Case Study: SEO Consulting on Display for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art


The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is one of New Orleans’ most popular cultural attractions. Recognized for its exhibitions, public programs, and educational initiatives, the museum holds the largest and most comprehensive collection of art from the American South. The Ogden Museum came to us looking to boost traffic on their website, specifically from organic queries on Google and other search engines. With an on-staff marketing team already in place, the Ogden Museum was looking for additional guidance to enhance their content strategy.

The Ogden Museum's home page on a laptop

Technical and On-Site Changes

While the Ogden Museum already had a recently redesigned website, our team performed an audit to help the museum use its site to its fullest potential. Following SEO best practices, our content team made technical and on-site changes to increase the visibility of the Ogden Museum’s website on search engines like Google and Bing. Our team focused on adding important website metadata, making adjustments to increase page-load speed, and setting up behind-the-scenes code that helps search engines more easily understand the content on the museum’s pages.

Our work helped move the Ogden Museum from the second page to the first page of search results for “New Orleans Art Museum” on Google.

Tablet showing the Ogden's placement on the first page of a Google search for "New Orleans Art Museum"
Gif that scrolls through a click-based heat map of the Ogden's home page that we included in their reports

Custom Reporting

All of Online Optimism’s campaigns are data-driven, and our SEO consulting with the Ogden Museum was no exception. We provided detailed search-result and analytics reports designed to highlight the most important information from the campaign, including organic traffic, effective search queries, and changes in keyword rankings. Additionally, we crafted custom graphics, such as a heatmap visualizing click data from a webpage compiling the Ogden Museum’s recent blog posts, live-streamed events, and virtual exhibition tours.

Strategy and Feedback

With SEO consulting projects, our goal is to give our clients as much information as possible. We provided practical guidelines for blogging, image formatting, and content creation with SEO, accessibility, and UX in mind. Our team collaborated with the Ogden Museum’s in-house content creators to provide high-value keywords and other opportunities for search engine optimization.

The front of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Online Optimism’s team provided our staff with important guidelines to better incorporate SEO into our current content strategy. By providing us with instructions to follow going forward and assistance setting up easy-to-read reports, Online Optimism has helped us take our digital marketing efforts to the next level. Their team is always accessible and helped us find new ways to measure the success of our online initiatives.

Ogden Museum of Southern Art
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Director of Marketing & Experience
Ogden Museum of Southern Art
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