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Are You Looking for a Denver Website Design Team to Develop Your New Website?

Where the Mile High City brings urban sophistication and outdoor adventure together, websites developed by Online Optimism’s design team cultivate innovation and beauty with an emphasis on an intuitive experience for both customers and business owners alike. In a world run by technology, having a compelling website is a necessary aspect of owning a business in Denver.

Need the Best Denver Website Design Team For Your Business?

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As you know, Denver’s flourishing economy and state-wide community developments are designed to encourage collaboration and see small businesses thrive. Utilizing small business resource guides and small business navigators allows you to sustain your business. The synergy, enthusiasm, and creativity of Denver makes it an excellent home for your business. At Online Optimism, we want to collaborate with you on a website to see your business grow. 

Setting up shop is no longer the first and final step to your business. Colorado is home to 611,000 small businesses, 1.1 million small business employees, and 98% of businesses are represented by small businesses. That means that your business is one of many trees in the forest, and it needs to stand out from the rest. 

We understand the hesitation when it comes to developing a website on your own. From “I’m not tech savvy” to “they’re too expensive to maintain” to “I already have enough business,” we’ve heard it all before. The truth is that 85% of people conduct online research before purchasing from a business. More and more people are reliant on the Internet to help them decide where and where not to shop, so your footprint needs to be online even if you run your business from a physical location. But you don’t need to do the web design work on your own—Online Optimism is here to help.

Why Do You Need a Denver Website Design Team?

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why all Denver businesses need to have a website.

Having a Website Brings You New Customers

As we mentioned before, 85% of people conduct research online prior to purchasing from a store. So, without a website, you can’t be included in those search results. 

If you’re driving or hiking the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, your website is available when you’re not. Consider your website to be a business advocate during and outside of your office hours. 

Through the natural progression of online research, you will be able to have a place in the competition against similar businesses.

Having a Website Gives Your Business Immediate Credibility

Some statistics suggest that over half of the population doesn’t trust a business that doesn’t have a website, so having a good website immediately boosts your credibility as a legitimate business. 

By making a good first impression with an aesthetically pleasing website and a well-worded introduction to your business, you can stand out from the competition. Don’t be part of the 40% of small businesses that don’t have a website.

Working with a Denver Website Designer Is Easier Than You Think

If you’re in the “I’m not tech savvy” category, you don’t need to worry one bit. Getting in contact with Online Optimism’s Denver website design team is incredibly fast and easy

If you’re worried about expenses, website design is cost effective, both in the development stages and the return on investment. It’s an organic form of advertising that exposes you to new customers and builds a better brand.

Having a Website Saves You Time and Money

Rather than toiling over responding to emails, taking calls, or sending out proposals, a website saves you time by providing answers to common customer questions and inquiries. This means you have more time doing more valuable things for your business.

Having a Website Helps You Stay in Control of Your Brand

A website is the central location for messaging your brand and shaping the online perception of your business. Use your website as a place to post positive reviews and testimonials, and attract the exact type of customers you’re looking for.

Online Optimism didn't just build a great website for our company, they were open to collaboration and gave us tons of advice. We worked very closely together and they were always open to our questions. It made our experience getting our site up and running so much smoother!
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Hear it from the experts. Our digital marketing agency has been featured in:

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Online Optimism’s Websites Thrive Like the Denver Arts Scene

At Online Optimism, our unique, creative design and content teams provide you with everything from a ground-up website build, to user experience (UX) optimization, to comprehensive website maintenance and monitoring. We offer a full range of web design services to provide our clients and their customers with an optimal online experience.

Our web development department interprets web design as a holistic process, and we think you should too. We build websites to include a responsive design that you can build off of in the future. We integrate website design with other comprehensive strategies to generate greater brand engagement, increase conversion rates, and produce measurable long-lasting results.

Like Denver’s Stately Houses in Five Points and the Hip Historic LoDo, Our Denver Website Design Team Has Diverse Experience

Denver’s diverse economy is one of our greatest strengths, and Online Optimism’s website design team has built dozens of sites that help our clients meet their goals and create a stunning, intuitive user experience.

Our web design team has created work for a variety of Denver’s major industry sectors and specialized fields including healthcare and wellness, hospitality, real estate, retail, software, and nonprofit. We’re ready to do the work for other major Denver industries, including aerospace, broadcast and telecommunications, financial services, bioscience, and energy.

When we meet with you, we listen. Then we develop an approach completely customized to your needs. By mapping out both your short-term and long-term goals, we’re able to determine whether or not you need a total site build or just some help with website maintenance.

From there, we deliver a user experience that meets those goals, through design that focuses on both form and function. Our certified Google Analytics professionals review the site to ensure its SEO meets the needs of search engines, without affecting customers. Finally, upon launch, we provide your team with web training and step-by-step manuals to help you accomplish the basic needs of managing a website.

Denver Website Design Capabilities as Vast as the Mile High City is Tall

Brand Messaging as Strong as Mount Elbert

Let’s start from the beginning. If you’re just starting your business and your website is being built from the ground up, we’re going to work with you on identifying and highlighting your brand’s messaging.

Our web design process begins by getting to know you and your business. We will meet with you multiple times to go over branding and the full spectrum of our web design and content team. But the framework of the website is only half of the job. To make your site as attractive as possible we have to populate it with content. Our web designers work hand in hand with our content creators to ensure you have the highest quality photos, videos, and written copy possible.

Responsive and Mobile Design as Lively as the Craft Brew Scene

As we said before, our world is run by technology, and here’s another item of evidence: mobile devices now drive over 50% of all web traffic to top sites. Whether your website is being viewed on a tablet or a smartphone, it must be optimized for all types of devices. Mobile sites are no longer simply a feature of desktop sites; they are a necessity in our digital age.

Responsive web design allows your website to display and function optimally across all devices and platforms. By using responsive design our team enables websites to reformat their content and style based on the device and screen size of the user. Having responsive/mobile design allows for Google to better read your pages, resulting in higher page rankings and better search engine optimization.

Building a responsive web architecture requires careful planning and execution, but is well worth the effort. By taking advantage of our years of expertise and wide array of software tools, our team creates an enhanced user experience for every website we design.

Copywriting and Content Development as Vibrant as Red Rocks

Once we have customized a website that matches your brand’s aesthetic, we move on to populating it with compelling, informative content

Building a website from scratch includes writing the copy and finding the right images that will make your site function appropriately. While some companies outsource their copywriter and use stock photography, we believe in a holistic, collaborative approach to better understand and strengthen your brand. 

Online Optimism employs professional writers, editors, photographers, videographers, and designers that work to create a custom site that matches your brand.

Back-End Development for Site Upkeep to Stay Stunning like Denver’s Majestic Backyard

Our talented, seasoned back-end developers build websites that keep you from worrying about upkeep in the long term. We put in the time and effort in the beginning, ensuring CMS integration, cross-browser compatibility, and e-commerce setup when it is applicable.

A website is an online extension of your business that highlights the style and integrity of your brand. That’s why we work to make the online user experience as simple or simpler than the in-person one. Our sites run smoothly across all platforms and devices while displaying the same information with the same quality for everyone. By ensuring that technical issues are dealt with from the outset, during the web design process, we can confidently assure clients that their websites will not have the same issues that are common years down the line.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Keep Your Business at the Mountaintop

When a consumer searches for companies through a search engine like Google, you want to be ranked well so that they can see you. Getting your website ranked higher is the process of SEO. When we build your website, we ensure that we take SEO and keywords into account that you can stay visible online.  

SEO tactics used on a website by a developer are called on-site SEO. On-site SEO addresses the numerous smaller issues that come together to create higher search rankings. On-site SEO includes creating faster load speeds, compressing images, designing page URL structures, ensuring mobile friendliness, and much more. Though SEO is a long-term strategy, on-site SEO can be performed immediately at the site’s creation.

We incorporate the best tools into the back-end to keep track of data. Installing Google Analytics and Tracking allows our team to track all your site visitors to determine who they are, where they’re from, what brought them to your site, what they viewed, and so much more.

Launch, Hosting and Maintenance: a Holistic Experience

We want the process of web design to be as convenient and smooth as possible. That’s why Online Optimism is a one-stop shop, and building a website is just the first step in our holistic website design process. Assuming we build a client’s website from scratch, we also take on the role of hosting the site and handling domain purchasing, email setup, and security updates. 

If you’re in e-commerce, healthcare, or any other industry that handles sensitive information, we understand how important it is to keep this information secure. We update these websites frequently in order to verify that appropriate security protocols are in place. The last thing a new business wants is to have its website or business falter because of poor security. In addition to security, we also maintain and update the content on your site, providing frequently updated, high-quality content that lets search engines know your site is still relevant. 

We want our clients to have the knowledge and courage to use, build, and edit their websites without our services. Your website should be simple enough for you to change in case you have new information, products, or events that you want to promote. For each website build, Online Optimism provides extensive step-by-step training manuals as well as in-person training courses so that clients can actually use their own websites.

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