Case Study: Establishing Brand Identity For A Tech Consulting Firm on LinkedIn


Square Peg Technologies wanted to work with an agency that was familiar with government contracting who could establish their digital brand identity and expertise in the industry. They also wanted to align the company’s success with the success of their founder, Jacquay Henderson, making him a key part of the brand’s identity.

Square Peg Technologies


As a technology firm mainly working with government agencies and B2B businesses, Square Peg found that LinkedIn was an ideal platform to target their audience. Their main goals were to establish their digital brand identity, showcase their expertise, and make their founder’s success an integral part of Square Peg Technologies’ success.

Online Optimism’s Content team published articles on Jacquay’s personal LinkedIn, focusing on topics that aligned with the company’s core capabilities. Our Social Media and Design teams also created posts and graphics that showcased Square Peg Technologies’ services, and both the company’s and Jacquay’s accomplishments.


The Online Optimism team leveraged Jacquay’s personal network to grow the company’s LinkedIn through the Invite Connections feature, leading to a significant following growth. We posted twice weekly on LinkedIn, sharing content that showcased both the company and Jacquay. The content published on Jacquay’s profile was then used for social posts on the company’s profile as we created graphics with easily digestible information, aligning the founder’s expertise with the company’s.

We were able to create a defined brand identity that showcased Square Peg Technologies’ capabilities while creating a connection between the company and founder that spoke to their expertise and success as a whole.


With consistent organic posting and seven content pieces written for Jacquay’s personal profile, Square Peg Technologies’ followers and engagement grew as we established a cohesive digital brand identity.

Six Month Social Results

Follower Growth

Increased from 186 to 715 followers.

Company Engagement Rate

For company page content, vs. the average engagement rate per impression on LinkedIn: 3.16%.

Individual Engagement Rate

For on-network organic articles.

Jacquay Henderson LinkedIn post showing the venn diagram of where hriing a data scientist exists in today's economy.
LinkedIn post of Jacquay henderson in front of the 10KSB Sign
LinkedIn post looking at Data Governance vs Data Management
LinkedIn post showing Core Capabilities

From the Client

Online Optimism has helped us to broaden our online audience and share our insights about the fields of advanced data analytics, engineering, and visualizations. I have found them easy to work with in order to achieve our communications and thought leadership objectives.

Square Peg Technologies
Jacquay Henderson
Founder and CEO, Square Peg Technologies
OO Business Card

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