Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following in New Orleans

Facebook is a must for companies today, and having a strong following is key to delivering ROI. More than one billion people use Facebook on a daily basis, which makes it an invaluable source for connecting with your current and prospective customers. With 65 million businesses on Facebook, you can bet your competition is on there as well.

Smart social media marketing strategies are critical. When done correctly, social media can build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, generate new leads, increase sales, and improve community engagement and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to grow an existing following, Online Optimism’s top five tips can help any company seeking a stronger Facebook following in New Orleans.

1. Publish Quality Posts on a Regular Basis

Think about your own Facebook feed. What kind of content do you like to see? Professional, relevant posts perform best with users.

If your posts are inconsistent, use low-quality images, or contain poorly written copy, you’re limiting your potential. Not only will users be unlikely to follow you or engage with such posts, but your company’s credibility could also suffer. Learn how creative content creation can benefit your business and complement your social media strategy with valuable, shareable content users want to see.

2. Partner with New Orleans Businesses for GiveawaysFacebook giveaways

According to a survey from Kentico Digital Experience, 39% of people “follow brands to receive a special offer.” Contests, prizes, and giveaways have the capacity to encourage engagement, attract new followers, and keep existing followers checking your Page. When you partner with another business in New Orleans, you can also gain access to their fans. Read more about how we use social media giveaways on the Online Optimism social media service page.

3. Boost Your Posts for Further Reach

Once you’re publishing quality posts, you need to make sure users are seeing them. Reach is also important to getting your giveaways off the ground. But Facebook limits the organic reach business profiles’ posts can achieve to create a better experience for users.

One of the best ways to make up for the reduced organic reach is by boosting posts. Choose how much money you’d like to spend, how many days your promotion should run, and the audience you’d like to target to increase the reach of specific posts.

4. Use Paid Ads to Find New Followers

Whether you’re starting at zero or already have a healthy following, paid ads on Facebook can help you regularly find more followers. Facebook provides you with a number of different marketing objectives to select when you create an ad, and gaining page likes is one of them. Choose your audience and exclude people who already like your Page to make the most of your advertising dollars.

If Facebook advertising is outside your wheelhouse, turn to our team of social media experts to get your campaign started right away.

5. Engage with Your Followers

Facebook engagement

Community management is a huge part of maintaining your social media following. From private messages to comments, Wall posts, Page mentions, and reviews, there are many ways followers expect to interact with your business onFacebook. In fact, data from Sprout Social indicates that the majority of people prefer social media to any other choice for customer care.

In addition to addressing questions, concerns, and any negative feedback you may receive, 

it’s important to encourage positive engagement with your company as well. If you can show that you’re responsive, friendly, and helpful, you can win over prospective customers and maintain your fanbase.


For help growing your Facebook following in New Orleans, contact Online Optimism today.