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Brand Yourself For Growth

The goal of branding is to create an effective position that will endure. For many organizations local to us, getting the right brand delivered by a New Orleans branding agency is essential. The return on this initial project can be a formidable competitive advantage based on ownership of a position in your market. In other words, consistency pays off.

Branding Best Practices

To successfully strengthen your brand within its industry, it will be necessary to first identify where the company is presently with its brand relationships, and where it would like to be for the future. The 3 key areas to clarify through branding work will be:

  1. Brand relationships have a purpose. Brand relationships provide meanings that help people live their lives.
  2. Brand relationships are diverse. Consumers form many different types of relationships with brands.
  3. Brand relationships are a dynamic, two-way phenomena. They develop and change over time as the two parties interact.

Setting your organization up with a strong brand is absolutely essential to all your other marketing efforts. Without it, everything will be for naught. But with a great brand, your work becomes easier and most importantly more effective.

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Our New Orleans Branding Agency's Work Lasts a Lifetime

Building a brand is more than just putting a logo together. A brand is the essence of a company and should be stronger than the sum of its parts. In New Orleans, branding can mean the difference between selling out of king cakes during Mardi Gras and having an empty venue on Frenchmen Street. So how do you build a brand to last a lifetime? The key is consistency. Strong brands have consistent messaging, consistent visuals, and always know how to stay top of mind. Once you’ve established a brand, the next step is to spread it to your key customer demographics so they know your business fits within their interests.

In order to spread your brand in a strategic manner, you have to know who your customers are and where to find them. At Online Optimism, we work to identify potential customers and target them in coordinated marketing efforts so they see your brand both online and off. A brand says a lot about a business, even (and especially) when you don’t craft it with professional help. Shoppers are savvier than some business owners give them credit for and will spot a brand that was hastily made. Our Design Department ensures that the visual elements of your brand are perfect and match the mission and vision of your business. And, our Content Department works with you to craft a message that remains consistent on your website, social media platforms, and out-of-home advertisements.

Logo color can improve brand recognition by as much as 80%.

Get branding help from an expert you trust.

Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increased revenue by up to 23%

Keep your messaging and graphics clear.

64% of consumers say that shared values create a trusted relationship with a brand.

Help your customers remember your brand’s story.

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What have others said about our previous work?

When we first launched Mid City TMS, we partnered with Online Optimism to handle our branding, logo design, design of our website, and an ongoing SEO campaign. The results were excellent and helped propel our company forward. We’ve been very happy with the results throughout the campaign, and would recommend them to anyone needing digital marketing services for their company.

MidCity TMS
Dr. Bryan Bruno
Medical Director
Mid City TMS

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Learn more about our the strategies that our New Orleans branding agency uses below:

Establish Mission & Vision

Every business needs both a solid foundation and a vision for its future. Online Optimism helps you achieve both of these goals by working to establish a mission and vision statement for your brand. A mission statement outlines who your business is and what values it has. Someone should be able to read your mission statement and have an understanding of what your company stands for and what it’s striving toward. A vision statement is more of a road map that helps your employees and stakeholders determine how you plan to ensure that your mission comes to life. Figuring out a mission and vision can be more difficult than it appears. The task requires a level of introspection that some entrepreneurs need help to grasp. Our New Orleans branding agency is full of Optimists ready to help you with this process. Through our branding workshops, we take you through a methodical process to outline your values so you and your employees can work toward a common goal.

Create Customer Personas

Just because you know what your company represents and what your mission is doesn’t mean you understand your customers. If you’re having troubling selling your product or service, there’s a chance that you haven’t correctly formed your customer personas. Customer personas allow you to make a mock personality that represents each individual customer type that you attract or expect to attract. The process is so powerful because it reminds you to target each customer group while you perform your other marketing tactics. Ideally, you would have a solid set of customer personas before you even launch your business. “Who am I selling to?” is an essential question. However, it’s never too late to get back to a planning phase and reestablish these personas. That’s what our New Orlean branding experts are here for. Online Optimism helps you identify your target customers and how best to reach them.

Design Custom Logos

Your company logo is the face of your business and one of the most important elements of branding. Designing a logo yourself can be challenging, often leading to half-thought-out ideas and poor illustrations. Online Optimism’s team of logo design experts work with you to create a custom logo that reflects your brand. We make sure to design a logo that does more than just look pretty. Each logo tells a story, so we work in tandem with you to ensure new logos tell the right story for your business. Every design we create is done in multiple formats so that you can use it across different platforms for different uses.

Build Graphics Library

Custom graphics are a great way to keep your brand top of mind across the web. They also allow for a consistent brand image on all of your social media platforms and messaging. Inconsistent branding can be detrimental to your business and can even erode trust among your customers. An extensive graphics library helps you keep that brand image for years to come.

We are happy to customize these graphics to match your brand, including creating profile images, and social media cover photos of all sizes. Providing you with a consistent brand presence across platforms, and the web, is key to your organization’s success.

Promote Your Brand Everywhere

It’s not enough to make a great brand, it needs to also be presented consistently and often. A great brand presentation that is repeated can increase revenues, by itself, up to 23%, according to previous studies. That can often be the difference between a business breaking down, and breaking through. If your business, in Louisiana or elsewhere, has inconsistent logos or graphics out there – that’s something that our Optimists simply won’t stand for, and you shouldn’t either. Get in touch with our New Orleans branding agency, and Online Optimism will craft the social, search, content, and more traditional elements like signage of a perfect brand launch (or rebranding) that ensures a consistent presence, and higher revenues in the future for your organization.

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