What is SEO? (part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the conclusion to our introduction to SEO. Our first two posts on the topic covered the basic changes that need to be made in order to optimize for SEO. In our final part, we’ll cover the different methods that people take to utilize search engine optimization, as well as where we believe SEO is going in the future. It’s advanced SEO!

In order for your company to be constantly optimized, companies turn to two different solutions. In-house, or an agency. Performing SEO in-house can go two ways – either an untrained employee will be told to research SEO and try their best, or you’ll hire on a professional for a salary high above what you’re likely looking to pay. In the first-case, with the untrained pro, they may be tempted to use black-hat methods. These strategies, which are essentially get-rich-quick schemes for the internet, always end poorly. The second case will result in costs that might not be able to match the benefits of the services your getting.

An agency solution comes years of experience in a variety of topics related to SEO. Due to their relationship with a variety of companies, they’re more adaptable to your unique needs. And their costs are typically lower than the benefits the organization will receive. In addition, for an agency, their entire bottom line is based off knowledge of SEO, so you can be assured that they’ll be up to date on the very latest techniques available in the industry.

So where is SEO going in the future? We believe that as the industry evolves, the need to hire and agency or a professional will continue to grow. Computer systems and search algorithms are already very complex, and they’ll only continue along that trend. If your company realizes your need for using search engine optimization to beat your competitors, you’ll need a team who understands who will take advantage of every technique in the book.

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