Case Study: Using Animation to Share Vital Health Information


Access Health Louisiana needed to share digestible information about services and health measures with their patients and community, but they didn’t have the internal bandwidth to create live-action videos. Online Optimism was able to step in and provide animated videos, even creating 2D versions of AHL’s doctors to star in two videos, and share them across social media.


Access Health Louisiana’s marketing team knew that video would be the quickest way to get information to their community, but the process of writing, shooting, and editing multiple videos proved to be a struggle. When recording videos, businesses often need to find the time, willing team members, equipment that will help them produce a quality product, and someone with editing knowledge.

By using animation, videos don’t rely on staff members to be in front of the camera, which allows the client to spread the exact message they want to share with top-quality, standout, branded content. Additionally, as social media moves further toward silent viewing, animations communicate messages visually, rather than relying on closed captions.


With the Design and Social Media Departments collaborating, Online Optimism produced 17 animated videos in both English and Spanish over 15 months. Scripts were communicated through text animation or voice overs recorded by Access Health Louisiana’s own doctors (with Spanish recordings from a hired voice actor).

Once complete, videos were distributed across social media platforms as organic posts and advertisements, drawing awareness of the brand, their services, and health safety throughout the pandemic. Animations can also be formatted for television, which Access Health Louisiana chose for an animation featuring Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. MarkAlain Déry.

Our team’s animations have saved the Access Health Louisiana time and money that they otherwise would have spent producing in-house video clips. Adapting to animated videos on social media allowed their staff to focus on improving the health of Southeast Louisiana and stopping the spread of COVID-19, while we focused on spreading their message.


Using animations in organic posts and advertisements, Online Optimism was able to deliver the following results over the first six months of this campaign (May–October 2020).

Six-Month Social Media Results

Total Paid Thru Plays
Cost per Thru Play

From the Client

We have been working with Online Optimism for three years now focusing on building brand awareness, social media paid advertisements and digital campaigns. Animations have helped our organization maintain our professional digital presence and allowed us to effectively spread our message in a visually appealing way. More recently, we have relied on their digital team to help us generate positive messaging about the importance of COVID testing throughout Louisiana. Online Optimism continues to excel at providing excellent service, timely responses and quality work. I highly recommend them to any company looking to expand their marketing reach or digital footprint.

Access Health Louisiana logo on doctor holding stethoscope
Chenier Reynolds
Director of Outreach, Development & Operational Support
Access Health Louisiana
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