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Our knowledgeable team is one of the premier Atlanta Google Ads certified, and Microsoft Ads certified digital ads agencies in the city. We’ve learned that there’s power and success in a smart Atlanta Google Ads campaign that will truly set a business apart from the rest and reap the benefits of our collaboration. One of the great things about our digital marketing agency in Atlanta is we know the importance of banging heads together when coming up with innovative and creative ideas. We’re ready to add some flavor to something old or drum up something new from the ground up. 

If you already have a good Atlanta Google Ads campaign, let us make it even more phenomenal with results that stand out. We learn what tools your company needs to create the most extraordinary Atlanta Google Ads campaign during our onboarding process. This is our chance to learn more about the conversions that make the most sense for your business’s purposes. We deep dive into the culture of your company and try to get a full scope of understanding for your potential audiences. 

When forming the best Atlanta Good Ads campaign, it’s essential to note your brand voice’s impact on conversions. More often than not, a company can do some serious damage by not refining their tone before creating a Google Ads campaign. It takes a knowing Atlanta Google Ads agency to take your team to the next level and bring your brand to life.

At Online Optimism, we have a tried and true approach with proven results. When searching for a comprehensive Atlanta Google Ads campaign, there are a few aspects that Online Optimism specifically brings to the table. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an unparalleled artistic vision or well-written copy; our team can handle everything required to make the best Atlanta Google Ads for your business.

We have been working with Online Optimism for three years now focusing on building brand awareness, social media paid advertisements and digital campaigns. Animations have helped our organization maintain our professional digital presence and allowed us to effectively spread our message in a visually appealing way. More recently, we have relied on their digital team to help us generate positive messaging about the importance of COVID testing throughout Louisiana. Online Optimism continues to excel at providing excellent service, timely responses and quality work. I highly recommend them to any company looking to expand their marketing reach or digital footprint.

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Need the Best Atlanta Google Ads Services That We Have to offer?

There’s just something different about Online Optimism. When it comes to the best Atlanta Google Ads agency, we reign supreme because of our attention to detail, steadfast commitment, comprehensive solutions, and we’re just way more optimistic than our competitors. It’s not only our work ethic that brings our agency to the next level, here are just a few of the things we bring to the table:

Google Ads Account Set Up

We’re with you from the very beginning of your marketing journey. As a premiere Atlanta Google Ads agency, we know how to accurately input the information of your company into your Google Ads account. Greatness travels from the top down, so a great start happens when your account is set up correctly.

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Search Engine Optimization

By performing extensive research on keywords to create informative copy and targeting Google Ads software to bring you business. Any ad made will be easily searchable through Google. With the flexibility of Atlanta Google Ads, you can experience success with any budget, earning faster SEO results and popularizing your company’s brand.

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Quantitative Results

The most iconic logos are instantly recognizable, even without context. Our innovative team of design-minded professionals knows how to generate eye-catching logos that will cut through the noise and acutely represent your brand’s primary mission.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A landing page is the first thing a user sees when they click on a specifically targeted advertisement. These landing pages have a specific function. They are crucial in Atlanta Google Ads campaign’s success and drive traffic to your main site. This page must be well-designed, as it should bring new visitors and potential customers to your company’s website.

Community Management for Social Media around the World

Video Advertising

If a picture says 1000 words, you can bet a video will keep your consumers talking constantly about your great product or service. A great way to amplify your Atlanta Google Ads campaign is to film engaging visuals that suit the needs of your business. 

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Display Advertising

For a truly authentic Atlanta Google Ads experience, display advertising is an innovative way to get your audience engaged. Whether it’s with a vibrant graphic design or playful animations, you have access to many of the strategies that Online Optimism offers to increase awareness and interest in your brand.

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Mobile Advertising

Most people these days have their phones glued to their hands. Any business knows that the key to optimizing the greatest Atlanta Google Ads strategies lies with accessibility. Since users can hop on the internet regardless of where they are using their mobile devices, you want your ads to be user-friendly and get the most eyes on your brand.

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Informative Content

Content is needed to increase your website’s chances of popping up at the beginning of the search engine results pages. Your brand is established by creating a strong, authoritative voice and speaking directly to your audiences. Further along, we’ll discuss the importance of this thoroughly. As it relates to what you can expect from our Atlanta Google Ads campaign, keyword research and content creation go hand in hand with visibility.

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Atlanta Google Ads: What We Bring to the Table

When you partner with Online Optimism, there’s a certain level of quality and performance that our clients expect. We understand the impact an Atlanta Google Ads agency can have on a brand. 

Google is the most used search engine on the internet and tends to lead the charge in the search engine market. Any ad agency worth its snuff must know all there is to know about Google. Google Ads sets the digital stage, where companies can advertise their services through clickable ads, such as video, search, and display ads. Online Optimism has an approach that utilizes Google Ads’ pay-per-click campaigns to aid in steering user traffic your way. This will in turn give your conversions a healthy boost and enhance the ROI of your company. No Atlanta Google Ads campaign is too complex for us to run. We make it a priority to educate ourselves on Google’s algorithm and bid at ad auctions to configure ad spend. Although there’s always something new to learn, we are an Atlanta Google Ads agency committed to adapting to the ever-changing platform. 

Our Atlanta Google ads certified team has had every budget you can imagine passed through our hands, and we’ve still been able to craft the most cost-effective campaign for our clients. We believe that growth happens through flexibility and adaptation, so we are always seeking new ways to enhance our performance. When it comes to staying updated on Google’s changes and remaining Google ads certified every year, we take pride in being a Google certified ads partner. It is this validation that assures our clients of our Google Ads expertise and wealth of knowledge in our field. We would love to apply that specialization into your ad campaign. Regardless of your industry, B2B or B2C strategy, and your budget, our Atlanta Google Ads team is eager to develop the best return on investment your company has ever seen. Below are just a few things Online Optimism brings to the table:


Google Ads has a ton of cool features, including one that allows you to use various filters to target your audience. This feature is wonderful because Google Ads enables you to show your ads to your selected audience at the most optimal time. That means you can adjust the gender, age, location, and user device, among many other demographics, to target the best audience for your product or services. 

This Atlanta Google Ads agency has cracked the formula to strategizing the most profitable ad campaign. There are two tactics we use to reach your audience: affinity targeting and in-market targeting. Affinity targeting allows your brand to reach audiences based on their interests. Audiences matched through affinity targeting were highlighted through the use of television advertisements to provide relevant ads while browsers are online. For in-market targeting, you are able to reach the consumers already interested in products and services related to your industry. One of the ways we became a successful Atlanta Google Ads agency is we learned to grasp the persona of your target audience. Our team will make sure your ads will be clicked and viewed by the right audience at the right time.


Anyone knows that the main goal of your Atlanta Google Ads campaign is to get your ads ranked at the top of the search results. In order to achieve that, one must first understand the process. At the top of your Google search results page, the algorithm populates ads most relevant to your intended search topic. These are considered “organic” results and are the first thing people see at the top of their search results page when they type in a certain keyword. It’s been proven that 41% of clicks go to the top three ad results on the search page. When it comes to exposure, an investment in Google Ads is truly beneficial, but only if you have the right minds on your side. Getting your ad in the top spot on the Google search results needs an extensive comprehension of the Google ads platform. The most skilled marketers use Google AdWords to enter into a bidding war for the best keywords and ad placement on the Google search results page. If you’re in pursuit of a positive ROI, which we know you are, you need a digital marketing agency that specializes in getting the most out of the Google Ads platform. Our Atlanta Google Ads agency is knowledgeable in optimizing your ads to make sure your brand takes over the top three ad spots. It is possible to use these tools to increase the visibility of your brand. With a strong Google Ads campaign, you could have your ads all over the Google search engine, boosting your visibility and return of investment. 


Money sure does make the world go round. For most Atlanta Google Ads agencies, cost significantly impacts the quality of the work they put into your ad campaign. At Online Optimism, we deliver premium work to our clients regardless of their budget. With us, you can feel safe in knowing the specifics of your daily ad spend for each campaign. We’re always monitoring your ad spend to ensure that you receive the best ROI that makes sense for your company. With training in the most significant AI tools available, our team stays ahead of the industry by efficiently distributing your ad spend. With a constantly evolving and just plain tricky platform like Google, it’s important to have an ad agency on your side who knows the ins and outs of the game. We know when to bid at which time, managing to stay on top of all changes and auctions. We also have the skill to bid the right amount for keywords that will do the most work for your business. With an Atlanta Google Ads agency like us on your side, you’re bound to win with any ad campaign we prepare for you. 


The internet has taken over the world and companies must learn to navigate this complex environment to persist in the digital age. If you’ve got a product or service that is geared towards the right audience, most likely, they’ll come to you. Your success depends on how visible you are and how effectively you’re able to reach your consumers. An investment in Google Ads is your ticket to success. By increasing your chances of reaching more potential customers with relevant keywords and creative ad content, you’ll be able to increase your key conversions.

The ability for Google Ads to increase your company’s reach is as clear as the results. By targeting specific audiences,  you can not only reach those consumers who type in your keywords, but you gain access to the people who have similar interests to your already targeted group, extending your brand impact and reach. 

Ultimately, a profitable marketing campaign will implement several different strategies to get your product or service into the eyes of the right audience. For your best competitive bet, you need an Atlanta Google Ads agency who’s right for you. 

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