Case Study:Increasing Awareness and Tickets Sales on Social Media


The Crescent City Creative Carnival was looking to launch their inaugural event in New Orleans, a gathering of Artists and Creatives in one of the most celebrated culture capitals of the world. Their goals were not only to drive ticket sales for the event but also to build a brand and an involved social media following for the Carnival for years to come.

While the Carnival already had a small social media presence, the content and strategy behind those profiles were not driving the engagement and relationships needed to connect with their target audience for the event.

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After meeting with the Carnival team, we knew that representing New Orleans with local insight was extremely important to them. While the Carnival team worked from outside of New Orleans, the founders were born and raised in the city, and they wanted to bring creative resources and knowledge back home through the Carnival. Another key priority for this campaign was reaching and speaking directly to New Orleans’ diverse creative population. One of the main goals for the Carnival was to provide a low-barrier of entry event for New Orleans-based creatives to learn important skills, share knowledge, and boost their own success. We knew we could reach this audience through social media, with a particular emphasis on Instagram, and shaped our social media content and advertising based on these key priorities.

Our approach included a mix of social media content creation tailored to our target audience, as well as a focused social media advertising campaign that followed a two-prong approach: building recognition and brand awareness for the Carnival for years to come, as well as driving immediate ticket sales for this year’s event.


Our social media content creation focused on showcasing images of New Orleans, custom photography captured by the Online Optimism team, as well as featuring user-generated content from Creatives in the New Orleans community on Instagram. Instagram was a large part of our social media strategy, and we focused most of our efforts on reaching our target audience through this platform.

Through social media advertising, we focused on building brand awareness and brand recognition for the Carnival, as well as targeting website traffic to drive ticket sales. The majority of the placement for ads was also on Instagram and received the highest conversions in that placement.




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