Case Study: Optimizing eCommerce with Facebook Advertising


Ministry to Youth wanted more user visits to their website and were looking to double their sales revenue. An ecommerce company with the goal of saving youth ministry leaders both time and money by creating bundles of lessons and games, Ministry to Youth was looking for a social media marketing campaign that stays up to date with the ever-changing platforms of Facebook and Instagram.

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Ministry to Youth leadership was not new to digital marketing or ecommerce and had been running a campaign for years without the help of a digital marketing agency. While that campaign worked and it was clear that certain techniques were providing strong results, Facebook’s notorious penchant for changing policies and best practices made it difficult for Ministry to Youth to always make the most of their advertising dollars. 

By collecting qualified email addresses, Ministry to Youth was able to reach past and current shoppers, but they were not effectively reaching new audiences. Online Optimism’s approach involved using these emails in combination with Facebook tools such as Pixel tracking, Lookalike audiences, and Interests to drive new groups of potential customers to the website.

With a team focused exclusively on social media advertising performance, Online Optimism was able to help Ministry to Youth attract new customers while saving them time and money. This strategy included:

  • Developing new audiences based on qualified emails and Pixel tracking.
  • Utilizing remarketing tactics to target previous customers and limit them from seeing too many ads.
  • A/B testing messaging, imagery, and ad formats.
  • Monitoring and optimizing ad campaigns based on changes to Facebook requirements and ad performance.

Each month, the Online Optimism team consulted with Ministry to Youth on upcoming sales and products to feature in advertisements. This also allowed ad budgets to change month over month, which is reflected in our results.


With efforts of optimizing imagery, text, and campaigns, Online Optimism was able to deliver the following results.

Initial 6 Month Campaign Results, When Compared to Previous Advertising

Average Return on Ad Spend
People Reached by Facebook Advertisements
Increase in Landing Page Views
Decrease in Cost per Landing Page View
Animated graph displaying Ministry to Youth's increase in return on ad spend from an estimated 2.05 ROI to 7.70 ROI after 7 months of management by Online Optimism

I am thrilled with the results I have achieved while working with Online Optimism. From the start, they have worked hard to increase my customer base and reach my earnings goals. Working with the Online Optimism team has felt like a partnership that helped me gain insights into what appeals to my customer base. I look forward to continuing our partnership and leaning on their expertise.

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