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Rank Higher with a Bing PPC Agency

Catching (and retaining) a customer’s attention is a challenge, especially if your business is stuck on the last page of Google. While many agencies believe that the only way to the top is through Google Ads, we’re here to let you in on a well-kept secret: Bing.

Powered by Microsoft, Bing is a search engine and Google competitor that stands out for its Pay Per Click ads (PPC), an alternative advertising strategy optimized by a Bing PPC agency (like us!). Pay Per Click ads are a type of search engine marketing in which advertisers only pay when searchers click on their ads. With the help of Online Optimism, you’ll pay for action rather than display, saving valuable time and money.

Though Bing was founded after Google, 66 million Americans rely on Bing-powered search engines for their information. And with over 100 million people using both Bing and Google, Bing results have the power to influence what (or who) searchers look for when surfing the internet.

To elevate your status and increase your chances of ranking on Bing, you need a Bing PPC agency well-versed in SEM management and digital ads. Thankfully, there’s Online Optimism!.

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Bing searchers are in the top 25% of household income

1.5 billion Windows devices default to Bing

Bing users spend 26% more on average when shopping online

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What have others said about our Bing PPC agency?

Online Optimism’s team has been crucial in improving our digital presence at Superior Honda. From day 1, their management of our search advertising has helped us stay at the top of Google in an extremely competitive industry. They’ve been more a partner than an agency and we enjoy the trending marketing tactics that they bring to our dealership.

Superior Honda
Clay Holcomb
Superior Honda

Bing PPC Agency Best Practices

To ensure your Bing ads pay off, Online Optimism conducts careful research to create a strategy that works for you and your business. A good Bing PPC agency knows that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to strategizing, so we create data-driven, budget-efficient campaigns with you in mind using these best practices:

Choose the Correct Keywords

Like all other digital ads, you need to pick the right keywords to rank higher on Bing. One way to hone in on the best phrases is to look for keywords with commercial intent. These keywords have the power to transform traffic into sales and revenue, helping you to optimize your digital marketing. 

Strong commercial intent keywords prompt customers to purchase now, so use words like “sale,” “discount,” or “coupon.” Strong keywords also highlight and elevate the product or service for sale, using competitive language such as “best price,” “cheap,” or “comparison.” Finally, informative keywords such as “how-to” are also helpful, directing quizzical customers to your business and your expertise.

Understand the Typical Bing User

Bing PPC agencies target a specific audience. The typical Bing user is older, less tech-savvy than the average Google user, but more likely to have a college education. And because more than one-third of Bing searchers are in the top 25% of household income, Bing shoppers have more cash to burn on your products. So, how does Bing cater to this demographic? 

That’s because Bing comes pre-installed on Microsoft products as Edge’s default search engine. With over 1.5 billion Windows users defaulting to Bing, there’s a lot of untapped room to optimize.

When you work with a Bing PPC agency to revamp your Bing ads, you will also appeal to the Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri crowd. As the default search engine for almost all digital virtual assistants, optimizing for Bing can help you appeal to this affluent audience. And with Bing users spending 26% more when shopping on their computers than average users, we can see that Bing users are looking to buy rather than browse.

Utilize Expanded Text Ads and Ad Extensions

Expanded text ads allow you to pack more information into your ad copy, engaging potential buyers before they click on your ads. In addition, because these ads work seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices, you can craft more effective calls to action and increase conversions to your business. With expanded text ads, you can display customized URL paths, spotlight product features, and add a call to action to improve your click-through rate.

Similarly, ad extensions allow you to display additional business information alongside your ads, such as a phone number or blog link. Not only are these extensions free to add, but they also maximize the real estate your ad takes up on the search engine results page, leading to higher visibility and more engagement. 

Calibrate Search Demographics

Bing gives you the most bang for your buck by letting you choose who sees your content and when. Once you determine your target audience with the help of a Bing PPC agency, you can market specifically to them using Bing’s exclusive features. With their demographic targeting tool, you can filter by gender and age at either the campaign or ad group level, ensuring that your carefully crafted advertisements reach the right audience.

Additionally, Bing lets you select time zones for your ads. This ensures that your ads reach potential customers at the best times, optimizing your hard-earned ad dollars. Furthermore, by modifying time zones, you can cast a wider net internationally, targeting people around the world during high-engagement periods.

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Increase Revenue with a Bing PPC Agency

If you’re interested in a digital ads campaign for your business, you’ll need experts who eat, sleep, and breathe digital marketing. That’s where we come in! As a full-service digital marketing and Bing PPC agency, Online Optimism’s capabilities and expertise span across platforms to help your business grow in every arena possible. 

With digital ads experts well-versed in both Google and Bing, we will work with you to create a plan that is both cost-effective and comprehensive, enabling you to sit back and watch your business boom. Whether you’re looking for a new digital ads strategy for your brand or need help tapping into the Bing PPC market, Online Optimism is here to help.

With a ten-year track record of crafting next-level digital marketing solutions for a variety of clients nationwide, Online Optimism offers high-value digital ads that are designed to help your organization stand out. For first-page expertise and creative content strategies, reach out to the experts at Online Optimism today!

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