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Online Optimism provides a wide array of content marketing services. From service pages to blogs, our team will provide content that drives users to your site and keeps them there. Our Atlanta content marketing agency offers expert blogging and copywriting services to engage your current customers and bring in new ones. 

Our team adapts to your voice and writes with your goals in mind so that we match your company’s existing aesthetic while also creating new business. You need content that can cut through the clutter of the internet and outrank competitors and we can provide that for you. Our dedicated Atlanta content marketing team will provide you with the best content for your business.

The Online Optimism team was quick and capable in transitioning our goals and campaign at the drop of a hat. With their help, we were able to stay relevant in an unprecedented situation and reach current and potential members. Online Optimism helped us better understand our online community and adjusted to meet our adapting needs in an ever-changing world.

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Creative Copywriting

Original copywriting is key to a great content marketing campaign. If you need a snappy caption on a social media post or an informative article, good writing is how you can communicate your message. 

Our content team is full of experienced writers who thoroughly and tirelessly research your industry and create content that demonstrates knowledge in your business. Creative copywriting is for everyone, not just for digital first companies and flashy technology startups. Businesses in all industries use copywriting. The hospitality, ecommerce, automotive and healthcare industries are just a few examples of industries that use copywriting to make their customers well informed of things happening in the industry. Online Optimism takes what may typically be considered boring content and makes it engaging and eye-catching.

No subject is beyond our reach. Our creative content team has tackled writing in the automotive, cybersecurity, financial and hospitality industries, among several others. After researching your website and extracting the essential information we create content that both search engines and your customer can understand. You can use copywriting for a number of different things but it’s a great way to increase your brand awareness. Copywriting is an essential part of a good marketing strategy and our digital marketing agency in Atlanta can deliver the results your business needs to thrive.

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Popularized by Buzzfeed, a listicle is a term used for articles that follow a list format rather than traditional paragraphs. Though they sound simple, they can be challenging to write. However, listicles have a higher chance of being shared and going viral than other types of articles.Listicles itemize information and allow readers to gain a quick understanding of the topic at hand without having to read the entire article. Interested readers will read all the details and other readers who want a fast answer will also find what they are looking for. Our team can create a listicle for anything you desire so it can be shared with your client base.

After several of Buzzfeed’s listicles went viral, other companies began to follow suit. Unlike many of Buzzfeed’s listicles they don’t all have to be funny. Some of the best listicles are informative “how-to’s” that can give effective and entertaining insight into a potentially boring subject. A listicle is great for dry subjects because they provide a step-by-step process that may otherwise be hard to understand. Listicles are a great way to start a conversation around a topic. People in your audience can easily reference a point in the list and start a larger conversation about it. The simple format makes it more likely that a customer will read the entire article and this will increase your click through rate (CTR).

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Infographics are informative photos generated by our design team that will go along with your article. Our infographics provide a visual aid for our written content, and unlike a regular photo, we customize our infographics to your article and your website’s aesthetic.

Our content team works alongside both our graphic design department and social media department to create innovative infographics that are sure to be shared by many people. Our team has a vast amount of experience taking long, cumbersome reports and turning them into a single page of digestible information.

This takes an extensive amount of design work that exceeds the capabilities of apps such as Piktochart, and it requires a level of critical thinking that goes above and beyond what most agencies offer. Our design team is so incredible they can take the most unrefined concepts and turn them into a masterpiece that everyone will understand. Infographics are great for your company if you want to explain an idea in a way that’s easy to understand. We use infographics for a number of clients for a number of different things. Our infographics can help their customers manage schedules, navigate travel routes in the city, or even understand the products or services those companies provide. We even use our infographics internally if we need to break down our own services to our clients.

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Video is the future of content marketing. Consumers are likely to consult a video before deciding what to eat, what to buy, or where to go. With the increased use of cell phones and other mobile devices, it’s no surprise that video marketing content grows in popularity.People want to know what others think about your business or may they’re wondering something that you wouldn’t necessarily write or have on your home page. A video is a great way to get that information across quickly and put a face to your business.

Creating video content allows businesses to convey messages in a clear and concise manner and cut through the clutter of the Internet. Videos are more helpful to consumers and have been shown to increase conversion rates by 80%. Consumers are more likely to trust a video because they can see who is talking to them and who is representing the business where they are spending their money.

Our team uses video for many different reasons, videos can help build brand awareness, establish a company’s culture, sell a specific product or service and inform potential audiences and customers about a process. If you have a lot to say in a short amount of time, videos are the best form of communication for your business. We take clients through the entire video making process. We create video concepts, storyboard ideas, and shot lists, as well as hire actors, shoot, edit and re-edit until our clients are completely satisfied. We take pride in producing high-quality, TV ready videos that you’ll be proud to post on your website and across all your social media platforms. Once you see your brand new marketing video, you’ll wish you started sooner.

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Creative Testimonials

Your best brand ambassadors are your satisfied customers. We acquire client testimonials to feature on your website so that potential customers know how fantastic your brand is.Acquiring testimonials from your most loyal clients highlights just how great your business is. Testimonials are a great way to humanize your brand. People want to buy from a company that has proven results. People trust testimonials because it isn’t you forcing your business on them but rather a person who has already made the purchase they are considering.

Testimonials create an emotional appeal for your brand, this is one of the things that makes them so powerful. Customer testimonials cultivate the power of human connection to convey your message. You should approach your customers carefully to acquire a useful testimonial. A follow-up email is not enough. Our experience in reputation management has gotten us testimonials and reviews that are aimed at driving customers to a certain section of your business. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, and using this allows us to reach millions of potential customers.

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Physical Collateral

Though we are a digital marketing agency first, we also offer physical collateral such as brochures, signs, and cards.Collateral is the physical pieces that go along with a marketing campaign. This can include: brochures, signs and cards. Our content and graphic design teams work closely together to create custom collateral that stands out in both look and feel.

Whether you’re launching a new campaign, hosting an event, or staying in touch with your customers: physical collateral is a key ingredient to good marketing strategies. Adding physical collateral is a great way to have something physical to show for your brand. Our Online Optimism content team has experience producing things as large as a 40-foot-wide billboard and as small as a business card. You can pass out your customized brochures and business cards at networking events or show off your billboard to family and friends on your drive home. Some people aren’t fully in the digital age and prefer something physical to hold on to rather than a website to go to later. We’ll optimize any image you have and make it the right size for your business. Our graphic design team is incredible at creating whole lines of marketing collateral that pair with your digital content.

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Content comes in various forms and a podcast is another popular form of content you can use to increase your brand awareness among many other things.Podcasts are essentially the new radio. This is a great way to spread information to your consumers and can be easily integrated into your existing content. Podcasts are another popular form of content. Online Optimism can help your business launch its podcast with our team’s help.

Our experience as a digital-first agency allows us to empower you to make your own podcast and create more diverse content. Podcasts have many benefits: they create a platform to talk to customers, influencers, and business owners; they let you tell your story; and they add another form of content to your marketing strategies. Like videos, podcasts are easily digestible for listeners and allow you to speak to your audience in a clear and concise manner for any subject you choose. Podcasts are a great way to inform your audience about behind-the-scenes stories, upcoming projects and products, trends in your industry, or events your business is hosting. Customers love to feel like they’re getting the inside scoop about something. You can use your podcast to advertise exclusive content and give your audience something to look forward to. At Online Optimism our content team can help you start your podcast from the ground up and get your message to everyone. Podcasts also humanize your brand. When customers are able to hear, first hand, what goes on behind the scenes of the business they’re supporting, it makes them seem more normal rather than a large corporation who just wants their money.

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Blogging is an essential element of any content marketing campaign. Blogging is beneficial to our search engine optimization strategies and is key to ranking on Google. The content team and SEO team are one and the same here at Online Optimism. This allows us to create well-written, high quality, and informative blogs that benefit readers and drive more traffic to your website. 

Blogging is a pretty straightforward process; anyone can start a blog and it costs almost nothing. Professional blog writers and marketing professionals, however, use several different techniques in order to make their blogs go above and beyond. We specialize in creating blog content that is blog content that is engaging to read and optimized for search engines. We examine which keywords your customers are searching for and create blog posts that are targeted and relevant to what your readers and potential customers want to know. Knowing what your audience is looking for allows you to optimize the type of content you’re putting out and stay relevant. 

Users will flock to your company when they see that you are constantly and consistently staying on trend. Using long-tail keywords strategically throughout your blog posts, people who are looking for relevant products or services you offer can find you. Our content team has the knowledge and the tools to perform keyword research plan keyword optimization, and create engaging high-quality content. Along with keyword research, we heavily research your industry so that the content we create is informed and up-to date. Users don’t want to consult old information, that’s why we are constantly writing new content as well as refreshing old content.

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