Supporting the City: Rolling River Rescue

Rolling River Rescue is a small, New Orleans based pet rescue organization. They find and fix homes for unwanted and abandoned pets. Rolling River Rescue’s mission is “to take animals into foster homes, get them healthy, spayed/neutered, and microchipped, then find them loving, forever homes.” They are a volunteer-based organization and operate completely on generous donations from pet owners, businesses, and local New Orleanians. They accept monetary donations and the donations of toys, leashes, collars, bowls, litter boxes, puppy pads, beds, blankets, kennels, clothes, diapers, and always food. You can also donate to directly fund the care of a particular pet that pulls on your heartstrings. 

Meet Frank, former RRR foster.

At Rolling River Rescue, pets are available for fostering and adopting. When fostering a pet, Rolling River Rescue will provide you with the support to care for the animal and you will provide the animal with safety and shelter until the pet is adopted. Their fostering options are flexible, from weekend sleepovers to medical fostering. If you cannot bring a pet to an appointment or doctor’s visit, Rolling River Rescue will provide transportation.

When adopting a furry friend, Rolling River Rescue makes it easy! Once you’ve filled out the adoption application for the dog, puppy, or cat you’ve fallen for, Rolling River Rescue will get back to you within 24 hours, planning a home visit to introduce your new family pet to your home. Adoption rates are $150 for puppies, $100 for dogs, and $75 dollars for cats! These rates cover your pet being fixed, up to date on vaccines, dewormed, and treated for any illnesses. 

Rolling River Rescue has a great reputation among pets and pet-owners. JP Madrid, Online Optimism’s Design Director, stands by his decision to adopt from Rolling River Rescue. “My girlfriend and I fostered 10 dogs and 1 cat from RRR [Rolling River Rescue]. Their staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, both to foster parents and potential adopters. When the time came for our 10th foster, Samwich, to get adopted, we realized we did not want him to leave, and finally foster failed. Best decision ever.” Morgan Bachemin, our Digital Ads Director, said “I adopted my sweet dog, Frank from RRR [Rolling River Rescue] right before the quarantine set in and it was the best decision I ever made. He was being fostered by JP actually, and they helped him come out of his shell and get ready for adoption. I couldn’t be more grateful to them for my furry best friend!” 

How You Can Support

There are many ways that you can join the cause and support Rolling River Rescue!

ADOPT. If it’s time to add a furry best friend to your home, or if someone you know is looking for one of their own, check out their available adoptables.

FOSTER. If you aren’t ready to commit forever, but are looking for some furry companionship, they have tons of opportunities for foster care! From weekend sleepovers to medical fosters, you can make all the difference in an animal’s life. Learn more about their foster program.

VOLUNTEER. Don’t have the space to host a foster of your own, but still want to help animals find home? You can work events, transport pets, or do administrative tasks! Check out their volunteer opportunities.

DONATE. Like many other organizations, Rolling River Rescue runs completely on donations. From monetary donations to in-kind, check out how/what you can give to help their animals.

ADVOCATE. Simple and easy, you can spread the word about their adoptable pets! Share their information with family and friends through word of mouth and social media to help them find home.