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Whether your business thrives on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat, our social media team is here to help!

From zone 1 to 9, no matter where your business is in London, our team have the expertise to get your business seen by your ideal audience.

From Slough to Dartford and Enfield to Croydon, our Social Media team can help you reach your audience across London

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At Online Optimism, we understand that your social media campaign is going to be just as unique as your business. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we understand your business as best as possible before we initiate any campaign. By doing our research and discussing your business with you, our team can build an overall picture of your business and industry. Having worked with clients from a wide array of industries, from automotive to non-profits to cybersecurity, our team is confident that no matter your industry, we can handle it.

Once our research is complete, our team then works with yours to craft a media library for your campaign. Whether you’d like to utilize stock photos, custom photos, graphics, videos or even animation, our team can help. With a full time design team, no matter what media you need, our team is fully capable to build the perfect media library for your campaign. After all, social media is highly visual so the right media is going to be key to a successful campaign. Not only does our team help perfect the creative for your campaign but we handle all the copy too. From witty captions to engaging hashtags, your London social media team is ready to improve your social channels far beyond expectation!

Social Media Calendar

With everything we do at Online Optimism, your approval is key. We want to make sure that you’re happy with anything we put out and so our team provides you with social media calendars. Your content is pre-created and put into a document with text and images exactly as they’ll appear on the networks so your team knows exactly what your posts will look like. Our team not only provides you with weekly calendars for posts but also ad mockups. To ensure you’re happy with how your ads will look, our team will create mockups for your approval. Only when we receive your approval do we schedule your posts or ads to go live.

Sprout Social

Our social media team utilizes industry leading tools to help get your campaign the best results. One of those tools is Sprout Social. Sprout is a specialized tool our team uses to monitor all of your social media platforms in one place. By doing so, you can rest assured that comments on your Facebook posts or your LinkedIn posts never go unchecked. With an organized dashboard, Sprout helps our team analyze engagement across all of your social networks. Online Optimism is a Sprout Agency Partner meaning we get access to exclusive marketing, sales and services support direct from the experts at Sprout. We then utilize this exclusive information to your campaigns to ensure they’re fully optimized.

Full Funnel Advertising

Whether in London or beyond, we’re all so used to seeing ads everywhere. On the tube, on our buses and even on our black cabs. In fact, it was reported that the average person can see upwards of 5,000 ads per day! How can you be sure that your ads are not only being shown to the right people but are also being shown at the right time? That’s where a full funnel advertising solution comes in and your London social media team is here to help. By discussing with you who your ideal customer is, our team can then build a targeted audience to show ads to. As that audience engages with your ads and your website, they move further through your sales funnel. At different stages of your sales funnel, our team can show them relevant ads so you know that your ad campaign is reaching the right audience at the right time with the right ads. Neat!

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Social Media Services, Fit For A Londoner

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Get The Right Creative for Your Social Media Platforms

Social media continues to be increasingly visual and so it is crucial that whatever posts or ads you put out showcase the beauty of your business. Whether that means taking photos on the scenic Primrose Hill or taking videos on bustling Oxford Street, our team is committed to building the best media library to make your social media stand out.

Our in-house design team can help with all your graphical needs. With experience in graphic design, infographics and animation, you can be sure that our team can take your existing media to new heights. Not only does our team work with existing media, we also handle creating new media from the ground up. If you need a full video showcasing your products or services, our team can work with yours to produce a full live action video. We can also provide you with several cuts of the video so you can use it on all your social media platforms.

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Social Media Monitoring Around the Clock

There’s no surprise that social media is inherently, well…social. That means that engagement is key. Your customers want to hear from you and our team ensures that they get timely responses. We draft answers for your most frequently asked questions and get them approved by your team so whenever customers ask about your products or services, we have a pre approved response. For anything beyond your frequently asked questions, our team will then get in contact with you with a drafted answer and with your approval, we will respond to your customer. 42% of customers now expect their favourite brands to respond to them on social media in as little as 60 minutes so staying on top of your social media channels is key to customer retention.

Oftentimes with the day-to-day tasks of running a business in London and just the general chaos of London, you may not find the time to constantly monitor your social media pages. However, our team does that for you. We monitor all your social media channel throughout the week and on weekends and holidays to make sure that your channels never go more than one day without being checked. By doing this, we make sure that all of your customers get a response to their most burning questions and let them know that their voices are heard. You can rest assured that while you continue with tasks of running a business in London, our social media team is working behind the scenes to make sure your social presence is accurately maintained.

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Target the Right Audience For You

One of the best parts about digital marketing is the ability to target the precise audience you’re interested in which unfortunately you’re unable to do even with a huge ad in Piccadilly Circus. As social media continues to grow, as does each networks capabilities to target the right audience. Our Facebook Blueprint certified team is skilled in making sure that your ads reach the audience that best fits your business. So if you’re a vegan baker in Marylebone trying to reach people interested in vegan food near you or you’re a car mechanic specializing in German vehicles in Watford, you can be sure that we can target your audience.

When building a social media profile, often times your audience has already exhibited interest in certain topics and has already inputted their demographic information. This information is going to be crucial in targeting. Using this information, you can find your audience based on their age, gender, education, interests, location and much more. So no matter how niche you think your product or service is, you can be sure that using social media targeting, you’ll be able to serve them the right ads. This is one of the many upper-hands digital advertising has over traditional ads.

As well as being able to target the right audience, our team can help you reach even more potential customer with lookalike audiences on Facebook. Lookalike audiences are users who have similar interests as your current audience. Let’s say your current audience are females between the ages of 18 and 35 living within 3 miles of Canary Wharf and have an interest in tech. Our team can then create a lookalike audience based off the demographics and interests of your current audience. This allows for your ads to reach a wider audience that would likely be interested in your products or services.

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Boost Your Snapchat Game

Anyone using Snapchat is pretty familiar with filters but have you ever thought about how it could impact your business? Well Snapchat filters are extremely popular and have been very successful for a number of businesses. Not only are they popular but they’re also a fun and unique way to engage with your customers. Now we’ve all seen the Snapchat filters that pop-up on your phone any time you’re in central London, filters of Big Ben or Mayfair or Soho the list in literally endless. But what about one that is custom for your business or your event.

You may have seen Snapchat filters for events like Notting Hill Carnival or Lovebox Festival but these filters can also be used for your business. Anytime someone is in close proximity to your business they can be served a custom filter. This is a great way to boost engagement, spread brand awareness and even go viral. The more people who see your Snapchat filter, the more people will be familiar with your brand. As mentioned, social media is social so getting your ideal audience to engage with your Snapchat filter greatly improves your social media standing.

There have been a number of Snapchat filters that have gone viral, think the gender swap and baby face filters. While there’s never a promise of going viral on social media, by utilizing best practices and having a cleverly designed filter, our design team can create a filter that people will remember your business by.

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Beautify your Instagram Aesthetic

While having great pictures to post on your Instagram is always a great start, building on an aesthetic is what makes a fantastic Instagram profile. Building on your media library is just the start to creating a cohesive Instagram profile. When people check your profile, they want to see not only beautiful images but also a cohesive aesthetic. This resonates well with people and also builds on your branding too.

Your London social media team is dedicated to getting your Instagram aesthetic to match your brand, I mean just check out our Online Optimism Instagram profile! By utilizing tools that allow us to view how images look on your Instagram before posting them, we can see whether or not new images will match that cohesive aesthetic.

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See Your Results

Our social media team not only works tirelessly to ensure all your social media channels are expertly run but we love showing you the results. Every month, our team creates custom reports letting you know how your campaign is going. With qualitative and quantitative results, you can see the positive effects of your campaigns. We want you to see a generous ROI on your campaigns and work hard to ensure that you are more than satisfied with our work. Providing you with reports is one of the many ways we offer you confidence in your campaigns.

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