Case Study: Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

Optimizing Multiple Digital Marketing Strategies


All Inclusive Health wanted to increase membership in its personal training and nutrition planning facility. Their goal was to promote the business on social media while driving more organic traffic to the website.

All Inclusive Health had an existing social media presence, but no cohesive strategy that built brand awareness and converted followers into new members. Additionally, All Inclusive Health barely had a digital footprint when searched on Google. With no mentions in major publications, prospective members had to overcome the trust barrier that exists between a business and a new customer. How can we help a local gym become a household name in New Orleans while increasing its exposure online?


After meeting with the company founder, it was clear trust and respect are crucial factors when picking a personal trainer. We had to position All Inclusive Health as a confident and trustworthy partner in a prospective member’s fitness journey. Our team helped establish these key campaign goals:

  • Increase Facebook and Instagram engagement by creating high-quality, sharable posts
  • Receive authoritative backlinks on reputable news sites
  • Optimize social media pages and website pages for conversions
  • Continue to build All Inclusive Health’s local following

Our SEO and Content department added new service pages to the website, that made All Inclusive Health’s website more searchable and digestible for new members. We added new, relevant content to the site every week with the approval of Julie Joffrion, owner and head trainer at All Inclusive Health. Our social media team shared custom photography, new blog posts, and local New Orleans information to connect with All Inclusive Health’s fans. Through the ongoing efforts of both the SEO & Content department and Social Media department, we continue to build All Inclusive Health’s presence as a trusted local fitness studio, who is able to help their clients reach fitness and nutrition goals.


Our added content on the All Inclusive Health website made the company more searchable on Google, while providing valuable, industry-relevant information to current and prospective gym members. By working in tandem with the social media team, All Inclusive Health was able to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that directly addressed the needs of its customers.

All Inclusive Health was featured in over a dozen high-value online publications including Elite Daily, HelloGiggles, sheknows, and more. These links boosted the clinic’s authority and increased organic search traffic to the site.

As more and more articles featured All Inclusive Health, their organic website traffic grew drastically, leading to more conversions. Our social media team showcased these publications to current and prospective gym members. By communicating relevant information, we continued to build trust with All Inclusive Health’s target audiences while simultaneously growing their online community.

Using custom photography in our geo-targeted social media advertisements, we successfully reached over 63,000 people and grew All Inclusive Health’s local following by 11% over six months. All Inclusive Health continues to grow as a trusted New Orleans fitness studio, as they have hired two new personal trainers as a result of the increase in new clients.


Percent Increase in Organic Traffic Compared to Month 1
People Reached By Facebook Advertisements
Features In Highly Trafficked News Publications
Online Optimism has gone above and beyond in its efforts to make All Inclusive Health a locally trusted personal training studio in New Orleans. The team handled both our social media and SEO/content campaigns exceptionally. Before partnering with Online Optimism, we struggled to build a credible connection with our existing social media audience and had little to no digital presence. Online Optimism treated me as a partner, and my business has seen considerable positive results. We have experienced such a significant increase in new clients that we hired two new trainers since the start of our marketing efforts. Our clients and our team could not be happier, and we’re excited to continue growing our company.
Julie JoffrionOwner, All Inclusive Health

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