These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things: What Optimists Love About Working at Online Optimism

Working at Online Optimism over the past six months, I’ve grown to love many aspects of this company. Office pups, weekly yoga classes, a supportive team—it’s really hard to decide on my favorite part about working here. That’s why I decided to ask a few of my fellow Optimists the question, “What is your favorite part of working at Online Optimism?”

Flynn Zaiger

Flynn, CEO

We're nimble, in every sense of the word. From working quickly for our clients, to adjusting our internal policies when there is room for improvement, to optimizing campaigns based on data, to the pace that our office pups race for food -- everything we do at Online Optimism can feel at breakneck speed. It's one of the things that makes our company challenging and exciting every day.
Irene Wambui Muchai

Irene, Business Development Associate

My favorite thing about working at Online Optimism is seeing the Barketers and Meowketers hard at work -- they're the stars of the show!
Lauren Walter

Lauren, Senior Content Strategist

One of my favorite things about working at Online Optimism is our supportive and collaborative work environment. You hear about other workplaces, where people are working in isolation or even in competition against one another. I think we thrive by working together, sharing ideas, and helping each other to do our best.

Anna, Senior Content Specialist

I feel very appreciated at this job. Optimists go out of their way to make sure that everyone feels valued for their work.
Juan Pablo Madrid

Juan Pablo, Design Director

My current favorite is our new office. It's a space that represents years of focus and of creativity. It was just a blank canvas at first that we've progressively made more beautiful and functional.
Claire Escobedo

Claire, Associate Digital Designer

My favorite thing about working here is being part of such a collaborative, capable, and fun team of people. It's super exciting when we have projects or clients that touch a bunch of different departments, or that require several of our individual skill sets, because the results are always so much bigger and better than anything we could accomplish on our own. I trust each of my coworkers. I like working with them, and I genuinely like them as people, too.
Meara McNitt

Meara, Senior Social Media Strategist

I love that the culture here is very by the Optimists, for the Optimists. All team members are welcome to give feedback, requests are almost always fulfilled, and every effort is made to make the office a place we all enjoy coming to.
Morgan Bachemin

Morgan, Digital Ads Director

My favorite thing about working at Online Optimism is being surrounded by some of the smartest people in the New Orleans marketing world. There are so many great and innovative ideas coming from every department that I don't see in other companies in the city. Everyone brings their best to the office every day. It inspires me to stay on the cutting edge and always looking for what new trends I can present to them.

Alex, Digital Ads Specialist

My favorite thing about working at OO is the welcoming and collaborative environment. I’m not afraid to ask questions because everybody is always willing to help out and teach. The open environment really allows people to build relationships throughout all departments.

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