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Want to Give Your Products a Professional Look?

Custom product photography is one of the best ways to give your inventory wide appeal. Consumers respond better to professional photography than low-quality photos, equating high-quality images with a more trusted company. Even if you’ve succeeded in taking a few good photos, getting a consistent look on your website and across your digital presence is vital to your brand.

Product photography impacts nearly every facet of digital marketing. If you’re adding photos to your social media profiles, updating your website, or creating digital ads, use high-quality images to produce a better brand aesthetic than low-quality, camera phone photos. Most companies start off by performing their own product photography. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to creating professional-grade product photos than brands assume.

At Online Optimism, we use a three-point lighting setup to capture all angles of your product and eliminate unwanted shadows. With the right resources and photography, products from local companies can compete with those from national brands. After multiple photoshoots, your product photos are sent to our graphic designers and editors, who perform touch-ups on any imperfections. Your product will only be displayed online if it captures the quality that you promise to your customers.

Our design team sees your product photography through from start to finish, beginning with professional photoshoots and ending with editing and touch-ups.

Drive E-Commerce Sales with Custom Photography

The purpose of high-end product photography is to drive customer conversions and sales. We give your company a leg up on competitors by positioning your products as more valuable, regardless of their actual price. Each product photograph is strategically taken with a medium in mind. If you post frequently on social media, for example, you may want to see customers actually using the product in order to increase awareness of your brand. If you create custom Google Shopping ads, however, you may prefer a clean, simple shot with a white background.

Our design team and photographers work to shoot images that tell your brand’s story. From e-commerce photography to location-based staged photos, we go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. A photograph can have a deeper meaning than just a representation of a product. Photos can elicit an emotion or attitude that lets people connect with your company and brand. We put your product into the hands of real people so that when your customers see your website or advertising, they can envision themselves as end users.

93% of consumers say a product’s appearance is the deciding factor in a purchasing decision.

Make your product stand out next to its competitors.

Facebook posts with images see 2.3 times more engagement than those without images.

Share your message with your fans.

If a relevant image is paired with information, consumers retain 65% of that information three days later.

Help your customers remember your brand’s story.

What have others said about our design work?

Online Optimism is not only great with digital media marketing and design, they have incredible customer service! Always willing to go beyond what is expected and creates a true partnership!
Anne McQueeniDwell

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Crafting perfect product photography can depend a lot on how the product is lit. By strategically using either natural or artificial light, photographers at Online Optimism are able to create a consistent look and feel for your brand. We use a three-point setup or lightboxes to capture your product at just the right angle. Even for onsite photoshoots where we take photos of products at your store or with models, our team uses the best lighting options available so your product can compete in any digital marketplace.

DSLR Camera and Photography Equipment

For most small companies, taking amazing product photography can be a burden. The cost of photography equipment may not be worth it to your business if you just need a few shots. At Online Optimism, we use DSLR cameras, light rigs, tripods, and the best possible equipment available, so your products can be shown in professional images that help drive sales.

Photo Editing

The product photography process does not stop after we take the photos. Each session of product photography is accompanied by any necessary photo editing. Each photo can serve a different purpose, and we can edit it to help fulfill that purpose. Product photo editing involves using Adobe Illustrator to create custom backgrounds, resize images, hide imperfections, or highlight certain features that you want to accentuate. The photo editing process is a crucial element to all product photography.

Lifestyle Photos

Most product photography that you see in Google Shopping ads or other ads online are simply product-only images. The purpose of these photos is to highlight the product and show off its features. However, to give your products more context, we also shoot lifestyle photos so potential customers can envision themselves actually using the products. Lifestyle photos include scenery, models, and a host of other elements that make a good photograph. Our team curates entire lifestyle photoshoots, recruits models, and acquires access to locations that match your brand aesthetic.

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