Optimizing Facebook Ads For Architects

Most architecture firms rely on word of mouth. However, having an optimized Facebook Ad campaign can help reach a larger audience online. These days, everyone is on the internet. The benefits of Facebook ads for architects because of the global outreach that can be achieved with online advertising.

Get Your Audience in the Funnel

The first step in optimizing your Facebook ads for architects is choosing the right objective. Before you can consider conversion, your audience needs to be aware of your business. This is where online advertising comes in. Using online advertising allows you to broadcast your business to the places your audience most frequently visits. 

During the awareness stage, the client is considering their own pain points; this is something you should be aware of as well. Some questions to consider:

  • What are my clients’ goals?
  • What are my clients’ most common challenges?
  • What will happen if my clients don’t take action?

Answering these questions will help you look like an authoritative source that customers can trust. You want to have an enticing ad campaign that shows your business is knowledgeable on the subject of Facebook ads for architects. It’s during this stage that the customer is clicking into the site and beginning to do research on your company.

The next stage is consideration. Now, the customer has done some research on your company and your service. They’re likely considering if you can help meet their needs and are looking to  connect with you to receive more information. You want to make sure your site is educational on the things your potential customers may be searching for. Having things like free whitepapers available for download, or offering a free rendering of their project is important because, again, it shows you’re an authoritative source of information. 

The last stage is conversion. This is where the client decides if they want to go with your company or someone else. Many clients make decisions based on a company’s content on their website. You want to be sure you’re portraying the right tone and energy to get the best message across. To improve your chances of conversion you can offer free consultations in order to entice the client to choose your company. Offering a free consultation shows that you are confident in your work and your company’s abilities.

Find Your Audience

When optimizing your Facebook ads for architects you need to find your audience. You could cast a wide net, but that will waste your time and money trying to find qualified leads. If you find your audience you’ll be able to more directly target the clients you’re looking for. 

Facebook has over 3 billion users which is a large part of the global population. The number of people interested in architecture is vast and you need to take advantage of that potential audience. There are many people who are looking for architects whether it be commercial or residential, they’re out there. 

Facebook allows you to create custom and lookalike audiences to better reach your target demographic. A custom audience allows you to find people who are already aware of your business based on people who are on Facebook. You can use things like customer lists, app traffic, or engagement on Facebook to create a Custom Audience. 

A lookalike audience uses an existing Custom Audience to find people who have similar interests to your already existing client base. Lookalike audiences also allow customization because you can choose how closely you want your lookalike audience to match your custom audience. If you choose to have a smaller percentage set for your lookalike audience it will more closely match your custom audience but if you set a larger percentage, you’ll have a larger audience. 

Facebook also allows you to create saved audiences. Saved audiences include or exclude people based on their shared demographics, interests, and behaviors. If you know the client base you’re trying to reach is between the ages of 30-40 this type of audience will allow you to be able to reach that group of people. 

Creating all of these audiences will help you narrow down your target to fit your niche. If you’re looking to target residential architecture clients or commercial architecture clients, this will help you do it. 

Ad Spend

When optimizing your Facebook ads for architects, you’re going to have to put some money behind your efforts to see some return. 

Facebook offers two different options when it comes to ad spend. You can choose to use fixed price and bidding through the “auction”. Essentially, if you choose the bidding option, you’ll choose how much you want to spend for your desired action between clicks and impressions. There are different factors that go into whether or not you’ll win the auction. Your bid, your relevance score, and your estimated action rate. If your existing Facebook clients are interacting with your posts and ads you’ll have a higher relevance score and estimated action rate and will be more likely to win the bidding war. Also, having a large bidding budget helps as well. 

If you choose fixed advertising spend, Facebook automatically optimizes your daily bidding throughout your campaign to get you the most optimal results based on your budget. It will try to get you the bid at the lowest cost or only go to the highest dollar amount you set. 

Watch Your Competition

It’s always important to watch what your competitors are doing when it comes to Facebook ads for architects. Watching your competitors allows you to know what’s working in your industry, then you can change your tactics to something similar. You can then optimize your strategy from there to get ahead of the competition and have your ads featured prominently on Facebook. 

Create Ad

There are different image options when choosing your Facebook ads for architects, there are: 

  • Carousel 
  • Single image
  • Single video
  • Slide show
  • Collection

Video content performs particularly well on Facebook and as an architecture firm, you likely have an extensive portfolio of pictures and videos of your previous work. You can use this to your benefit and these can become your Facebook ads for architects. 

Need Help With Your Facebook Ads for Architects?

There are many different options you can choose to market your architecture firm; however, Facebook is a great platform with many active users and it’s the perfect place to start your Facebook ads for architects’ journey. Talk to an expert in Facebook ads or other digital marketing services today. Starting the Facebook ads process can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you choose Online Optimism, we’re here to help.