SEO Specialist Explains: Converting Content

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Any SEO Specialist will tell you….

That content is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign. The statement “content is king” has proven true. However, when developing a content creation strategy it is imperative that content performs beyond just SEO. Content marketing is a way for an organization to drive organic traffic to their landing pages, but is the content reaching it’s full potential of return for the organization? In this article an SEO specialist will walk you through some of the best practices when integrating your SEO and conversion goals for your content marketing campaign.

Content Quality

The challenge for any SEO specialist is straight forward, how can you create content that is highly effective in SEO value, creates engagement with your target audience and acts as a strong link in the conversion funnel? This takes research and planning. The audience who you plan on reaching has specific questions and needs that they turn to the internet for answer to. These searches should be seen as opportunities to create content that provides value and answers. Using tools like Moz’s Keyword Explorer and Google’s Keyword Planner you can identify common keywords and questions that people search for. With this information it is possible to discover whether these searches are met with quality resource or if there is an opportunity to create sought after content.  

Content and SEO

Keyword optimization remains a highly influential factor in search engine optimization. Your content may provide valuable information on a subject, but do the words used to deliver this content match those that are being searched for? After you complete your keyword research and planning, this should not be too complicated. If you want to be found for the particular words or questions, you must incorporate them into the content. When deciding which will be your keywords, it is important to note that Google considers query relevancy based on search volume. You can learn more about how Google determines relevancy here. Competing for the top results in your query can largely be determined on your content relevancy and date published.

Content Conversion

Once you have acquired traffic through content quality and SEO optimization, it will be important to reflect on how effective your content is at converting that traffic to goal completion. Unfortunately, this is a step that is often overlooked. It is fantastic to produce content that a large audience will consume, but is it actually converting? We recommend using Google Analytics to begin collecting user navigation data. With the goals and funnels feature you are able to see exactly at which transition point users get lost. Begin to perform simple tests with a small amount of variables and a control group to see what you can change to improve conversion rates. An example would be, how can I get more people to subscribe to my newsletter? You might test the effectiveness of a new sign-up button color or add a new menu option.


As you embark on your next digital marketing campaign, don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal, conversion! Take a holistic approach to optimizing your content, integrating your SEO and conversion goals.

If you want to chat about how you can make your content pay off to its fullest, feel free to our SEO specialist to get started.