Reddit Advertising: Is It Within Your Scope?

Advertising on traditional social medias can be difficult with a high volume of competition and difficult targeting tactics. Reddit may seem intimidating, but it could be the social platform that gets marketers the most bang for their buck. Reddit is currently the 6th most visited website in the country, with an engaged and loyal following segmented into endless communities. In late 2019 Reddit had 430 million monthly users (30% increase from 2018), 199 million posts, and 1.7 billion comments (37% increase from 2018).  Reddit helps advertisers market to their target audience at the moment they are actively expressing interest in a specific topic.

How Does Reddit Advertising Work?

Advertising on Reddit works in a few familiar ways: Promoted Posts, Display Ads and Video Ads. The benefits of ads on Reddit are unique to the platform, and cannot be utilized on other media. Reddit advertising is very high-interest focused because it advertises to a specific target group that is engaged with the topic. This helps marketers dedicate their dollars where it matters most. Here is how a Promoted Post with and without links looks on Reddit:

With link:

Without link: 

Some things to note when making an ad on reddit. Reddit places advertisements directly in a user’s feed and appears as a normal post, but is labeled as promoted. Redditors are highly engaged, and they do not want to be overwhelmed with content that does not add value to their communities. Advertisers need to make sure that they are creating content that is compelling, engaging, and relevant to the subreddit community. 

Who Can You Advertise To On Reddit? 

Advertising on Reddit can initially be complicated for advertisers because it requires a general understanding of Reddit’s 26.4 million monthly users in the U.S. Here are some statistics marketers should focus on when learning about the Reddit community:

Reddit is dominated by Gen Z and Millennials, with 42% of users 18-24 years old actively using Reddit

In a 2019 study, 15% of male respondents said that they used the website, and only 7% of female respondents used the site

Redditors log more than 16 minutes a day on the platform.

Advertisers have recently realized the potential in targeted advertising on Reddit. This is why Reddit has seen ad revenue grow by more than 50% each year since 2018. There are endless subreddits on the site, providing ample opportunity to advertise. You can check out Reddit’s 2019 Year In Review to learn more about the top subreddits, topics, and trends for the year. 

Should You Use Reddit To Advertise?

Although advertising on Reddit may seem unconventional, it has proven to be very beneficial when communicating the right message, in the right markets and industries, at the perfect time. Here are some reasons that investing marketing dollars into Reddit can help your business. 

With Reddit Advertising, marketers can focus their efforts on a highly interested target group.

The advertising competition is low in your targeted industries. Reddit cracked $100 million in ad revenue in 2019, while Twitter had $885 million.

Targeting subreddits ensures that you are reaching the right audience at a time when they are participating in a conversation. Advertisers understand that their product or service is of high importance to the people that are seeing their ad.  

Brands can interact with the community as they are actively engaging with your ad. 

When marketers advertise on Reddit, they must have an understanding of when and where the ad will be placed. If brands communicate the wrong message to a community then they can react negatively, downvote your post, and ruin any chance for conversions for your business. Reddit advertisers are able to turn off comments on their posts to mitigate potential negative feedback, and most do so. However, since the impressions and reach will be limited to a handful of subreddits, it is imperative to connect with the audience. 

Bottom Line

Advertising on Reddit allows advertisers to accurately reach passionate and diverse audiences having relevant conversations through subreddits. Marketers can start a conversation or sell products to a segmented community that is interested in your service or product. There is endless potential for brands to engage and create value with their target audience on Reddit, and can ultimately be a game changer for your business.  

Next Steps to Launch Your Reddit Advertising Campaign 

You now understand the basics to Reddit advertising and are ready to effectively advertise and engage with your target audience! If you believe that Reddit advertising is within the scope of your business, then contact our Digital Ads team today to start your campaign!