. But before you can reach out to those audiences, search engines need to identify and promote your business. That’s where our SEO experts come in.

At Online Optimism, we use both online and offline tactics to improve your business’s SEO. From content creation to link building, our team is fully equipped to handle every facet of SEO.

If you already have an existing web presence, we start by performing a full audit in which we examine site structure, page speed, and other common SEO issues to get you on the right track. Next, we begin to generate new content for your business, both written and visual. We also use a form of digital PR to garner valuable backlinks and build authority for your business.

SEO is not a one-time affair. In fact, businesses constantly battle back and forth to gain coveted spots on the first page of Google. Look at our other work and find out how our team can get you — and keep you — at number one.

What is Unique About SEO in Scottsdale?

Scottsdale is one of the most wealthy and well-educated cities in the country, making it the perfect for businesses to expand their customer base. This business-friendly community has over 40% of its households earning more than $100,000 per year which means that residents have excess income to spend on local shops. But how do these residents find businesses to spend their money on?

Think of the last time you decided to spend your money online. It’s almost guaranteed in this day and age that the first thing you did was open up Google and search for that particular item or service. Your customers are doing the same thing to find you. Users typically want to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, so it’s unlikely that they will scroll through more than one page of Google. In fact, 67% of clicks from a Google search go to the top five organic results. This just goes to show the importance of having a Scottsdale SEO expert that can get you one of those coveted top-ranking positions.

Because the internet is the first step for many consumers searching for the products or services they need, SEO in Scottsdale should be the first step for any business interested in reaching new customers. An effective Scottsdale SEO strategy is the only proven way to gain more organic website traffic.

Online Optimism's team has been crucial in improving our digital presence at Superior Honda. From day 1, their management of our search advertising has helped us stay at the top of Google in an extremely competitive industry. They’ve been more a partner than an agency and we enjoy the trending marketing tactics that they bring to our dealership.
Clay HolcombPresident of Superior Honda

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Need Digital Marketing for Your Local Arizona Business? Look No Further

Heat Up Your SEO with Quality Content

High-quality content is the key to any sustained SEO effort. By producing both well-researched and well-targeted content, we get your business on the front page of Google search results. Our experienced staff of writers become immersed in your business, learning all about the critical questions related to your company and industry that potential customers have. We use SEO tools to find keywords that actual people search for and that your business could realistically rank for in search results. We then spend hours crafting the perfect content that will go through as many drafts as necessary before ever getting posted online.

Our goal is to align high-quality content with your brand’s message. We accomplish this by ensuring that we understand your business nearly as accurately as you do. Our Optimists have successfully delivered stellar content for clients in a variety of fields, and we are certain our Scottsdale SEO experts can do the same for your business too!

Get Some Sun On Your Results

Nothing at Online Optimism is done without carefully tracking the results. At the start of every partnership, we ensure that your analytics and tracking are correctly installed so that we can prove how our search engine optimization techniques are bringing your business new audiences. Typical metrics that we look at include leads, page visits, session duration, and clicks. Our staff is Google Analytics certified, so we know the importance of relying on data to make SEO decisions.

We also make sure to focus on the metrics and conversions most valuable to you. Every business has its own goals, whether that’s establishing their expertise in their field or making their brand a household name.  When you work with Online Optimism, we begin our partnership with a frank discussion about what your particular enterprise goals are. We then align our reports to ensure that you can track those exact goals.

If you’re looking to increase your revenues long-term, there’s really no better investment than SEO. Scottsdale has a lot of businesses: isn’t it time yours ranked at the top?

Fire up Your Blog Using Best SEO Practices

Blogging is a great way to boost the SEO ranking for your web pages. In fact, it’s one of many ways that our team here at Online Optimism helps our clients climb their way up to the #1 spot on Google. Our SEO experts research all the keywords that are relevant for your business and use the keywords you would like to rank for as a basis for blog posts. That list of keywords will be ever-changing as your business’s online presence grows, as the difficulty of some keywords changes, and as new optimal keywords appear on the SEO scene. Your Scottsdale SEO experts will do all the research for the right keywords so you can focus on the aspects of your business that only you can manage.

Once we research the right keywords for your business, our team goes ahead to create thought-provoking and informative blog posts. These blogs not only act as a resource for your customers, but also help your SEO rankings, as Google will recognize your page’s increased credibility. When you work with Online Optimism, you’ll find that blogging can greatly improve your business’s ranking in both the short- and long-term.

Build Trust While Boosting SEO

Creating great content is crucial in boosting your SEO. But there’s an added benefit to creating great content, too: building trust with your audience. Before deciding where to make a purchase, your potential clients consider a number of factors, such as your company’s credibility. Relevant and knowledgeable content is how you prove to these would-be customers they can invest in you.

When you step into a store, wanting to make a purchase but unsure of the specifics that you need, you’re likely heavily influenced by a knowledgeable sales assistant. The same principle works online. Your customers want to see that you truly understand your field, and they look for evidence that you do in your digital content. If you’re an ecommerce photography store, for instance, customers will trust your products more if your site has a blog about which types of lenses work best with different cameras. Our content team spend most of their time working on informative posts that prove to your potential audiences you know what you’re talking about. From medical procedures to cryptocurrency, our team can write knowledgeably about anything your business needs to build the client base you’ve always wanted.

Use Video to Add Flare to Your Content

When most people think of content for SEO purposes, blogs and written content are usually the first things that come to mind. However, after Google, YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine in the world. What does that mean for your business? Getting found on YouTube can be just as valuable as appearing on Google for certain businesses and certain industries.

Short, simple, and informative videos have the power to radically transform your online presence. Not only do videos provide a great outlet for explaining your company, product, or brand, but they are also one of the most engaging forms of content you can offer your customers. In fact, YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network. This shows that YouTube isn’t just an afterthought in your digital marketing campaign.

Videos posted on YouTube also have the added benefit of appearing on the first page of Google. Because Google owns YouTube, videos appear near the top of the first page of Google for many search queries. Owning this space with video content, as well as written content, allows your brand to dominate the digital retail space around your most valuable keywords.

Optimize On-Site to Start Your Campaign with a Bang

On-site optimization is always the first step in any Scottsdale SEO campaign. First and foremost, our team of experts ensures that your current website is the best it can be. Factors like page load speed, meta description, imagery, links, and structured data can play a huge role in how your website appears on Google and whether or not your customers are seeing your company. If you have a physical location, emphasizing local SEO can also be a pivotal ranking factor that determines your page rankings.

On-site SEO requires both skill and technology knowledge. We work on the backend of your site to correct errors in your initial build or add valuable code that helps signal to Google what your site’s purpose is.

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