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At Online Optimism, we provide free marketing resources in addition to our paid services to aid you in your marketing efforts. Whether you’re an established brand in need of more business or you’re just starting out, our freebies are the perfect resources for improving your online presence and growing your company.

Finding the best business tools in New Orleans shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create this curated collection to solve both generic and specific business problems. From local networking events and free-to-use stock photos to tips on using Instagram and nailing your marketing interview, our freebies are here to help businesses and marketers alike.

2020 Virtual Networking Calendar

To help members of our community get to know one another a little better, Online Optimism created an ongoing list of the many webinars available across the country.

New Orleans’ Educated Voter’s Guide

In preparation for local and national elections, we’ve created a guide to educate New Orleans residents on the issues that directly impact them.

Business Continuity Solutions Guide

While we are in tough times, we know that supporting our community is paramount. In doing so, we created a guide to help businesses with the effects of COVID-19 and future crises.

The Google Ads & Analytics Guide You've Always Needed

The Google Ads & Analytics Guide You’ve Always Needed

Guides for adjusting Google Analytics in order to optimize Google Ads campaigns are in short supply—so we made one! Read our comprehensive guide on Ads and Analytics today.

Social Media Profile Audit: Checklists to Optimize Your Accounts

Social Media Profile Audit: Checklists to Optimize Your Accounts

It’s important to optimize your business’ social media to its fullest potential. Download our checklists to walk through best practices on each platform.

Web Accessibility: Building a Better Web for Everyone

Web Accessibility: Building a Better Web for Everyone

Web accessibility is an important topic, yet many remain unclear about what it is or why it matters. Our informative guide answers these questions and more!

Winter Marketing Guide

Our Winter Marketing Guide will give you the insight you need to help get customers to your business during the winter months! Bonus Mardi Gras content included!

NOLA Aesthetic Guide

New Orleans offers countless opportunities to capture unique photos. Here’s our cheat sheet to the most popular and hidden gems in the city.

Tips for Doing Business in New Orleans

With all that New Orleans has to offer, we’ve learned a few things about business development in New Orleans that we’d love to share with you.

Anatomy of a Social Media Post: Specifications & Best Practices

If you’re looking to make sure that every tweet, post, share, pin, and ad is perfect for your social network of choice, look no further. Our constantly up-to-date guide below will give you the information you’re seeking.

How’s Your Instagram Game?

This short but smart Instagram Quiz will evaluate the quality of your account and help you learn what you could do to make it even better.

Start Your Business Checklist

By following this checklist, you’ll be able to navigate your business values and marketing strategies with ease.

Marketing Values for Post-Millennials Whitepaper

Discover how your organization can adapt to reach this highly skeptical generation.

New Orleans Stock Photos

New Orleans is a beautiful city—its aesthetic alone makes it deserving of its own series of stock images.

Summer Marketing Guide

Our Summer Marketing Guide will give you the head start you need to help get customers to your business during the summer months!