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In a competitive marketplace, knowing and growing your brand is everything. Do you know what your brand stands for? Do you have a mission and a vision to achieve your future goals? Meet Online Optimism: the Atlanta branding agency with all the skills to help your business realize its ultimate potential. Your brand is your business; it’s how you show up in the marketing world. When people hear your company name you want them to immediately know what your business sells, what the logo is and more.

Our professional team of marketers and designers has branding down to a science. We support businesses through every step of the process—from launching fresh concepts to reinvigorating old campaigns. We aim to help our clients understand branding as a comprehensive process with an emphasis on creativity, consistency and dynamism. There’s a lot that goes into branding which is why we are here to guide you through the process. Trying to create your brand identity alone can be incredibly difficult, but you don’t have to worry because our Atlanta branding agency is here to help.

We have been working with Online Optimism for three years now focusing on building brand awareness, social media paid advertisements and digital campaigns. Animations have helped our organization maintain our professional digital presence and allowed us to effectively spread our message in a visually appealing way. More recently, we have relied on their digital team to help us generate positive messaging about the importance of COVID testing throughout Louisiana. Online Optimism continues to excel at providing excellent service, timely responses and quality work. I highly recommend them to any company looking to expand their marketing reach or digital footprint.

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What Can Our Atlanta Branding Agency Do For Your Business?

Establish Unique Visions

In terms of branding your business, the vision acts as the seed from which all your future campaigns and strategies will eventually grow. This stage will help you crystallize how your brand will impact consumers and the world at large. All businesses should have a solid foundation and a vision for the future. Here at Online Optimism, we help you achieve these goals by working with you to establish a mission and a vision statement for your brand.

A mission statement outlines the identity of your company and what values it has. Whoever reads your mission statement should have an understanding of what your company stands for and what it’s working to achieve. A vision statement is a road map that helps employees and stakeholders determine what you plan to do to ensure your mission comes to life. Figuring out a mission and vision statement is more difficult than it seems. It requires a level of introspection that some business owners need help to grasp. Having a mission and a vision statement is something that we do for ourselves at our Atlanta digital marketing agency. We asked clients to also do it because it works, we’ve seen it work for us, so we know that it can work for you. We guarantee that creating a mission and vision statement will help us guide you in the right direction as well as help yourself establish your company’s plans and ideas.

Our Atlanta branding agency is full of Optimists ready to help you with this process. With our branding workshops, we guide you through a methodical process that will help you outline your values so you and your employees can work together to achieve your common goal. By helping you create your mission and vision you help us achieve ours.

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Strategize Brand Identity

Brand identity aims to answer the questions of “who, what, and why?” It addresses how your target audiences perceive the core of who you are, what goods or services you have to offer, and why your products completely upstage the competition.

Brand identity is a collection of things that come together to create the perfect image for consumers. Your brand identity is tied into how the world will perceive you, so you’ll want to make sure it’s on point. It’s the personality of your business. Your brand identity is more than just your logo, it’s also the colors you choose to represent your company and the font that your business’s name will be written on. Choose these things carefully because these things are what the world will think about when they think of your company. Your brand identity is also your email style, and your product packaging. How do you want these things to look? What kind of message are you trying to convey with them? Having a strong brand identity is the difference between having a sold out product or venue and an empty venue during the height of festival season. You have to know who you are so other people know who you are.

Creating a brand identity allows you to be consistent across all platforms and consistency is key when it comes to marketing. Consistent branding is essential for a lot of reasons and one of them is that it helps customer loyalty. Customers love a brand that consistently delivers. Our Online Optimism Atlanta branding agency will help you figure all this out and more.

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Design & Customize Logos

The most iconic logos are instantly recognizable, even without context. Our innovative team of design-minded professionals knows how to generate eye-catching logos that will cut through the noise and acutely represent your brand’s primary mission.

Your business’s logo is the face of your company and one of the most essential elements of branding. Trying to design a logo by yourself can be challenging, and often leads to half-thought-out ideas and poor illustrations. Online Optimism has a team of logo design experts that are ready to work with you to create a custom logo that best fits your brand. Our design team makes sure that the logo does more than just look pretty but also tells a story. Our team works together with yours to ensure that your logo tells the right story for your company. Every design created by us is done in multiple formats so that you can use it across many different platforms. 

Your custom logo will build brand awareness and set you apart from competitors. Logos are memorable,  people often remember pictures before words, you want to have a logo that stands out so if your customers forget your name they will remember your logo. Our design team is fantastic and is ready to design you a dynamic logo that will stand out from all the other competitors and stick in customers mind. Our Atlanta branding agency is excited to get started on your custom logos. We’ll help the world know who you are in the most stylish way possible. 

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Build Dynamic Customer Personas

Though lots of companies can seem impeccable during the planning and predictive stages, actually connecting with consumers will often prove to be a wholly different (and challenging) process. Generating multiple customer personas is a great way to see your business from your clientele’s perspective, thus enabling you to level with customers and meet them wherever they’re at.

Even though you know your mission and what your company stands for,, you may not understand your customers. If you have trouble selling your product or service, there’s a chance you haven’t properly formed your customer personas. Customer personas are a mockup of personality demographics that represents each individual customer type that you want to attract or expect to attract. This process is incredibly powerful because it’s a reminder to target each customer group while you implement your other marketing tactics. You’ll want to have a solid group of customer personas before you even launch your company. “Who am I selling to?” is an important question and the first question you should ask yourself when developing customer personas. If you already have an up and running business but no customer personas, it’s never too late to go back to the planning phase and create them. If you already have personas but your sales aren’t doing well you can also go back and reestablish your personas.

Customer personas are more than just the age, race and ethnicity of your customers. Customer personas are also psychological. You should ask yourself are you targeting college educated people, or are they political, what kind of job are they likely to have. Asking these questions will help you properly target your audience and optimize the amount of sales you make. Creating customer personas is a step that you do not want to skip over. Once you create or reestablish your personas you will find that you can better find your target audience. Our Atlanta branding agency experts are here to help. Online Optimism helps you identify your target audience and how to best reach out to them.

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Establish a Graphics Library

Having an arsenal of custom graphics that work across all your platforms—from service pages to social media—will help you cultivate a consistent online presence with a memorable visual flair. Custom graphics keep your brand on everyone’s mind across the internet. They also create a consistent brand image across your social media platforms and website. Inconsistent branding can create confusion. If a customer sees a different graphic on your website from the one on your Instagram, it may cause them to believe they are dealing with two different companies. A customer isn’t going to take the time to figure out if this is the business they’re searching for, they’re instead going to go to a competitor. Inconsistent branding can erode customers’ trust and loyalty and have your customers fleeing to more consistent competitors. Keeping an extensive graphics library helps you maintain your brand image for years. 

You don’t only have to have a logo in your graphic library, you can also have illustrations in there as well. Illustrations are a great way to tell a story about your brand. Including illustrations are another great way for your brand to stick in the customer’s mind. You can use illustrations to break assumptions about your brand or product. Or they can be used to communicate emotions. Consumers don’t want to be told how to feel or for you to be pushy about what you’re selling.  They can be fun and playful or you can use them to tell consumers important statistical information.They can also be used as a fun way to spice up your home or product page. Illustrations are another way to engage your customers and help them become interested in your brand. The uses for illustrations are endless that’s why it’s important to create innovative illustrations that will keep customers coming back. 

Keeping your illustrations in a graphics library is a great way to ensure that they’re saved and allow them to be used across all platforms and reused in future posts and pages. Our Atlanta branding agency is here to help you create your custom graphics and illustrations  that you can use across all platforms. Let Online Optimism help you cultivate a large and in charge graphic library.

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Promote & Market Your Brand

Branding alone won’t be enough to land your business the search engine rankings it deserves. Online Optimism’s elite marketing team will help you strategize the most effective campaigns to boost your SEO and digital visibility so that your target demographic sees your brand continually.

You can’t just make a great brand, you have to present it often and consistently. A great brand presentation can increase revenues up to 23% according to a previous study. This could be the difference between a company breakdown and a breakthrough. If your business, in Atlanta or elsewhere has inconsistent logos or graphics our Optimists will not stand for it and you shouldn’t either. Our content team and our branding team will work hand in hand to promote and market your brand. Our content and SEO team’s brillant keyword research strategies and creative copywriting will increase your searchability and get your brand’s name out into the world. Along with creative copywriting, our content team will also write blog posts on behalf of your company. Blog posts are a great way to get your name out into the internet and increase your brand awareness. Improper promotion or of your brand can be detrimental to your business. Marketing and brand promotion is essential to creating and sustaining a successful business. 

Our Optimists are ready to help you promote and market your brand so that it can outrank competitors and thrive the way it’s supposed to. Contact our Atlanta branding agency and Online Optimism will craft the search, content, social and more traditional elements like signage of a perfect brand or rebranding launch that ensures a consistent presence and higher revenues in the future for your organization. 

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