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Searching for a NYC marketing agency to take your business to the next level? Online Optimism is ready to speak to you.

Our services cover every digital tactic that businesses, non-profits, and other organizations need to find and communicate with their customers. From social media management to targeted ad campaigns, we’re here to help your business shoot higher than the Empire State building.

Need the Best New York City Digital Marketing Experts for Your Business?

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Our digital marketing efforts cover all five boroughs of the city. Whether you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island, our team of digital advertising professionals is here to serve you. We’ve previously worked with a wide variety clients across North America, from one person start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. No matter your business’s scale, each of our clients get the same level of care, service, expertise, and Optimism.

In the City that Never Sleeps, Get an NYC Search and Social Team that Doesn’t Either

A single block of New York City can be jam-packed with as many people, businesses, and cultures as you might find in an entire city elsewhere. Our team understands that, and will get your business their fair share of the market and growth potential out there. We’re like your favorite bodega’s cat — always watchful, ever-present, and definitely more welcoming than you’d expect.

Social Media as Bright as Broadway

When you’re looking for the most talented social media marketing team, you don’t just want to go with the company that has the highest follower count. That would be like pretending that the cast of characters out in Times Square is the real Sesame Street. They’re definitely not — and in lots of cases, high follower counts aren’t the end all be all either.

What you should be looking for instead is an agency that gets you real engagement from real consumers or businesses who have real dollars to spend. And we’re not talking about those looking for only dollar slices of pizza (as good as they are).

Here at Online Optimism, we’ll work with you to craft beautiful content that’ll look great whether it’s displayed on an iPhone screen or a billboard. That’s right: you get to keep the creative we make. Unlike other agencies, our clients own all our creative which means that you’re not limited to using the copy, images, and video with just what we do. This added value is how you really maximize the services our agency offers. Who said you couldn’t get a deal in NYC anymore?

Street-Smart Search Marketing

The first page of Google can be rowdier than the Lower East Side thirty minutes before last call. That doesn’t mean it’s uncontrollable.

Our Optimists are experts at getting your New York City business to the top of the search pages for phrases that matter most to you and your consumers. Our time-tested strategies combine your own internal business savvy with our search engine optimization (SEO) expertise. Merge all that knowledge with the most premium paid-for tools in the SEO industry, and you’re looking at a stellar campaign powered only by the keywords proven to be most valuable to your business. We’ll also advise you on whether paid or organic searches are better for your organization to target based on your short- and long-term enterprise goals, budget, and your SEO ambitions. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about the search strategies that our NYC marketing agency uses. They’re as unique as the reasons that the Knicks aren’t gonna win a championship ever.

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Skyscraper-Soaring Search Results

When consumers are looking for services or products, they often turn to Google first. You can attempt to comb through the overwhelming Google Search Trends for New York City to try to identify what your users are looking for — or you can rely on our experts.

Getting to the top of the search pages is all about search engine optimization. Our team handles SEO in a variety of ways, as there are thousands of variables that go into how Google decides where to show your website on their search engine results. We excel at knowing which variables are most likely to boost your business’s digital presence.

Creating interesting content that directly engages with your audience is absolutely key to appearing higher on Google. Your business’s potential future audience might vary a lot based on their particular borough or neighborhood. Whether your audience is in Dumbo, the Upper East Side, or both, our content team excels at finding and connecting with the audiences you’ve yet to reach.

After we create the content, we need to get it seen by search engines. The first step is to prioritize on-site content, ensuring that the words on every page are not only engaging, but optimized for their target keywords. This includes image alt-text, which is useful not only for SEO, but also for customers that need advanced website accessibility. Alt-text is all about telling human and computer users that a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge is actually the Brooklyn Bridge. Without that, search engines could make a guess, but they might identify it as something on the West Coast – and no one wants that.

Once we have the content and the site optimized on-page, we then focus on off-site tactics. That means getting links from other websites back to your website. Why is this important? A search engine identifies websites’ importance by not only how many other sites link to them, but also how important it has decided those websites are. If your website can get shared by a small local business site for your neighborhood, that’s great. If you can get shared by Daily News or the Post, even better!

Optimists at our NYC marketing agency are experts at all the different strategies that can impact where your New York City business appears on search engines.

Build a Social Media Empire in the Empire State

We’ll craft social media that engages users from LaGuardia airport all the way to The High Line.

What does a New York City social media campaign look like? Similar to the city itself, it’s often diverse, engaging, and just a little bit loud. But every NYC social marketing campaign is different!

Our social media strategy can take a variety of tactics. Let’s talk through them.

First, we will do an audit of your business and its social media profiles. This can be a pretty extensive look at your existing channels as well as the audience that you’ve been able to build over the years. In the early years of social media, having page Likes and Follows was all that mattered. But much like Times Square in recent years, things change. Nowadays, just having followers doesn’t mean anything if they’re not engaging with your page and your content. So we closely look into who’s talking on your profiles, posts, and ads to see if there’s an actual social element happening on your social media feeds.

Once we have an audit of your profiles, we make a strategy with long-term goals. We care deeply about setting KPIs that are SMART goals: we want to make sure they’re measured, achievable, and within our and your time frame.

Then, of course, we actually start creating social media content. Nothing is free (except for the beauty of Central Park), so nearly all of our social media campaigns include organic and paid media. We love working on a variety of networks, so whether you’re looking for a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, or LinkedIn, we’ll have a plan of attack ready.

Once the campaign is up and running, our team focuses on engagement, monitoring, and response. Social media has to be a conversation between you and your audience, so our team is in charge of crafting custom, approved responses that allow you to stay on brand while responding quickly to customer questions and reviews. Our staff loves talking almost as much as the mayor does!

Lastly, we work on optimizing these campaigns. This step is crucial to our campaigns, and is one of the main reasons that we’re a top New York City marketing agency. Social should build upon itself, meaning that we aim to get better and better results as the campaign continues on.

Creative as Unique as Every Subway Ride

Let’s face it: not every ride you take on the 456 is perfect, as it speeds (or sometimes barely moves) along Lexington Avenue. In a similar way, your previous agency might have had an amazing campaign, but it just didn’t take off because the creative wasn’t there. This is something that our top NYC marketing agency experts work carefully to avoid by drawing, writing, and producing content that lives up to the highest standards.


First, let’s discuss the written word. You might not think that your writing has to be up to the standard of New York Magazine or our old friend the Village Voice (may she rest in peace). But that’s incorrect. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to push shoes, run a political campaign, or create the next great blog post that gets shared beyond the island — how you write, talk, and share your brand matters. Amazing copywriting is an essential part of our NYC marketing agency’s daily work.

Graphic Design & Photography in the City

Whether you’re on Avenue A or Wall Street, there’s beauty everywhere in the city streets that we call home. From Lower Manhattan to the Heights, there are at least 96,000 photo spots uniquely perfect for your next marketing campaign. We handle not only coordinating the photographer and models, but also “fixing it in the post.” From blemishes to highlights, the graphic experts at our NYC Marketing agency love nothing more than fixing up your images until they say a lot more than 1,000 words.

Video Production in the Concrete Jungle

When you’re looking to tell an emotional story, it’s hard for words and graphics to match what video production can do. A beautifully shot video can connect you with an audience and get them to feel exactly how you want them to feel. Our team of experts can handle pre-production, production, and post-production, so all you’ll need to do is approve the final cut!

For many SEO and SEM campaigns, video is absolutely essential to getting the results that Online Optimism clients are looking for. We’re happy to both produce a video on the streets of Manhattan and then distribute it across the world to the targeted audience you’re trying to reach.

They’ll See Who’s Walking Here

Look, you’re a New Yorker, so you know how valuable time is. That’s why we’re ready to take this conversation offline and get your marketing campaign started. It’s time for you to find out for yourself why Online Optimism is the NYC marketing agency you’ve been searching for.

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