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If you’re looking to update your new website, look no further than Online Optimism, a Philadelphia website design team.

Philadelphia is the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed, so it knows a thing or two about innovation. At Online Optimism, so do we. Our design team uses their years of experience to create beautiful websites that our clients’ customers can intuitively navigate. And in a world where nearly 60% of businesses don’t have a website, you don’t want to be left behind by the times.

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Small businesses are one of the great foundations of Philadelphia with more than 27,000 of them providing $31 billion in payroll annually. The enthusiasm for seeing these businesses thrive is apparent in the communities, but there’s always room to grow. By collaborating with a Philadelphia website design team, small businesses can take the next digital step in their evolution.

Many small businesses that do not have a digital footprint tend to hesitate when it comes to incorporating a website. In our own experience, we’ve heard the many concerns about having a website. Mainly that it’s too expensive and there’s too much upkeep required to maintain it. But it’s important to note how important a website actually is. In this day and age, 85% of people conduct online research before purchasing from or visiting a business. This means that, if a business isn’t online, there’s more of a chance that customers will go to a competitor who has a website. So, the initial expenses are worth the longevity of your business. Plus, you don’t have to go it alone. At Online Optimism, we help our clients make their first digital footprint.

Why Do You Need a Philadelphia Website Design Team?

If you’re still on the fence about a website, here are five reasons to help get you over to the other side.

Attract New Customers

Knowing that 85% of people research a business’s website prior to making a visit, it’s clear that having a website puts your business in a vaster pool of potential customers.

As a business owner, you’re not always going to be available for your customers. You’re a person, too, and you can’t be available to customers at all hours of the day. But your website can. Whether you’re catching a show at the Kimmel Center of Performing Arts or just taking a day off, your website can answer questions or allow transactions to occur.

Build Trust Quickly

The internet has changed many of the ways we think. For over half of the population, a business doesn’t have much credibility if they don’t have a website. So, nowadays, a website serves as a first impression. Not only does this first impression need to be pleasing to the eye – it needs to have sharp, to-the-point information so that you can quickly stand out from the competition.

Leave the Work to the Professionals

It’s totally normal to be intimidated by website design – it’s a special skill set that isn’t for everyone. Working with a Philadelphia website design professional means that you won’t have to tap a single key to write the code. While the professionals do the work, you approve every aspect of branding – from color choice to written content to the final version of the website.

Save Time and Money

As a business owner, you’re already plenty busy. Answering questions over the phone or through email shouldn’t take up your valuable time. With a website, answers can be made readily available on a “frequently asked questions” page. You’ll be left with time for the many tasks you need to get done to push your business forward.

Stay in Control of Your Brand

Potential customers visit your website to understand your messaging and brand. It’s the place where the perception of your business is developed. It’s the place to show customers how they might feel about transacting with you, so posting positive reviews and testimonials will allow them to see the experiences that they’re bound to have. 

Online Optimism didn't just build a great website for our company, they were open to collaboration and gave us tons of advice. We worked very closely together and they were always open to our questions. It made our experience getting our site up and running so much smoother!
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Online Optimism’s Websites Are As Vibrant As the Philadelphia Music Scene

Just as jazz, rock, and pop venues are spread throughout the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, so too are the skills of our website designers. Our design and content teams have worked with clients on a variety of projects, including entire websites built, optimization of user experience, and maintenance and monitoring. 

Though our web developers have many skill sets, at the end of the day they see the web design experience as a whole process. From the smallest project to the largest, our comprehensive approach allows for engagement with the brand, an increase in conversion rates, and long-lasting results. Plus, all of the websites that we build can be developed as the business changes.

A Philadelphia Website Design Team With Experience in Philly’s Industries

Philadelphia’s economy and culture thrives on so many different industries, and so does Online Optimism. Having built dozens of websites for clients in many different industries, we’re ready to provide businesses in both familiar and new-to-us industries with excellent, informative websites. 

Out of Philadelphia’s major industries, including higher education, manufacturing, oil refining, food processing, health care and biotechnology, telecommunications, tourism and financial services – we’ve worked with many of them. With those that we haven’t worked in, we’re excited for the new opportunity.  

When we work with clients in industries that are new to use, our success is based in research and listening. Before we get on our first call with a new client, we’ve done as much research as can be done to understand the ins and outs of the industry. Then we listen intently to learn about the business and its short-term and long-term goals. From there, we can know how to approach the website as either a complete build or general maintenance. 

We work towards our clients’ goals with a focus on user experience, design, and function. We also get our Google Analytics certified professionals involved to make sure the site has solid search engine optimization (SEO) content. When it’s all set to launch, we train the client’s appropriate staff on website upkeep so that they can add updates as needed.

Websites With Historic Quality From the Philadelphia Website Design Team That’s Right For You

Brand Messaging as Resonant as the Liberty Bell

Brand messaging is the foundation of every marketing campaign. Our website design team gets to know the ins and outs of our clients’ business by meeting with them frequently. From there, our team deciphers the web design and content needed for a clients’ goals. Once our team has the messaging down pat, our website design team and content team work simultaneously on developing the website and the content for it. We make sure to work quickly and efficiently to accurately portray our clients’ brand through photos, videos, and written copy.

Responsive and Mobile Design as Interactive as Elfreth’s Alley

In this day and age, over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and with continuous advancement of these devices, that percent is likely to increase. So, we make sure our websites can be viewed on all devices: computers, smartphones, and tablets. 

A website’s ability to optimally function on all of these devices is its responsiveness. Our team uses responsive design that allows websites to reformat the content and structure based on the screen size of the device. Plus, highly responsive design signals to Google that your site can be better read by users. This results in a higher page ranking and better search engine optimization. 

Our professionals know this process requires very careful planning and execution, so they stay steady and attentive in building a highly responsive website. Plus, they use a wide range of software tools that allow for an excellent user experience.

Copywriting and Content Development as Vibrant as the Philadelphia Zoo

After completing the architecture of the website, we shift gears to the content team who work on populating the website with captivating and informative content

Our content team has had extensive experience working with clients with different goals. For some, sprucing up the content was the goal. For others, the website and the content started from scratch. This meant that our content writers were able to perfectly translate the ideas and motivations behind the client’s business to original content. 

Our content writers also dabble in the visuals of a site by selecting the proper photographs to pair with content. Some of our competitors outsource their copywriters and use plain old stock photography. Not Online Optimism. We believe collaboration is at the heart of good work, so writers and designers stay close. We also employ photographers and videographers to step in from time to time. All of them work under the guidance of the Optimists who knows the clients’ brand best.

Back-End Development as Nuanced as the Franklin Institute

No one wants a site that continuously needs fixing, so when we create websites, we think about the long game. At Online Optimism, our back-end developers build websites towards the goal of very low maintenance. We do this by taking our time in the beginning, ensuring CMS integration, cross-browser compatibility, and e-commerce setup when it is applicable.

We want all of our clients’ websites to be a perfect extension of their business’s integrity and brand. That’s why we take the best of in person customer experiences and replicate them in a user experience format on the website. Across all platforms and devices, our websites allow for ease of use for everyone. 

Finally, our back-end developers make sure to test the website over and over again prior to launch to ensure there are no technical glitches. We are confident that our hard work and testing keep issues from popping up years down the line.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Keep Your Business at the Top

These days, consumers almost always turn to Google for answers. From products to restaurants to nearly anything you can imagine, Google is there to help. We work to get our clients at the top of every search engine. This is done through a process called search engine optimization (SEO). All of our content team’s writing is rooted in a keyword that, when searched, makes our client more visible. 

Our developers utilize a similar practice called on-site SEO. This type of SEO works with the smaller components of SEO to create higher search rankings. It is intended to make faster load speeds, image compression, page URL structure design, mobile friendliness, and much more. As a strategy in general, SEO is long-term. But on-site SEO is performed immediately at the site’s creation.

We also incorporate data-tracking tools into the back-end. We use Google Analytics and Tracking to track site visitors so that we can understand visitors’ demographics, locations, reasons for viewing the site, and so much more.

Launching, Hosting, and Maintenance

At Online Optimism, we make the web design process as smooth and convenient as possible. That’s why we have made our team a one-stop shop. Although building websites is our strong suit, we also specialize in the smaller tasks too, including domain purchasing, email setup, security updates, and other hosting roles. 

For companies in industries that handle sensitive information, we consistently update websites to verify appropriate security protocols. Additionally, we maintain and update content on your website by posting blogs so that search engines know that your site is active. 

Finally, we want our clients to be educated on the basics of website maintenance. That’s why we share our knowledge with clients so that they can add and edit the website without paying for the service. By the end of our mini-course, our clients feel confident in updating their website with new information, products, or events. And for the times that a step in the updating process is forgotten, we provide extensive step-by-step training manuals. We are also open to taking calls to answer any questions free of charge. That’s the Optimistic way! 

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