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Organization: Happy Talks

Founder: Christian Ross

Career/ Area of Study: Real Estate

Book Rec: The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia




I first met Christian Ross, founder of Happy Talks,  through a pitch practice competition hosted by Atlanta Ventures. Each attendee was challenged to present their business ideas in under 45 seconds. In her 45 seconds, Ross shared her idea to help close the gap of loneliness for seniors.  


Ross came up with the idea for Happy Talks while working as a realtor. During her real estate career, Ross witnessed homes being sold, resulting in some seniors being placed in an assisted living facility by relatives who are unable to take care of them. Unfortunately, life can sometimes take away from visiting or calling your elder loved one. Happy Talks has the solution.

It’s simple! Users can log into the Happy Talks app and converse with trained emotional support specialists, Talk Pals,  on personal matters from concerning to the lighthearted. Happy Talks serves as your life buffer, ensuring your elder loved ones have added emotional support. Talk Pals are not intended to replace licensed mental health professionals, or the importance of socializing with family. Talk Pals simply provides additional support for your lonely elders, when they need a listening ear. 


“COVID19 has reinforced what’s most important in our lives.”

There are serious health risks associated with prolonged periods of social isolation.The CDC notes an association between loneliness and increased rates of depression, anxiety,  among other physical and mental health concerns. Happy Talks can address the further exacerbated feelings of loneliness that come with social distancing and isolation during these unprecedented times. Ross remains optimistic that Happy Talks will be able to address these pain points to those who care for their older family members and facilities that cater to senior citizens (senior centers, cancer centers,etc.).


Happy Talks remains a largely self-funded startup growing from Ross’s innovative, money-saving, bootstrapping methods. Networking and building relationships with her entrepreneurial peers has proven crucial in building and growing her startup. Ross credits Atlanta Tech Village’s It Takes a Village pre-accelerator program for helping her formulate her idea and then confidently move into the next phase of her startup. She is grateful for the collaborative support she receives from her cohort and continues to receive from other individuals in the tech ecosystem. 

The most challenging part of her entrepreneurial journey, the Happy Talks founder notes, is finding the best method to gain investors for her startup. 


“Listen, be open.”

In her entrepreneurial journey, Christian Ross learned that the path can change along the way. She encourages other entrepreneurs to be flexible, accept constructive feedback, and listen to their intuition. She is now on the hunt for a talented software developer to help her build the app. 


https://www.happytalks.co/ | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourhappytalks/

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