The Value of Hiring Local Copywriters

Defining the exact nature of a copywriter’s (and for 2015, content creator’s) job is easier said than written. They have a variety of functions and none of them have anything to do with copyrights. Copywriters take ideas and concepts and transforms them into marketable packages that can be translated to customers, vendors and advertisers. If you are planning to hire a copywriter, be sure to find one that is a local to New Orleans so you can avoid the cliched and stereotypical go-to language of a visitor.

Copywriters are a form of creative advertising. They take an idea or a product design and try to find a successful way to package and market the idea in their advertisements. Their goal is to find the right formula to express your ideas to the marketing world and have them pay attention. The benefit of having a local perform your copywriting needs is that you can have a voice that sounds like your own, only with better adjectives. You can avoid the dreaded “-eaux” suffix in every sentence. You can avoid “laissez bon temps rouler” at the end of every commercial. You can avoid that terrible Cajun accent seen in the movies and all the other cheesy quotations that are frequented by those not from New Orleans.

If you find a marketing scheme for New Orleans that contains someone flashing or mentions Hurricane Katrina, their content creator is not from the city. If theyLOCAL COPYWRITERS were, they’d understand that the former is ridiculous and the latter is an event most locals do not want to associate with their home. Putting a fleur-de-lis on something doesn’t make it New Orleanian anymore than adding “yat,” “dem” or “cajun” in the name. By hiring a local to do your copywriting services, you can avoid the inevitable eye roll this type of lingo is going to get your advertisements.

By hiring local content generating services, your business can be appreciated by the locals. And lets face it, they’re a tough crowd to please. It is about building local businesses and enriching the community by giving jobs to the people that live here and want to help the city grow.

Locals can give your business ideas proper shape and description so that they can be respected by marketers and customers alike. But even more important, local copywriters can help to change the conversation and language of the city. They have the first hand knowledge to bring original language and content to your business model that will be appreciated by the locals and breath of fresh air to the national advertising industry. They understand what the locals have seen and what is going to surprise them out of monotony. Your content generator can either repackage the same, tired ideas and try to sell them as something new and exciting or start the conversation to positively transform the stereotypical images of the city. The choice is yours.

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