Why Free Stock Images Help Boost Your Brand

Free stock images are a useful resource, especially for a business on a budget. From helping you avoid copyright infringement to aiding you in crafting a more credible social media presence, using free stock images is one of the simplest ways to enhance your company’s visual brand at no cost.

The Benefits of Using Free Stock Images

There are numerous advantages to using free stock images for your company. Check out some of our favorite benefits of free stock photos below!

Avoid Licensing Issues


While it can be tempting to pull high-quality images from other sources without checking whether they’re available to use, the legal consequences of copyright infringement can be serious (and confusing!). Free stock images help you avoid getting into accidental legal trouble. Most free stock photos are royalty-free, and while the requirements for the use of royalty-free stock images can differ, they are generally much more flexible than photos with other types of licenses. Pro tip: Always check the license requirements of your free stock images before you use them!

Save Time and Money

save time

Scheduling, organizing, and carrying out a photo shoot is an unavoidably long, detailed, and costly process. Rather than going through the hassle and expense of a shoot, using free stock images saves precious time—downloading a high-quality stock photo takes just seconds! Free stock photography also saves your business money, allowing you to avoid the costs of photographers, models, props, and sets altogether, while still offering you high-quality images.

Enhance Professional Materials


Free stock images have countless uses in the field of graphic design. Stock photos give you access to thousands of images that would be otherwise difficult to obtain, such as photos of specific events, faraway locations, or even just high-quality images of your own city. If you need a photo for a quick mockup, a published advertisement, or posts on your company’s social media accounts, a stock image has you covered.

Build Social Media Credibility

social media credibility

Thousands of posts are uploaded to social media sites every day. To stand out from the crowd, use high-quality images in your content. Social media posts paired with photos are far more likely to get engagements than posts with only text. Using high-quality images in your posts establishes a brand aesthetic that your followers and customers can identify with. Free stock images are an easy and efficient way to build credibility and an identity for your brand. Consistent posts with relevant, high-quality images that appeal to your target audience can draw in fans and keep them coming back for more.

Brand Yourself in Your City

New Orleans residents are proud to live in a place with a rich culture and history, so it is important to showcase your brand’s rapport with the city, especially if your business is locally based. High-quality images of picturesque and beloved spots around town show that you love New Orleans as much as your patrons do!

Enhancing Your Brand with Good Stock Photos

With these simple approaches to incorporating free stock images into your company’s visual materials, you can grow your business and your brand without breaking the bank. Interested in learning more about branding your company? Take a look at our digital design work and contact us today!