The Big Three of the Internet Help You Remember 2012

2012 was a pretty amazing year. The London Olympics, Barack v. Romney, and of course, learning that everyone on the planet really likes riding invisible horses. But just how big of a year was it?

Google, Twitter, and Facebook have all released their year-in-reviews, full of pictures, posts, tweets, quotes, and videos that always make us tear up just a little inside. Let’s look at some of their more impressive numbers.

Google had 1.2 trillion searches in 2012. Divide that up by 525,600 minutes, and it comes out to over 2 million posts a minute. Not bad for a company that didn’t exist two decades ago.

Facebook added a personal touch to their year in review, allowing you to see the top 20 stories from your past year. Turns out our biggest news was starting Online Optimism! Always happy to be reminded about that. That, and knowing if you should swipe right on Flynn

Twitter also continued their trek into global dominance, as celebrities and even the pope joined in on the tweeting fun. Their big milestone this year came from @BarackObama, whose post election tweet of “Four more years” led to 810,000 retweets and 300,000 favorites. Why did it do so well? A simple, short quote, and a share-worthy picture.

Still not convinced that 2012 was an amazing year? Then sit through Google’s Zeitgeist. We dare you not to smile while watching it.