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Online Optimism provides a diverse blend of web design services. From high-quality new website builds to user experience optimization using content and design, our experienced team knows how to create something that’s both functional and beautiful. Our Atlanta web design agency offers comprehensive website maintenance and monitoring to provide our clients with the best online experience available.

Our developers lay down the building blocks of a responsive design for your website. We design websites with our clients’ goals in mind so we can focus on building something that matches your aesthetic while driving conversions and new business. There has to be a balance between the needs of the consumer and the needs of the producer. Online Optimism is ready to handle both parties’ best options through the most vibrant Atlanta web design.

We interviewed more than ten firms about designing our website and Online Optimism stood out not only for having the best price, but also because they genuinely cared about the success of organizations like ours. We appreciated how Online Optimism went the extra mile by creating original artwork, allowing unlimited revisions and giving great customer service. I definitely recommend their services.

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What Does Our Atlanta Web Design Agency Do For Brands?

Brand Messaging

New entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike understand the importance of brand messaging. An engaging website from start to finish is one of the keys to establish and showcase your brand’s message.  It is vital that your content truly resonates with the intended audience, which is why it isn’t a surprise that the key to a successful Atlanta web design is narrowing down the brand message. Here are a few simple features of brand message done right:

Find the Perfect Angle – When developing your brand message, you have to think about several different factors contributing to your message’s meaning. You have to take a look at what your customers care about and cater to your intended audience. With a significant Atlanta web design, you can also incorporate what resonates with your customers with the vision you have for your brand. In addition to all of these elements, you also need to make sure your brand message can rival other companies in your field, while appealing to your audience. Ensuring your angle helps your brand stand out from the rest is key.

A Tagline to Draw Attention – An effective Atlanta Web Design campaign also includes a catchy tagline. A strong tagline is essential since it is the first step of your company communicating a promise to your customers. What can you offer them? This will grab potential customers’ attention and get straight to the point. While you want to convey the message that your company can do something, you want to be realistic in your promise and delivery, which is essential for building relationships with your customers to last.

The Right Audience – With a strong Atlanta web design team, we can get the message to your target audience. Now is your chance to create content that keeps your potential buyers in mind and appeals to them. This brand message must work towards the motivations and needs of your target audience. What is a specific pain point that your company can relieve? This message has to resonate with these intended buyers and encourage them to choose your business over your competitors’.

The Tone of Voice – Adhering to the right tone is essential for brand messaging. We are an Atlanta Web Design team that hones in the perfect voice for your company. We work to establish your tone of voice by defining your brand’s ideal tone based on your company’s goals, your product, and the type of audience you hope to bring in. Your brand’s voice should be universal across all of your content pieces, which is why extensive research goes into establishing it.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Atlanta, Online Optimism is dedicated to getting to know our clients and your business through extensive research and communication. Because of this thorough planning at the beginning of our process, we have an Atlanta web design team that will have any user clicking on the pages we design. Our web design department leads branding meetings that incorporate our content department. Together, our web designers and content creators work toward providing the highest quality and most inclusive photos, diverse and engaging videos, and well-written copy to bring increased attention to your site. While a beautiful design improves the website’s overall look, the messaging within the site is what actually drives your customers and clients to convert. 

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Responsive & Mobile Design

Currently, mobile devices are heavily driving web traffic. Companies need an Atlanta web design team that knows how to adapt to the technology of the time. It is understood that tablets and smartphones will bring a variety of potential customers your way, and your site needs to be optimized for all types of devices. Mobile sites are no longer simply an optional feature of desktop sites; they are necessary for our digital age. It is a good idea for any Atlanta web design company to start with the mobile design of a website first. This is an opportunity to play around with different design concepts and focus on what is most important for your site before you move it onto a larger platform. It is important to make sure that your mobile site’s format and layout is easy to use and leads users to the most important information, such as what your company offers and how to contact you.

Flexible web design creates a functional and visually pleasing space to display your business’s best features across all devices and platforms. With a responsive Atlanta web design, our team provides an avenue for enabling websites to reformat their content and style based on the user’s device and screen size. Another benefit of this adaptable web design is that it allows Google to read your pages better, translating into higher page rankings and better search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a vital part of your marketing strategy and it is ultimately what puts your company’s content in front of users when they search on Google.

Through precise planning and efficient execution, we can format a responsive web design that most benefits our clients and proves to be easy to use by their customers. With years of optimization beneath our belt and an ever-growing knowledge of various software, our team is committed to providing your company with a highly adaptable, user-friendly website with a spectacular design.

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Copywriting & Content Development

Our web design team will build a fantastic website that fulfills all of the expectations that your brand’s aesthetic requires through extensive collaboration and development. Once complete, Online Optimism also provides customized content that relates to your business. Among the list of our specialties is the ability to repair or maintain your company’s current website as well. 

If you’re pursuing the creation of a website from scratch, there are quite a few moving parts to put into place. When considering what to look for in an Atlanta web design team, you need people who know the importance of attention to detail. Often, content formatting and layout get overlooked, which attributes to your website not being user-friendly and difficult for users to navigate. In addition to writing all of the copy your site will feature, you will need to find the right images to make your site function appropriately. It is common for designers to outsource their content by using external copywriters and populating their site with stock photos. While that method might work for some, Online Optimism works to customize our web design approach for your brand. We want your website layout, content, and images to be unique to your brand and goals. This is why we incorporate them into every step of our plan. Our staff includes a slew of professional writers, editors, photographers, videographers, and designers committed to the personalization of your site.

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Back-End Development for Site Upkeep

After we’ve created a beautifully customized website, you might be wondering about the longevity of the considerable amount of work we put into its creation. Well, the work doesn’t stop just because we’ve given you a website. For every website our team builds, we make sure to put forth effort in back-end development to aid you in maintaining the upkeep in the long term. We work towards establishing CMS integration, cross-browser compatibility, and e-commerce setup when applicable for every site we create and alter.

At the top of our priorities, we strive to extend a client’s business to an online space. We maneuver the tricky tightrope of web development without compromising the form, uniqueness, or brand in the process. When browsing your site, users need to find your product or service with the same ease and convenience as walking into your business. We assist in that smooth transition to online by displaying your information concisely and stylistically across all platforms and devices, providing a high-quality experience for our clients and customers as well. Design and content collaborate to show the same information with the same quality for everyone, which we achieve by working out the technical issues that may arise during the web design process to confidently guarantee our clients of their new site’s optimal performance years to come.

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For those of you who don’t know, SEO is the key that unlocks higher ranking on search engines, like Google. When your company’s website ranks higher, your site will be more visible to potential customers. When building a new website or optimizing a pre-existing website, we always consider SEO. SEO is vital to your site’s relevance and directly correlates to your website’s ability to drive a call to action response.

When developing a comprehensive Atlanta web design plan, SEO is needed to properly structure your information and obtain the best results by creating a style guide and refining your website’s intentions. Not every Atlanta web design company knows how to navigate the tricky balance beam of a user-friendly site that optimizes to receive the best search engine results. Here are a few things our Atlanta web design agency brings to the table to keep your website at the top of the search results:

Key Optimized Strategies – One strategy that optimizes your search results is keyword research. Keyword research to find the best keywords for your website and make it more available to the users searching for what you have to offer. Key optimized strategies in tandem with unique, informative content is a great way to drive traffic to your site and lead to conversions. Without this, it will be much harder to drive traffic to your website.

Understanding the Off-Page Aspects – A knowledgeable Atlanta web design team knows how to analyze what competition you face in your industry. We can create authoritative content to drive inbound links to content deep within your site. This will expose users to all aspects of your company, ensuring more success with bringing in new customers.

On-site SEO refers to the strategies used on a website by a developer. This type of SEO assesses the concerns that may arise from attempting to achieve higher search rankings. A part of on-site SEO is orchestrating faster loading speeds, compressing images, designing page URL structures, ensuring mobile-friendliness, and much more. Though SEO is a long-term strategy, on-site SEO is immediately performable upon site creation.

Before making your website public, we typically install Google Analytics and tracking in the back-end. Google Analytics allows our team to track all of your site visitors to determine where they’re from, what brought them to your site, what content they clicked on, and more to help you facilitate your business in the best possible way. This will aid us in pivoting your strategy as needed and allow us to craft your marketing plan in the most effective way possible.

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Launch, Hosting, & Maintenance

At Online Optimism, we believe in a holistic way to approach marketing, and web design is just the first step. If we are building a site from scratch, we host the website and purchase the necessary domain. Under the umbrellas of our tasks, our company also sets up emails and stays on top of security updating. We’ve become known as the one-stop-shop for web design and all of our client’s marketing needs. 

Although we have a vast clientele for web design, a few companies require us to handle sensitive information, such as E-commerce sites and healthcare facilities. We know the importance of frequent updates for the sake of security. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns for a fledgling company, and we understand the importance of website performance. We are continually creating relevant, high-quality content that increases your visibility on the most popular search engines. Ultimately, we would love to encourage our clients to utilize, grow, and alter their websites without our services. Your website should be flexible enough to modify to incorporate new information, products, or events you want to promote. For each website build, Online Optimism provides extensive and comprehensive training manuals and in-person courses to help our clients use their websites. We foster education and innovation in the partnerships we create through our Atlanta web design company.

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