Time Magazine Gets a Responsive Website Design – Should You?

The answer for most companies is yes – it’s a smart decision now that will save you headaches in the future. Not only is it preferrable for most users, but responsive design is actually Google’s preferred method. And if there is one thing that smart web-designers know, it’s that making Google happy is always a good decision.Click on past the break for a complete analysis of why you should go with responsive design.

Before we go any further, let’s have a definition:

Responsive design refers to a website’s ability to adjust to different screen sizes, such as a phone, tablet, or full-sized desktop computer, while only minimally adjusting how the content actually reads and feels.

Time Magazine Responsive Website DesignOf course, actually implementing responsive design onto your website requires a lot more know-how behind the scenes. But after the implementation is complete, then it is no more work on the front end. Your content, new posts, and everything else will be set to automatically adjust based on the screen size of the user – not on some present choices made by the web designer.

Who will benefit most from you choosing a responsive design? Your users!

A responsive design will remove that pesky problem of trying to scroll all the way over to the right on a cell phone, because that’s where the designer placed the ocntact information. It can have your business’ phone number appear right at the top of your home page immediately as a user pulls it up on their mobile browser. For restaurants, bars, and other local places, this is a must-have.

As the proliferation of mobile phones and tablets increases over the next several years, the need for a responsive website design is only going to increase. So why not be ahead of your competitors and get one today? If you’re a business looking for responsive web-design, contact us today!