COVID-19 Resources

Staying Optimistic during Change

Here at Online Optimism, we’ve compiled together a number of different resources related to COVID-19 that we hope you will find helpful. From insightful guides to working from home tips, we want to share with you how we’re adjusting to the new normal as well as give advice for those still adjusting.

Though this is a scary time, we choose optimism. Being based in such a resilient city like New Orleans, we are continually empowered by the sense of community that surrounds us and have hope that we will all bounce back better than ever.

Business Continuity Solutions Guide

While we are in tough times, we know that supporting our community is paramount. In doing so, we created a guide to help businesses with the effects of COVID-19 and future crises.

work from home tips

Work From Home Tips: Staying Active

Struggling to stay active while working from home and being in quarantined? We share a few tips to get you moving even when you’re in the house.

How to Use the Google Ads App Out of the Office

While we continue to stay in quarantine, find out how you can keep your ads organized with the Google Ads app.

NOLA Ready

Find out all the information you need to know to get tested for COVID-19 in New Orleans.

2020 Virtual Networking Calendar

To help members of our community get to know one another a little better, Online Optimism created an ongoing list of the many webinars available across the country.

New Orleans Tourism Barometer

As we continue to move through a time of uncertainty, our ability to change and adapt is paramount. Use our trends tracking dashboard to put yourself and your New Orleans business in a position to anticipate change.

Using Instagram’s New Food Delivery and Gift Card Stickers

Learn more about Instagrams new sticker feature that can help your loyal diners find your restaurant on food delivery apps.

Zoom Backgrounds

Itching to go out to your favorite restaurants and bars? Check out our fun Zoom backgrounds where you can pretend you’re sipping cocktails at Carousel Bar or dining out at Galatoire’s!

new orleans coffee shops

New Orleans Coffee Shops

Still need your caffeine fix during quarantine? Well look no further, we’ve compiled a list of all the New Orleans coffee shops that are still providing us with with much needed coffee.

Blog: Handling COVID-19 as a Small Biz & an Optimist

Find out how we’re adjusting to the new normal here at Online Optimism. Despite having to make big changes, we continue to stay optimistic.

How NOLA Businesses are Adapting During COVID-19

Read our interviews with small business owners within New Orleans and see how they’ve adapted their businesses to better their community and employees during COVID-19.