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Are You Looking for a Los Angeles Website Design Team to Develop Your New Website?

When you live in the City of Angels, you need a Los Angeles website design team that can make your business soar above the competition. The downtown traffic might be relentlessly slow, but the Los Angeles business world moves with unparalleled speed. That’s why your Los Angeles company needs a website designed to drive right up to new audiences and traffic-jam competitors. We look forward to planning your next Los Angeles website design! 

Looking for Unmatched Los Angeles Website Design?

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When it comes to small businesses, no place offers more of a thriving community than Los Angeles. The Greater Los Angeles metropolis has well over 244,000 small businesses, ranging from B2B to store-front to online. Small companies in Los Angeles are as amazingly diverse as its citizens: there are more women- and minority-owned businesses in LA county than anywhere else in the nation. 

Locals are proud to support one of the greatest hubs in the U.S. for small businesses, and tourists are, too. Around 50 million people visit the Los Angeles metropolitan area per year, cumulatively spending approximately $23.9 billion.

What does all this mean for your Los Angeles website design? Well, the good news is, you’ve chosen a home for your company that already has a vibrant network of small businesses nurtured by locals and tourists alike. On the other hand, with so many other small companies out there vying for your potential audience’s attention, it can be harder to stand out from all those other small businesses than it is to count all the palm trees in the county. 

With so much competition out there, how do you make sure that your company can shine like the Hollywood star it is? One surefire way to stand out from the crowd is to have a stellar website design. Given that 90% of would-be consumers have researched local businesses online before deciding to visit or make a purchase, the power of your website design cannot be overstated. 

Whether your business is virtual or has a store-front, the Internet will form the basis for how most of your potential customers view your business. But don’t let that scare you off from making your digital footprint. When you work with our Los Angeles website design pros, we use the fact that most would-be customers check out your web presence before doing anything else to our advantage. Our Online Optimists know just how to create that stand-out web design that reels customers in and keeps them coming back for more.

Do I Really Need A Los Angeles Website Design Team?

Let’s dive into the details of why having a website is crucial to the success of your Los Angeles business.

Attract New Customers

The facts show that, even when it comes to local businesses, the vast majority of people look up a business online first before deciding to visit in person or purchase anything. If your web presence simply does not exist, then how can these would-be customers evaluate your business?

Build Trust

It’s an unfortunate reality that some businesses online are scams. Part of the reason that customers check out a company’s digital footprint first is to make sure that they won’t just be tricked into giving away their credit card numbers or infecting their computers with malware.

Even if customers know that your business isn’t a scam, they want to be sure that your business is an authority on your chosen industry. Customers are looking, understandably, to buy goods or services from a company that knows its stuff. 

Your business’s Los Angeles website design serves as your company’s virtual storefront. Just as you want your physical shop to be aesthetically pleasing, so too your website should clearly and attractively present your brand to the world.

Easy to Set Up

Nervous that you don’t have enough technical savvy to create a website? When you choose to work with Online Optimism, you can put those worries to rest. Our Los Angeles website design experts make establishing an amazing digital presence for your business simple and quick.

What if you’re worried about cost? There’s no need to fret about that either. Our website design has a proven track record of being highly cost effective. The investment you make for an outstanding website will be worthwhile once you start reaching many new customers.

Save Time and Money

You might be wondering, “How can spending money on a website end up saving me money?” Well, your business’s website isn’t bound by normal working hours or constraints. Your company’s digital presence can be there 24/7 for people to browse through, no matter whether you’re in the office or relaxing on Santa Monica beach. 

This means that, rather than your business needing to answer dozens of emails or phone calls, you can simply post a FAQ on your website and direct your audiences there. Designing a website for your business frees you up to devote your time to the business matters that only you can handle.

Be the Voice of Your Company

Even if you don’t currently have a web presence, chances are high there’s already some materials online about your business. You might already have customer reviews on Yelp, for instance, or had your business tagged on Facebook. 

When you create a website for your business, you get to control the content that people encounter about your business. Your website can be a home for positive customer reviews that help shape how people perceive and interact with your company.

We partnered with Online Optimism to create a new website that features our extensive e-learning course catalog. Their team was able to translate and expand our design language to create a beautiful site that is easy to use and manage. Their team was also always available to quickly assist whenever we had a question.
Parker HilleryOperations Manager

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Let Your Business’s Website Soak Up the Waves of New Audiences

By now, you’re likely convinced that your Los Angeles business needs an awesome web presence to bring in new customers and set you apart from competitors. But why should you choose Online Optimism’s website design team? 

Our Optimists have tons of experience generating unique websites tailored to your business’s individual needs and desired aesthetic. We’re known in LA county and beyond for our expertise in user experience (UX) web design, meaning our sites are a cinch for your customers to navigate and for your team members to update. Your website will be optimized for both mobile and desktop performance to ensure that, no matter how your audiences prefer to browse, your company’s digital storefront will be beautiful and inviting.  

Our Web Design Optimists Create Sites for a Diverse Array of Businesses

The small business scene in Los Angeles is not only thriving but diverse, spanning a multitude of industries and business types. Luckily, our web design team has plenty of experience crafting perfect websites for all kinds of companies. 

Some of Los Angeles’s bustling industries include health care, entertainment, dining, and consumer packaged goods – all of which our web design Optimists have created sites for in the past. We’re also prepared to expand our work into some of LA’s other booming industries, including high-tech, digital media, shopping malls, and cruise ships.

When you decide to work with our web team, we take time to learn about your business’s particular expertise, product or service line, and goals. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing website or have a new site built from the foundation up, we’re more than happy to develop a web design plan that aligns with your company’s vision.

Online Optimism’s websites are both highly functional and beautiful. We’re also Google Analytics certified, meaning that we know how to optimize your page to appear in search engine results. You won’t have to worry about customers not being able to find your website once it’s created because our team excels at driving organic and paid traffic to your digital storefront. 

Los Angeles Website Design Offerings As Extensive As Melrose Avenue

Make Your Brand as Memorable as Disney

Most modern consumers, when they browse for a product or service, aren’t just looking for the first company that catches their eye. Customers today want to make purchases from brands whose messages they connect with

When you hire Online Optimism, our first step is to make sure that we clearly understand your brand’s messaging ourselves, as well as how you want that messaging conveyed to your prospective audiences. We want your company’s style and mission to be apparent in every aspect of your website design, from your written copy to your photographs. 

Mobile Design As Innovative as a Frank Lloyd Wright House

Have you ever been browsing the web on your smartphone and come across a website with strange spacing, design elements you couldn’t properly see, or confusing navigation? Even though we live in an age where 50% of all web traffic to top sites is driven by mobile gadgets, some websites are still difficult, or even impossible, to browse from a phone or tablet. 

That’s far from the case with web design here at Online Optimism. Our Optimists are pros at designing websites with full functionality and display features across desktop and mobile devices. We use a technique called responsive web design that allows our websites to automatically reformat based on the detected device type and screen size. 

Responsive web design not only makes your site look amazing in all sizes and layouts, but also improves your site’s readability to search engines. When sites such as Google and Bing can easily scan your pages, your website is more likely to appear on the front pages of search results. 

Dynamic Content that Rivals the Pages Found in The Last Bookstore

A pleasing and easy-to-use website design helps to draw your customers in. But it’s engaging site content that convinces them to linger. 

Written content helps prove to your prospective customers your expertise in your field. Our content Optimists do extensive research in your field so that we can write about your business and industry with as much detail as possible. 

We also will generate custom visual content, such as videos and photos, for your website. All of the content we create is unique and personalized for your brand. When you trust us to craft your content, your audience, in turn, will trust your business to deliver the quality goods or services they’re after.

Keep Your Site as Well-Maintained As LA’s Venice Canals

A website designed by Online Optimism means absolutely no messy back-end development for you to clean up later on. Our back-end developers ensure from the start that CMS integration, cross-browser compatibility, and other necessary website functionalities are in place. We extensively test-run our sites before launching so that no technical issues crop up for you or your clients later on.

Search Engine Optimization that Elevates Your Site Above Griffith Observatory

How often do you scroll past the first page of Google search results? If you’re like 93% of search engine users, you might never click onto page four or even two. Being one of those ten search results on the first page is a highly coveted position. That’s the overall goal of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques: to rank on the front page of Google and other search engines. 

When it comes to website design, we use numerous on-site SEO tactics to get your website boosted higher in search results. Some of our on-site SEO strategies include using alt image text, creating quick load speeds, and designing page URL structures. 

Our web design Optimists also make sure that we keep vigilant track of your data. With Google Analytics and Tracking, we can see if our current SEO strategies are working and analyze how to optimize our future SEO plans for your business.

Launch Your Site to the Hollywood Hills

When it comes to our Los Angeles web design, we do our best to make the process as simple as possible. If you’re looking for us to create a website from top to bottom, our team is more than happy to handle your business’s email setup, domain registration, and web hosting. 

Here at Online Optimism, we also take cybersecurity seriously. If your business handles sensitive customer information, such as credit card or social security numbers, we deploy numerous tools to ensure that data remains out of the hands of cyber criminals. 

Ultimately, a Los Angeles website design by Online Optimism not only looks great, but works great, too. Your customers will appreciate the ease in which they can browse around, and your staff will appreciate the ease in which they can update your website’s content without any help from us.

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