Start Video Marketing Today or Get Left Behind

Why is video becoming a far more important form of content advertising?

Video is a new media art form that combines more basic art forms to appeal to the multimedia generations. Video is the basic integration of three common artistic and creative processes including visual art, aural art and conceptual art. Experiencing an art form in multiple dimensions is ideal to drawing in more attention than traditional art forms separately. The visual art is the moving pictures, the aural is the sound and the conceptual is the overall message that is expressed by having sequential images and sounds creating a storyline. Video marketing will not replace images or audio, but is a fundamental step in the growth of content marketing. A long-form content piece can typically be greatly extended with an animation produced by our team in New Orleans. With the increase in media consumption (and wireless data plans,) now is the time that video will prevail as the premiere content marketing strategy.

Girl Taking Picture on iPhone SquareVideo marketing is valuable because it reaches a large audience, particularly a more youthful audience, in a way that builds on the fact that we are now comfortable absorbing multiple forms of media at the same time. Videos are used because of increased user engagement, meaning more users are going to “like” “comment” or “share” the content. Not only are users more engaged, but because of this heightened engagement, brand awareness is strengthened. Being able to show the human side of a brand by showing people and their emotions in a video is a great way to connect to users. For example, users not only remember the most interesting man in the world, but by doing so also remember the Dos Equis brand. Additionally, widespread video release can greatly increase search engine optimization. Because one successful video can be reposted on a variety of blogs or websites, and shared on social media, more traffic can be generated through these sources, faster than traditional media. Not only can video improve conversations, comments and shares, it can also contribute to more time spent on a website (Check out SEOmoz if you’re looking for more details on this phenomenon.)

Here’s our best tips for video marketing:


Keeping a Publishing Schedule

This allows you to create a campaign over several weeks or months. Because campaigns are shown to gain strength as time moves forward, it is critical to study the analytics of the video . This includes which websites published it, how long people watched it for, where people watched it from (mobile or desktop), geographic locations, and more. This can allow a company to target specific areas of users who show more interest, provide perks or focus target advertising while building up to a major product release.

Keep the Video Length Trim

Short video sharing platforms such as Instagram allow for rapid viewing of videos and sharing which can lead to virality. These micro-video apps create an environment where users are watching videos on their mobile phones, where people’s attention span is slim to none. Make your point fast or they’ll scroll down to the next one.

Need Video Ideas? Try Tips and Tutorials!

These types of videos are a strong method of engaging consumers on a physical level. While a user may laugh or smile at a video, having them go through an action, such as demonstrating how to apply make-up, like Michelle Phan, creates a strong bond between the “expert” poster and the “beginner” viewer. Additionally, how-to and tutorial videos are commonly part of a series, and users know this, so they are likely to come back to see the next video posted.

Utilize Customer- Generated Content

In 2012 Warby Parker, an independent glasses maker sent potential customers 5 pairs of glasses to wear for a week. Users were encouraged to take pictures of themselves in the glasses and upload them to social networks using the specific hashtag #WarbyHomeTryOn. Not only did the consumer receive valuable feedback from their social networks, Warby Parker was able to spread their message via user-generated content.

Remember a Call to Action

Although the play button is considered the first call to action for a video, it shouldn’t be the last. Remember to include something for a viewer to do after watching your video, whether it be to Like, Subscribe, or watch the next film in the playlist!

Videos are a great way to draw eyes to a campaign or product release, but without significant strategy then these campaigns are often expensive flops. If you’re looking to launch a New Orleans video marketing campaign but don’t know where to begin, contact Online Optimism at 504-521-6222 and we’ll start you on the road to success!