Top 8 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy from Atlanta’s Small Businesses

In preparation for Mother’s Day, we’ve curated a list of our favorite Atlanta-based brands, so you can get your mom the perfect gift from a local Atlanta retailer. As a small business that recently expanded to Atlanta, we wanted to highlight some of the unique local businesses in the city. While we are not affiliated with the companies listed, we are supporters and wanted to give them a shout-out. 

Whether your mom needs a day at the spa or some new items for her wardrobe, we have got you covered!

ATL Boards

For the Sweet Tooth:

If your mom has a sweet tooth and can’t imagine turning down dessert, ATL Boards has the perfect gift for her. This candy charcuterie company sources candy from all around the world to give your mom a one-of-a-kind candy experience. Options for ordering include assortments in 4×4, 6×6, and 10×10 boards. Varieties consist of Spring Sunshine, Pink Sugar, Dino Drama, Blue Rose, Enchanted Unicorn, Pastel Rainbow, and more! These candy boards are an upgrade from traditional chocolate and are sure to become one of your mom’s new favorite things!

Bodacious Food Company

For the Snacker:

For the moms who love to snack but don’t have a sweet tooth, try Bodacious Food Company! Cathy Cunningham was inspired by her late mother, Geraldine Cunningham, and began the company with the latter’s delicious cheese straw recipe. These cheese straws are made 50% 12-month aged Wisconsin cheddar cheeses. In addition to aged cheddar, Bodacious Food Company sells pimento cheese, chipotle cheddar, and parmesan herb flavors. Note that the aged cheddar and parmesan flavors are gluten-free. These cheese straws are a snack that is hard to put down.

Telesomm App

For the Wine Lover:

Does anything scream Mother’s Day more than a nice bottle of wine? If your mom likes to wind down with a glass or two of wine, consider scheduling an event through the Telesomm App. This new app connects users with sommeliers for custom wine experiences. There are three established sommeliers who host events through the app and run their respective businesses. There’s Abria Green with Rose n’ Soirees, Kelly Cornette with Cork in the Road, and Chris McLloyd with the Hip Hop Somm. These sommeliers partner with local Atlanta restaurants and wine shops, such as Vinoteca, 3 Parks, and Perrine’s for custom wine and food pairings that are sure to impress your mom! Whether you want a wine and cheese night, a bubbly brunch, or a wine cocktail-making course, Telesomm will not disappoint!

Salt N’ Sauna Wellness Center

For the Health Conscious:

Most of us have been homebodies for over a year now, balancing work and home life. Now might be the time to get your mom out of the house and treat her to a lovely spa. While the Salt N’ Sauna Wellness Center Wellness Center is not your traditional spa, it is sure to give your mom some much-needed “me time.” This wellness center was founded by Kim Swords, who struggled with her own health and desired to create a customizable experience for all of her clients, specific to their respiratory or skin issues. Salt N’ Sauna is a one-stop-shop for a complete body detox with Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy) and Infrared Sauna Therapy. Salt N’ Sauna was voted the Best Holistic/Alternative Medicine and Best Med Spa for the 2020 North Atlanta Best of Awards. If your mom needs to recharge this Mother’s Day, definitely look into this wellness spa, where you can purchase a package, membership, guest pass, or a combo!


Soulful Journey Coaching

For the Astrology Lover:

If your mom has ever justified her actions by claiming she’s a Gemini or a Scorpio, Soulful Journey Coaching may be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her! Whether she already knows all about her natal chart or has never looked into it before but is interested, Intuitive Astrologer Chelsea of Soulful Journey Coaching is there! Soulful Journey Coaching offers karmic and intuitive readings, which will go over your mom’s chart highlights, themes, patterns, strengths, and challenges. It also goes into her karmic soul lessons, what needs to be integrated and healed, and how to evolve to her soul’s highest expression. There is also the past, present, and future reading, where Chelsea works to uncover a significant past life that your mom is still carrying karma, patterns, or trauma from and offers her advice on how to move on. All of these services are conducted via Zoom and are recorded so your mom can go back to it whenever she wants. This experience is definitely one your mom will never forget.

Paint Your Numbers

For the Artist:

What better way to bond with your mom this Mother’s Day than to engage in some arts and crafts together? Paint Your Numbers takes a childhood favorite and personalizes it to each customer. All you have to do is choose your favorite image and select a canvas size, ranging from 12×16 to 20×20, and Paint Your Numbers takes care of the rest. The company will create and mail your canvas in addition to providing acrylic paint and brushes for you to use. This gift will allow you to create something with your mom, bring a memory to life in a new way, and leave you both with a beautiful painting and experience of doing something together.


For the Fashionista: 

85 North

For Mother’s Day, who wouldn’t love some new clothes? 85 North is a local clothing brand that aims to celebrate Atlanta’s culture in all its pieces. The clothing company even created a Mother’s Day collection, making your shopping experience even easier! The collection features t-shirts, bathing suits, hats, mugs, and other women’s essentials. All the designs are connected to Atlanta, from MLK Dream to Georgia Peaches, and their newest design: A Whole Vibe. Trust us, if your mom loves clothing, 85 North is a must!

Box of Zeal

For the Mom Who Has it All:

If you’re still stumped beyond belief or have no idea where your mom best fits, leave this year’s gift to Box of Zeal. Started by sorority sisters in August of 2020, this online gifting platform creates curated and highly personalized gift boxes. You can either shop their pre-curated boxes by occasion or build your own from various gift options, including face masks, mugs, planners, candy, and more! Box of Zeal has also created a Mother’s Day collection with four pre-made gift boxes that will fit your mom’s personality. These Mother’s Day boxes include a Spa Day box and the Royal Treatment Relaxation Box for the mom who deserves to be pampered. There is also the Roses for Mom box, a traditional gift box full of rose-related products, and the Mom Travel Essentials Box for things your mom can use daily!

Whatever type of gift you choose to give your mom this year, we’re sure she’ll love it. Happy Mother’s Day from Online Optimism!