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When your corporation needs to send a message to the public, distribute information internally, or communicate in an effective way, there’s nothing more essential than a beautifully shot video to get your message across.

Corporate video production is an effective way to communicate with your target audience whether they be internal or external. It is a powerful tool that can be used to market your business and create brand awareness across a target consumer, in a more effective manner than copywriting or images simply could. Multimedia is an essential part of any corporate communication strategy.

This is even more important for organizations that call the Southeast of the United States their headquarters – no matter how small, or big. Atlanta, Georgia is the home of many Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola, WestRock, Aflac, Delta, UPS, and Home Depot.

Are you asking yourself, “what is the top Atlanta corporate video production company?” Keep reading to find out.

What Does Corporate Video Production Entail?

If you’re in charge of producing corporate video for your organization, it can be stressful to think about everything you’re in charge of. From casting, to location scouting, to production day and more, every corporate video requires all hands on deck. At an organization of experts like Online Optimism, we’re ready to hand-hold every step of the way.

Our team assists no matter the purpose of your film. Corporate videos are made for a variety of reasons. Many larger organizations use them for internal purposes such as marketing, training, and product demonstrations, but they can also be created for external audiences such as customers or potential investors. Smaller companies will typically use corporate videos to tell their own unique story, or how being headquartered in ATL affects their business and employees.

We’re here to ensure that every part of your corporate video is covered by our team, so you have nothing to worry about but enjoy the production.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Great Corporate Video?

A great corporate video is not just about the visuals. The content, script and voiceovers are all as important to the success of the video.

The cost of a corporate video will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The length of the video
  • The number of people you need to hire
  • The location where you film it
  • How much post production work needs to be done

At Online Optimism, we produce videos for clients between $5,320 – $250,325.

We Work Across Industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Cryptocurrency & web3
  • Logistics
  • SaaS

People Watch 200% as Much Video As They Watched Five Years Ago

When you’re looking for long-term engagement and retention of business information, creative video is the superior choice.

Over 4 out of 5 Marketers Say that Video has a Significant Impact on Sales & Revenue

If you’re looking to sell your organization or service, there’s no more effective form than film.

Americans Watch Over Nineteen Hours of Video Each Week

Make sure that yours is engaging enough to stand out.

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What have others said about our Video production work?

They are not only very knowledgeable on subjects, but they have a lot of creativity. They help us with video content as well, which we never had in the past. So it’s really been a treat.

Lauren Gast from Truck Driver Institute
Lauren Gast
Head of Communications
Truck Driver Institute

Why Should You Produce Your Next Corporate Video in Atlanta?

Atlanta is a city that is rich in history, culture, and diversity. It has been home to many civil rights leaders and helped shape the landscape of the United States as we know it today. If you are looking for a place to produce your next corporate video, Atlanta should be your first choice.

Atlanta has been the filming location for many movies and TV shows that have gone on to win awards and critical acclaim. It is also home to some of the most prestigious film schools in the country, giving you access to some of the best talent in town.

How Big Does My Company Have to Be to Need Corporate Video Production?

Video is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to promote your products, tell your story, or recruit new employees. The first step in the process is understanding what kind of video production you need. Do you need a video for marketing purposes? Do you want to create a recruitment video? Or do you want to create a corporate video for internal use?

If your company needs to generate content for external audiences then it’s important that the company has enough resources and budget to produce high-quality videos.

Atlanta is the home to many Fortune 500 companies. Video marketing is a great way for these organizations, and other small businesses, to get their message out. More people than ever before are watching videos. They are used on a daily basis, and people can watch videos while they’re on the go. If you want to reach these mobile consumers, video marketing is an excellent choice for your business or organization. Small businesses should invest in video marketing because it’s the best way for them to get their message out.

Video marketing is also a great way for small businesses to compete with larger competitors because it’s an affordable and cost-effective form of marketing.

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When Filming Your Corporate Video Production Atlanta is the Perfect Place to Consider

The first question you should ask yourself is whether or not your video is an advertisement. If the answer is yes, then the next question to ask is where are you planning on airing the advertisement? If you want to reach a wider audience and have no preference as far as location goes, then publishing on sites like YouTube will work just fine.

What’s the Fastest I Can Get My Corporate Video Produced?

Corporate videos are a great way to promote your company, product or service. They can be used for marketing purposes and to increase your company’s visibility.

The fastest way to get your corporate video produced is by outsourcing the work. Outsourcing will allow you to get the project done quickly without having to spend too much time or money on it. You can hire an agency that specializes in corporate videos and they will be able to produce a high quality video in a short period of time. A video goes further than just a few seconds of text, so you need to invest in production. If you can hire a company that specializes in corporate videos, you will be able to get the project done quickly without having to worry about the money or time that it requires. In addition, these specialists are experts at getting their creative ideas out efficiently so they can work on their next project.

What Kinds of Video Production Can We Do For You?

Hiring Videos

Companies that use video as part of their hiring process have better results than those who don’t. Videos can be used to showcase the culture of a company, what it is like to work there, and what skills are needed for the position being hired for. Internal videos can be used as a training tool, to share company values, or to provide an introduction to the company. These videos can be used to boost morale and show how happy employees are at work.

Training Tapes & Employee Development

Corporate videos are a great way of establishing your company’s culture. They are also a great way to share what the company does and how they do it. Corporate videos are the best way to reach your employees and provide them with information on a wide range of topics. There are a few different types of corporate videos, each with its own purpose. Training tapes are meant to teach new skills and knowledge while employee development videos focus on management strategies and corporate culture.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos usually explain a product or an idea in a short amount of time. They are typically created for marketing purposes, but can be used for other purposes as well such as teaching jobs and skillsets. These videos usually include facts about the product and its uses. The video makes this information easily accessible to viewers who might be more interested after watching some clips.

Sales & Revenue Production

Another common type of corporate videos that our team produces in Atlanta are sales and revenue production videos, which are often used by companies to show the impact they have on the economy and how they contribute to their community. With these videos, you can show past and future projections of revenue for your business. Our team in Atlanta can create beautiful graphics and sounds that will wow your viewer. Our professional videographers can work with your sales leadership, whether that is a CRO (Chief Revenue Offices), Sales Director, or VP of Sales, to you create a video that is both informative and entertaining. Our Optimists will work with your team to develop a script, and we’ll work with your production team to make sure the final product meets all of your goals. We can also provide you with creative suggestions for how to use the video.

What are the Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Atlanta?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best corporate video production company. Factors such as budget, turnaround time, and quality of work all play a role in the decision making process.

The following is a list of some of the top corporate video production companies in Atlanta:

  1. Online Optimism: Online Optimism is the leader in the Southeast region of the U.S. Our Optimists work the top corporate video production Atlanta Georgia projects, from F500 companies, to small business.
  2. Green Frog Entertainment: Green Frog Entertainment is an Atlanta, Georgia based video production company that focuses on post-production services for your organization.
  3. Cinematix HD: Cinematix HD focuses on high definition video production for Georgia companies.
  4. Magika Studios: Magika focuses on video production that ties into its client’s marketing efforts.
  5. Raider Films: Raider Films provides its clients with exceptional directorial, coloring, and editing talent for video production work.
Irene getting a Vertically Filmed Video Production Shot in Front of our Green Screen in Atlanta Georgia

Where Might We Shoot Your Corporate Video in Georgia?

Our production team has some favorites, including:

  1. Jackson Street Bridge
  2. Little 5 Points
  3. Cascade Nature Preserve Trail
  4. Krog Street Tunnel
  5. Stone Mountain
  6. Piedmont Park
  7. Skyview Atlanta

Looking for Online Optimism Corporate Video Production? Atlanta is Where We Begin the Process Often.

The process for producing corporate videos starts with a client briefing. This is when the client discusses their needs and what they want to achieve from the video. The next step is to get all the information from the client in order to create a script. Once the script has been created, we start production on the video and edit it accordingly.


Corporate video can be used across a variety of mediums, including your website, blogs, OTT, YouTube, TikTok, and any other platforms that you share video content on.

The use of corporate video content is on the rise. It’s a great way to show your products in action and give audiences a sneak peek into the minds of your company. Not only does it enhance brand awareness, but it also creates an emotional connection with your audience.

Live Streaming

Streaming live video on social media is a great way to promote your brand and grow your audience.This has the added benefit of building engagement with your audience, driving more organic reach through followers, likes, shares and comments.

With the rise of social media, more and more people are live streaming video content on social media marketing platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. It is a great medium for advertisers to get their message across because it allows the viewer to see your product or service in action.

Pre-Production Services

The pre-production process is the first step in any video project. It is what comes before any actual production can take place. With Online Optimism you can rest assured that everything has been taken care of and will be ready for when the production starts.

Online Optimism’s pre-production includes everything that will be necessary before the production actually starts on your corporate video project. We develop concepts and scripts, storyboard, art direct, cast and scout locations to create compelling web videos.

Production Day(s) Services

Online Optimism’s services include filming, directing, sound recording, equipment rentals, grips, lighting, hair & makeup, wardrobe & props, and everything to keep your talent comfortable and camera ready. Our film producer is 100% committed to your vision.

Filming and directing is a complicated process that requires a lot of work and a lot of money. It can be expensive to film in locations or hire actors, directors, equipment, etc. That is why filming production management companies are so helpful. They can take care of all the logistics for you so all you need to do is focus on the creativity and capturing your vision.

Post-Production Services

Post-production services are the final stage of a video production process. It involves editing, graphics, animation and other features to enhance the video for a better viewing experience.

There are many different post-production services that can be used for corporate videos. Some of these services include:

  1. Editing: Editing involves cutting and rearranging footage to create the final product.

  2. Graphics: Graphics can be used to enhance an already edited video or to create a new introduction or conclusion for the video.

  3. Animation: Animation is used in videos that need an extra element of creativity or professionalism, such as explainer videos or commercials.

  4. Sound Effects/Audio Mixing: Sound effects and audio mixing can be used to make a video more immersive by adding background music, sound effects

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