Should Your Business Invest in SEO?

By now, most businesses know the importance of digital marketing. People are increasingly online, so it makes sense that businesses are moving their marketing strategies online too. However, just because most businesses use digital marketing, it does not mean that they use every channel successfully or even that they use every important channel. In fact, fewer than half of businesses in the U.S. invest in SEO, one of the most important digital marketing channels.

According to a new survey from ratings, reviews, and research site Clutch, just 44 percent of businesses actively invest in SEO.

There are more than 3.5 billion Google searches per day. People use Google to find information, learn about a topic, and, most importantly, search for a business.

Without SEO, your business may not be on the first page – or even first 10 pages – of a Google search. SEO helps people find your business, and without SEO, potential customers are likely going to other businesses that are easier to find online. SEO is essential, so why do fewer than half of businesses invest in it?

The Top Digital Marketing Channels

Invest in SEOBusinesses see the importance of investing in a variety of digital marketing channels – most invest in several.

However, SEO isn’t even in the top six digital marketing channels that businesses use.

Businesses use social media, a website, email, display/banner advertisements, mobile apps, and content marketing more frequently than SEO.

Those channels are all important, but without SEO, some of them are pointless. You can have an amazing website that’s easy to use and visually appealing, but if people can’t find it when they search, what’s the point?

You could have a great content marketing strategy with descriptive blogs and helpful videos, but again, no one will see them if they can’t find them while searching. Many digital marketing channels go hand-in-hand with SEO, and without SEO, they can’t achieve their full effectiveness.

Why Don’t Businesses Invest in SEO?

SEO isn’t as popular for businesses because it’s not as easy as other channels. It requires an active investment, and its rules change frequently. It’s not as simple as publishing a blog, sending an email, or posting to social media. SEO’s success also isn’t immediate. Businesses sometimes have to spend months optimizing their page for Google with the perfect keywords, backlinks, and content for it to even show up on search, let alone on the first page or in the top position.

It’s frustrating when something doesn’t become effective in a short amount of time, but businesses that do put in the hard work see the payoff: more search traffic, which leads to more leads and sales.

SEO Is Essential

The rewards of SEO far outweigh its limits.

Fewer than half of businesses actively invest in SEO, yet SEO can help your business immensely. The businesses that don’t invest in SEO are losing out to businesses that are easy to find on search engines. Search engines are the main paths consumers take to get to websites. The majority of your customers are on Google. Don’t you want to be where they are?

SEO isn’t easy, and it’s not fast, but it is necessary.

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