The Importance of SEO in Cryptocurrency Digital Marketing

In an industry fueled by technological innovation and hype, going back to SEO fundamentals might teach professionals how to improve their cryptocurrency digital marketing. Over the last year, we’ve seen the industry explode to all-time-highs after all-time-highs, leading to what many are calling the next dot-com bubble. This presents an interesting challenge in digital marketing. How do you balance your efforts to market your cryptocurrency business while ensuring your business is more than just hype? What can you do to establish yourself as a legitimate player in the cryptocurrency industry for the long term?

Cryptocurrency Digital Ads Ban

In the past, we’ve seen serious regulation on the advertisement of digital currencies. For example, Google and Facebook have wrestled extensively with how much crypto advertising is available and how much censorship of crypto advertising should happen.

This simultaneously decreases the ability of scams to circulate and makes advertising for legitimate businesses more difficult. Of course, this isn’t true for established companies. Still, it can result in accidental censoring of small companies that have a significantly more difficult time having a digital ads ban lifted for their legitimate services.

When it comes to cryptocurrency digital marketing, that means it’s essential to focus on other avenues of exposure to grow your business over time. Advertising is a straightforward way to drive traffic to your products and services, but SEO is becoming even more critical for cryptocurrency businesses to legitimize themselves in the market.

What That Means for Cryptocurrency Digital Marketing

With the digital ads ban, short-term marketing strategies are made increasingly competitive. The state of cryptocurrency digital marketing requires a content marketing team to prioritize long-term digital marketing strategies in addition to their short-term efforts. SEO is a long-term solution to business growth that requires careful planning, execution, and commitment over a long period to reap benefits. There are a few key actions that are necessary when it comes to cryptocurrency digital marketing.

Understand Your Goals

Understanding your goals as a cryptocurrency business is about how long you want to be in the industry. Pump-and-dump schemes have reasonably made many people cautious of the cryptocurrency space. These schemes epitomize short-term gains over long-term growth and rely on digital marketing strategies that reflect this timeline. This is the primary reason for the digital ads ban, but that means small businesses have a more difficult time on two fronts.

Small businesses are disadvantaged by the digital ads ban due to the possibility of their ads being removed. They aren’t receiving the same growth as cryptocurrency businesses with more hype around them. This means prioritizing the long-term growth of your business runs against the grain of a considerable portion of the industry. There aren’t immediate incentives for doing so, which can quickly cause professionals to focus on short-term gains due to the recent price increases.

Understanding your goals will allow you to focus on the strategies that will best support your business plan and prioritize your time and effort in that area accurately. In addition, you can better curate your content by knowing the exact audience you intend to target.

SEO for Cryptocurrency

Search Engine Optimization is the primary long-term digital marketing strategy that has proven time and time again that if you optimize your content, you’ll drive more traffic to your business over the long term. Of course, there is no guarantee of success, but quality SEO has long been foundational to businesses’ long-term digital marketing success. This is essential for growing cryptocurrency businesses that want to stay relevant during the rise and fall of cryptocurrency hype.

Quality Keyword Research

Keyword research is foundational to content marketing. Keywords are words or phrases that users search when they are trying to find a specific thing. Keyword marketing is curating your content to present the desired information accurately.

The difficulty of keyword research in the cryptocurrency market is they are intensely competitive, and you have to be highly creative when searching for potential keywords. Especially for small businesses, this means you either need to get very specific or curate your content to reflect precisely the problem your business is targeting and how your service or product differs from the competition. Keyword research will allow you to gain relevance and authority in that specific niche over time.

Create Unique Content

Unique content that provides real value to readers is the key to good SEO. When your content is unique and precisely directed at the quality keyword research you have already done, your content will often provide better results for users searching your keyword. The search engine algorithms will pick up on this over time, and your content will rise in rankings since it is more valuable to users searching your keyword.

It isn’t good enough to recycle the same content every other website puts out. Your content needs to provide additional value to your target audience, and that is how you will give your content the best chance to rise in rankings. 

Identify Your Content Gaps

Think about your content systematically. How does your content relate to your services? The end of good SEO is increased conversion; however, this is manifested in your particular business plan. Your content needs to be targeting a specific audience that can lead to more conversions in the crypto space, which often means more explicit content. You need to be able to show what distinguishes your business from the competition. By systematically keeping track of your published content, you can find gaps and further curate your content to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Being aware of the big picture and how each piece of content fits into it and connects will strengthen your business’s content structure. 

Invest in Quality Cryptocurrency Digital Marketing Today

This blog is only scratching the surface of the techniques and tricks used by a professional content marketing team. Investing in quality content marketing will set your business on track to grow alongside the cryptocurrency market. In prioritizing your long-term growth, you’ll increase the awareness of your business, establish yourself in the industry, and develop loyalty with customers. In addition, the ROI of content marketing is easily quantifiable. 

Going to Online Optimism for your cryptocurrency digital marketing will allow you to work with a team of content writers who will help you achieve the long-term growth you’re looking for. If you’re looking to discuss a strategy for your cryptocurrency business, get in touch with Online Optimism, and we will be happy to work with you!