What SEO Strategies Are Going to Last?

Trying to decide which SEO strategies are going to be around in a few years is like trying to catch smoke in your hands. Google’s algorithms are always considering the user’s experience and thus outlawing a majority of publishing tactics aimed at grabbing their attention. This has a two-fold benefit in that it provides the most useful information to the user and makes the publisher work harder to meet their specific needs. But there are a few methods that have stood the test of time and other tactics that are likely to remain.

Expert Branding

The best way for anyone to want your links or follow your profiles or basically just to care about you is to become the expert of your field. You can do this with a number of methods including high-volume, quality content; active social media campaigns and engagement; tutorials and advice columns; answering questions and recommending products. Being an expert doesn’t just mean having all the answers, it means being the first responder to a user’s crisis as well as the follow-up friend. Be consistent as well as knowledgeable

Content Marketing

With over $18 billion spent on content marketing and 2.5 billion pieces of content shared daily (according to the Custom Content Council Survey), it is obvious that content marketing that is the future of SEO. Hummingbird has focused Google search specifications to glean only valuable, authentic information for the user. That means that content marketing has to step up it’s game with longer content, statistics and examples, instead of relying on image saturation use useful tools like flow charts, graphs and diagrams as well. If you build the right content, the links will come.

What’s Coming Up Next

The best way to know which SEO options is being continuously on guard for the newest algorithm updates and standards from Google. From what we have gathered, there is to be a co-mingling of social, content and search thanks to Hummingbird. Search engines now want localized, relevant and focused answers for their users. As a publisher, you need to focus on tailoring the content to the conversation, keeping the conversation interesting through social media, and building your brand as the expert choice.

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